Xbox One Presenter Humiliated Me on Stage, Says Transgender Journalist

A journalist says she was "completely dehumanised" on stage during an Xbox One Event at Eurogamer Expo 2013, by a comedian who made degrading jokes about her gender. Eurogamer Expo says it is investigating the matter.

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Regis1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

Its a comedian its his job to be an ass of course it was wrong but since when did people really care about what we say in public? Oh wait ever since people been screaming about who say what and they get fired, where as you can can that stuff on Xbox or PS and not have a problem.

xHoii1417d ago

Yes it might be his job, but what is sad is his lack of sense of humour, I mean the only jokes you could come up with is to make fun of one of a few female gamers between all these male gamers? For me it's just so low..
Good choice in picking him MS.

xHoii1417d ago

LOOOOOL I got this tottaly wrong.

SilentNegotiator1415d ago

LOL, oh my. At least you admit you were wrong.

Anthotis1415d ago

Clearly, this male journalist doesn't make a very convincing woman, otherwise the comedian wouldn't have noticed this man trying to look like a woman.

DragonKnight1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

This story is a few days old and according to the presenter, he admitted to making a mistake in what he said (which according to him was only "this person" and not "it" or "thing" like the journalist says) and said that he should have said "this person" to every individual he was presenting. This was blown way out of proportion just like every "instance" involving social justice and its warriors.

Here's a good video on the subject.

Also, why am I not surprised that this is a Kraptaku article.

SonyWarrior1415d ago

must have happened in cali where all the trans gender mental case people live. such a filthy state that is.

Bimkoblerutso1414d ago

The sad thing about so many of these stories is that the public never really gets the honest-to-god truth.

You get two sides barking at each other over events that a very select few even witnessed in the first place, so all of the arguing and debating ends up as nothing but a bunch of empty conjecture and shallow white-knighting.

I'm tired of jumping behind all these little controversies without any real frame of reference. The internet just likes to squawk.

Pogmathoin1414d ago

I am sorry, but jesus h christ..... Who does she , it , thing whatever think she is, it, thing??? It is funny.... Your at a place where they have a comedien....what do you expect??? F off girl/man.... Been to many shows where I have been if there is an irishman in the audience.... Yes sir, give it to me good and it is funny!!! Ahem... Comedian..... Its in the name....

Army_of_Darkness1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

It doesn't matter who , or what you are. If you get offended over someone stating you as "this person" your just a sensitive little biatch. Get over it.
This is an example of "a person" making mountains out of mole hills.

UltimateMaster1414d ago

A comedian's job is to make people laugh, not laugh at people.

Especially not making them ashamed and embarrassed.
If you're the only one laughing, then it wasn't a joke and sincere apologies are required.

Gaming1011414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

LOL a guy trying to wear a wig and a dress doesn't expect a professional comedian to even make reference or acknowledge the fact that he looks like my plumber wearing a bad wig?

This is what he looks like on his twitter, included is the vid clip, completely harmless if you ask me. Comedians have done wayyyyy worse than this on a regular basis on stage. I'd tell him to grow a pair but it seems that's a lost cause.

PoSTedUP1414d ago

i like comedy
all types: racial, crude, sexist, disrespectful etc.
a comedy club is a place where we laugh at things and ourselves other people get offended over or violent.
this person is no different nor in a special category.
but, this isnt a comedy club, this is a gaming event.

imo, uncalled for,
unless you have a warning that there will be a comedian on stage. in this case you should leave of you are sensitive.
i would have stayed and laughed at the joke.

AndrewLB1414d ago

SonyWarrior- I agree. Within 20 years, Los Angeles will be given third world status and the "fundamental transformation" will be complete. The rest of the nation will soon follow suit.

As for the topic, the day this "tranny" decided to start dressing like the opposite sex was the day "it" gave up any and all right to complain about other peoples opinions. I've met a few tranny's over the years living here in Long beach and I would classify them all as severely mentally unstable aka should be in a rubber room.

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-Foxtrot1415d ago

If he was a high profile comedian who is known for this sort of humour...take Frankie Boyle or Jimmy Carr for example then it wouldn't be as bad. Yeah it would be a horrible thing to say to her but the point is she would be getting jokes pointed at her from someone who is well known and people know what the comedian is like

Dee_911415d ago

We can't really talk on the situation because we weren't there.If things were as bad as he was making it seem then I can understand the backlash the comedian will receive, and people keep trying to excuse the remarks by saying he's a comedian, but this isn't his show and this isn't a "bit".When a comedian is out in public, they should act like a normal person.Imagine an actor acting like he's in a movie while he's out in public...
How ever, from reading the article, it looks like the transgender (or cross dresser)over exaggerated and lied and said the comedian said things he didn't say.Now that its blown up he want the story pulled.
Really if I seen this I wouldn't know what to call him either.
Doesn't even looks trans lol.I'd just think he's a weird dude.

