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Xbox One Presenter Humiliated Me on Stage, Says Transgender Journalist

A journalist says she was "completely dehumanised" on stage during an Xbox One Event at Eurogamer Expo 2013, by a comedian who made degrading jokes about her gender. Eurogamer Expo says it is investigating the matter. (Culture)

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xHeavYx   859d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(10)
Regis  +   859d ago
Its a comedian its his job to be an ass of course it was wrong but since when did people really care about what we say in public? Oh wait ever since people been screaming about who say what and they get fired, where as you can can that stuff on Xbox or PS and not have a problem.
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xHoii  +   859d ago
Yes it might be his job, but what is sad is his lack of sense of humour, I mean the only jokes you could come up with is to make fun of one of a few female gamers between all these male gamers? For me it's just so low..
Good choice in picking him MS.
xHoii  +   859d ago
LOOOOOL I got this tottaly wrong.
SilentNegotiator  +   857d ago
LOL, oh my. At least you admit you were wrong.
Anthotis  +   857d ago
Clearly, this male journalist doesn't make a very convincing woman, otherwise the comedian wouldn't have noticed this man trying to look like a woman.
DragonKnight  +   857d ago | Well said
This story is a few days old and according to the presenter, he admitted to making a mistake in what he said (which according to him was only "this person" and not "it" or "thing" like the journalist says) and said that he should have said "this person" to every individual he was presenting. This was blown way out of proportion just like every "instance" involving social justice and its warriors.

Here's a good video on the subject.

Also, why am I not surprised that this is a Kraptaku article.
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SonyWarrior  +   857d ago
must have happened in cali where all the trans gender mental case people live. such a filthy state that is.
Bimkoblerutso  +   857d ago
The sad thing about so many of these stories is that the public never really gets the honest-to-god truth.

You get two sides barking at each other over events that a very select few even witnessed in the first place, so all of the arguing and debating ends up as nothing but a bunch of empty conjecture and shallow white-knighting.

I'm tired of jumping behind all these little controversies without any real frame of reference. The internet just likes to squawk.
Pogmathoin  +   857d ago
I am sorry, but jesus h christ..... Who does she , it , thing whatever think she is, it, thing??? It is funny.... Your at a place where they have a comedien....what do you expect??? F off girl/man.... Been to many shows where I have been if there is an irishman in the audience.... Yes sir, give it to me good and it is funny!!! Ahem... Comedian..... Its in the name....
Army_of_Darkness  +   857d ago
It doesn't matter who , or what you are. If you get offended over someone stating you as "this person" your just a sensitive little biatch. Get over it.
This is an example of "a person" making mountains out of mole hills.
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UltimateMaster  +   857d ago
A comedian's job is to make people laugh, not laugh at people.

Especially not making them ashamed and embarrassed.
If you're the only one laughing, then it wasn't a joke and sincere apologies are required.
Gaming101  +   856d ago
LOL a guy trying to wear a wig and a dress doesn't expect a professional comedian to even make reference or acknowledge the fact that he looks like my plumber wearing a bad wig?

This is what he looks like on his twitter, included is the vid clip, completely harmless if you ask me. Comedians have done wayyyyy worse than this on a regular basis on stage. I'd tell him to grow a pair but it seems that's a lost cause.
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PoSTedUP  +   856d ago
i like comedy
all types: racial, crude, sexist, disrespectful etc.
a comedy club is a place where we laugh at things and ourselves other people get offended over or violent.
this person is no different nor in a special category.
but, this isnt a comedy club, this is a gaming event.

imo, uncalled for,
unless you have a warning that there will be a comedian on stage. in this case you should leave of you are sensitive.
i would have stayed and laughed at the joke.
AndrewLB  +   856d ago
SonyWarrior- I agree. Within 20 years, Los Angeles will be given third world status and the "fundamental transformation" will be complete. The rest of the nation will soon follow suit.