Blackdeath_6631415d ago

you can make a joke about any subject no matter how controversial as long as its funny the moment it stops being funny is when it starts being offensive. what is funny and what is not depends ofcourse on the audience and from person to person people who find these controversial comedians like frankie and jimmy funny are the people who will turn up to their shows. the built their style over time to just turn up at an expo infront of a random audience many of which never heard of you ofcourse people will be upset.

ChrisW1414d ago

A man is a man and therefore should be referred to by his gender.

ZombieKiller1414d ago

If you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen. Just like the whole Carolyn Petit thing. I don't feel bad at all....

First off, its not like he/she was born that way and couln't help it. Expect backlash if you CHANGE YOUR FUCKING GENDER.

Secondly, it's over the internet. The internet is the worst place bringing out the worst people. If you are a trans gender, reporting anything over the internet, expect backlash. I don't like to dish it out, but I've sure as hell seen it happen many times. Expect it, it's the internet. Carolyn Petit is a perfect example

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1414d ago

Yep. It's a comedian. Everyone get a grip.

Pretty funny how transgender think they're immune to comedians. He should of manned up and taken it like a woman.


BTW.. I have a gay friend, and lol, even he thinks transgender is bizarre. Anyways.. point is.. this wasn't someone from MS... it was a comedian from comedyville. Not MS.

Gekko361414d ago

@All - Guys just think about this?... What if the comedian had been Frankie Boyle?... He's very supportive of gay rights and that of transgender however that said every other creature in the room would have been up for grabs. God help any American who felt "Dehumanised" during one of his gigs!.

Gardenia1414d ago

Of course it's still a he. You can give plastic surgery to a monkey so it looks like a sheep, but it's still a monkey

Enigma_20991414d ago

And what part of the job description does it say he had to attack her for a laugh?

Can't wait until it happens to you.

JsonHenry1414d ago

oh noes! I got my feelings hurt! Cry more please. I love the tears of the weak.

Enigma_20991411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

Look, everybody! The insensitive douche learned to form words.

"We're gonna bully you under the guise of being humorous. Who cares if your feelings are hurt or if you didn't do anything to deserve this. Just grow a thick skin and deal with it! I'm too busy laughing over here!"

This is basically what you're saying. You do realize that, right? And the only type of person that would justify that kind of behavior is the kind of person who also does it.


Yeah, you're right. It wasn't wrong. It was just mean spirited. From what I'm seeing, and lemme drag out my soapbox for a second.... *ahem* LGBT community. You will be hated, feared, shunned, ridiculed, made fun of, assaulted, and frowned upon. But the one thing you will never truly be... is accepted. And that's a f*****' shame.

JsonHenry1410d ago

Lol. Your insecurity makes me laugh. One day when your balls drop you'll stop giving a damn what others say about you.

Humor is humor. Get over it. No one hooked the he/she to the back a tractor and went down the road. It was WORDS. If you can't handle that in life you've got bigger issues than an identity crises.

Enigma_20991407d ago

Words can still hurt, or have you never been bullied a day in your life? Some people don't have skin as thick as yours. Does that mean they have no right to feel bad about anything?

People have flat out committed suicide over things like name calling, hazing and being the butt of jokes. Sure there are people that laugh it off when it happens to them, but there are just as many that can't deal with it. This person obviously can't, but f*** her because I got a laugh out of it, right?


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KonsoruMasuta1417d ago

The comedian was wrong to call him "it" and "thing" but calling him "he" was not wrong. No matter how much this guy wants to be a girl, he is a guy. That is his biological gender and he can't change that.

If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's a duck.

xHoii1417d ago

You sure you don't work for MS?

KonsoruMasuta1417d ago

Nope. Got two PS4s in pre-order. Not getting a One because of how MS tried to shaft consumers with their asinine policies.

I just speak the truth.

ALLWRONG1415d ago

Funny watching people make comments on something they clearly didn't read.

Pogmathoin1414d ago

Bullshlt, your an asinine fanboy...:)

ALLWRONG1414d ago

Opps! my post was for the comments above this one.

my bad

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-Gespenst-1417d ago

Wrong. Biology has nothing to do with it. Generally, people who choose to have a sex change operation feel like, in the case of men "a woman trapped in a man's body". Who are you to tell her what she is and is not? She feels overwhelmingly like a woman, you can't just judge on surface appearance, not to mention that sexuality is only very thinly defined by biology, and also not to mention that sexuality exists along a spectrum. There are men who are less man than other men, as well as more. The same goes for women. There are no fixed categories and none of them are authoritative or somehow a "standard" or "ideal". Even the notion of "woman" and "man" is merely an imposed scientific categorisation that cannot account for the full humanity of a person with such limited definitional parameters. Binary thinking is deluded thinking.

We need to therefore respect this persons subjectivity, their subject position, their sexuality, their humanity.