As for the topic, the day this "tranny" decided to start dressing like the opposite sex was the day "it" gave up any and all right to complain about other peoples opinions. I've met a few tranny's over the years living here in Long beach and I would classify them all as severely mentally unstable aka should be in a rubber room.
-Foxtrot  +   857d ago
If he was a high profile comedian who is known for this sort of humour...take Frankie Boyle or Jimmy Carr for example then it wouldn't be as bad. Yeah it would be a horrible thing to say to her but the point is she would be getting jokes pointed at her from someone who is well known and people know what the comedian is like
Dee_91  +   857d ago
We can't really talk on the situation because we weren't there.If things were as bad as he was making it seem then I can understand the backlash the comedian will receive, and people keep trying to excuse the remarks by saying he's a comedian, but this isn't his show and this isn't a "bit".When a comedian is out in public, they should act like a normal person.Imagine an actor acting like he's in a movie while he's out in public...
How ever, from reading the article, it looks like the transgender (or cross dresser)over exaggerated and lied and said the comedian said things he didn't say.Now that its blown up he want the story pulled.
Really if I seen this I wouldn't know what to call him either.
Doesn't even looks trans lol.I'd just think he's a weird dude.
Blackdeath_663  +   857d ago
you can make a joke about any subject no matter how controversial as long as its funny the moment it stops being funny is when it starts being offensive. what is funny and what is not depends ofcourse on the audience and from person to person people who find these controversial comedians like frankie and jimmy funny are the people who will turn up to their shows. the built their style over time to just turn up at an expo infront of a random audience many of which never heard of you ofcourse people will be upset.
ChrisW  +   857d ago
A man is a man and therefore should be referred to by his gender.
ZombieKiller  +   857d ago
If you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen. Just like the whole Carolyn Petit thing. I don't feel bad at all....

First off, its not like he/she was born that way and couln't help it. Expect backlash if you CHANGE YOUR FUCKING GENDER.

Secondly, it's over the internet. The internet is the worst place bringing out the worst people. If you are a trans gender, reporting anything over the internet, expect backlash. I don't like to dish it out, but I've sure as hell seen it happen many times. Expect it, it's the internet. Carolyn Petit is a perfect example
miDnIghtEr20C_SfF  +   857d ago
Yep. It's a comedian. Everyone get a grip.

Pretty funny how transgender think they're immune to comedians. He should of manned up and taken it like a woman.


BTW.. I have a gay friend, and lol, even he thinks transgender is bizarre. Anyways.. point is.. this wasn't someone from MS... it was a comedian from comedyville. Not MS.
Gekko36  +   856d ago
@All - Guys just think about this?... What if the comedian had been Frankie Boyle?... He's very supportive of gay rights and that of transgender however that said every other creature in the room would have been up for grabs. God help any American who felt "Dehumanised" during one of his gigs!.
Gardenia  +   856d ago
Of course it's still a he. You can give plastic surgery to a monkey so it looks like a sheep, but it's still a monkey
Enigma_2099  +   856d ago
And what part of the job description does it say he had to attack her for a laugh?

Can't wait until it happens to you.
JsonHenry  +   856d ago
oh noes! I got my feelings hurt! Cry more please. I love the tears of the weak.
Enigma_2099  +   853d ago
Look, everybody! The insensitive douche learned to form words.

"We're gonna bully you under the guise of being humorous. Who cares if your feelings are hurt or if you didn't do anything to deserve this. Just grow a thick skin and deal with it! I'm too busy laughing over here!"

This is basically what you're saying. You do realize that, right? And the only type of person that would justify that kind of behavior is the kind of person who also does it.


Yeah, you're right. It wasn't wrong. It was just mean spirited. From what I'm seeing, and lemme drag out my soapbox for a second.... *ahem* LGBT community. You will be hated, feared, shunned, ridiculed, made fun of, assaulted, and frowned upon. But the one thing you will never truly be... is accepted. And that's a f*****' shame.
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JsonHenry  +   853d ago
Lol. Your insecurity makes me laugh. One day when your balls drop you'll stop giving a damn what others say about you.

Humor is humor. Get over it. No one hooked the he/she to the back a tractor and went down the road. It was WORDS. If you can't handle that in life you've got bigger issues than an identity crises.
Enigma_2099  +   849d ago
Words can still hurt, or have you never been bullied a day in your life? Some people don't have skin as thick as yours. Does that mean they have no right to feel bad about anything?

People have flat out committed suicide over things like name calling, hazing and being the butt of jokes. Sure there are people that laugh it off when it happens to them, but there are just as many that can't deal with it. This person obviously can't, but f*** her because I got a laugh out of it, right?

KonsoruMasuta  +   859d ago
The comedian was wrong to call him "it" and "thing" but calling him "he" was not wrong. No matter how much this guy wants to be a girl, he is a guy. That is his biological gender and he can't change that.

If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's a duck.
xHoii  +   859d ago
You sure you don't work for MS?
KonsoruMasuta  +   859d ago
Nope. Got two PS4s in pre-order. Not getting a One because of how MS tried to shaft consumers with their asinine policies.

I just speak the truth.
ALLWRONG  +   857d ago
Funny watching people make comments on something they clearly didn't read.
Pogmathoin  +   857d ago
Bullshlt, your an asinine fanboy...:)
ALLWRONG  +   857d ago
Opps! my post was for the comments above this one.

my bad
-Gespenst-  +   859d ago
Wrong. Biology has nothing to do with it. Generally, people who choose to have a sex change operation feel like, in the case of men "a woman trapped in a man's body". Who are you to tell her what she is and is not? She feels overwhelmingly like a woman, you can't just judge on surface appearance, not to mention that sexuality is only very thinly defined by biology, and also not to mention that sexuality exists along a spectrum. There are men who are less man than other men, as well as more. The same goes for women. There are no fixed categories and none of them are authoritative or somehow a "standard" or "ideal". Even the notion of "woman" and "man" is merely an imposed scientific categorisation that cannot account for the full humanity of a person with such limited definitional parameters. Binary thinking is deluded thinking.

We need to therefore respect this persons subjectivity, their subject position, their sexuality, their humanity.
KonsoruMasuta  +   859d ago | Well said
Him*, He*, He*

There is no such thing as a "woman trapped in a man's body". These people are only men who want to be women, nothing more. They may feel like women, they may act like women, but they are men. You can act less like a man than other men but you're still just a man.

If you're born a man, you're a man, nothing else. He has no control over that. He is nothing more than a man who thinks he is a woman. You can act like a woman, dress like a woman, and talk like a woman. Guess what you'll be! A man that talks, acts, and dresses like a woman.

Get an operation and you will be a man who got an operation to be like a woman.

Same goes for women that want to be men.
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DarkBlood  +   859d ago
@KonsoruMasuta, afraid of a little competition or something?

go on and jion the club i think you'll like @mika oh wait ..............

your just another user who hasnt even been on here for 2 full months stating your gender as "U" which is fricken ironic by the way and your already hating and trolling
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xKugo  +   859d ago

If you are born a man, then you are a fucking man. Don't care how flamboyantly gay you are, you're a guy. You were born with a penis and testicles not a vagina. You WILL NEVER BE ABLE to reproduce and can't have children through fertilization. You don't have ovaries, you don't have a menstrual cycle and you don't produce eggs. You can get breast implants but you will never lactate milk. You can cut your dick in half to simulate a vagina, but you will not self lubricate and will NEVER feel any sexual pleasure whatsoever through penetration. Thus, NO PART OF YOU can ever be considered woman. This "I'm a woman trapped inside of a man's body" is just nonsense. You're not a woman, you're fucking gay. If you like guys, fine but don't pretend like you were fated to be a girl. If the universe, God or whatever wanted you to be a girl then you would be a girl. But you're not....

And stop calling it "she" because it's not a female. If you're a guy, would you date a trans-gender(man into a it). I'm guessing not because no matter what it looks like, it's a guy. Can't even make babies, dude. Lol get real
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-Gespenst-  +   859d ago
First of all Kugo, trans people aren't gay. They look at women and then think, "I want to be one of those, I feel like one of those inside". In other words, the anatomy they've been born with DOES NOT accord with their inner subjectivity- it's a clear case of biology NOT defining who they are and how they should act. Most confidently gay men don't WANT to be women, they're fully content being men, and they just happen to like other men. God what an ignorant and insensitive thing to assume.

Secondly, your definition of what constitutes a woman seems primarily based on reproductive organs and parts of the anatomy that function in the nurturing of children. So what are you saying exactly? That a woman HAS to have children, or has to be able to have children in order to prove her womanhood? That's got to be among the most ignorant things I've heard on N4G, and that's saying something. You define sexuality purely by biology and by ancient social roles assigned to that biology. Biology doesn't entail determined social roles- that's something WE built around it and is completely open-ended. Whatever you've been reading you ought to check the use-by date on. Have a bit more tolerance and educate yourself for chrissakes. What a damn simpleton.
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Pozzle  +   858d ago
"You WILL NEVER BE ABLE to reproduce and can't have children through fertilization. You don't have ovaries, you don't have a menstrual cycle and you don't produce eggs. You can get breast implants but you will never lactate milk."

Many biological women can't have children, can't have periods, can't produce eggs, and can't lactate. These things aren't what makes a woman a woman.

Though personally I don't see what the problem is. If a transgender person wants to be called a "she", then call her a "she". Why is that such a big deal for some people? How is that difficult? If a person says their nickname is "Dave", you wouldn't tell them they're wrong and call them "Fred" instead. I just don't understand why people go out of their way to be mean to others. Regardless of what you think of transgenderism, that doesn't mean a transgender person doesn't deserve kindness or politeness. What ever happened to: treat others as you wish to be treated?
-Gespenst-  +   858d ago
@Pozzle: Yeah, I totally agree. What is it about people who just can't deign to refer to these people as "she". What exactly is the problem? I think it's just because they feel it destabilizes the narrow binaries of gender they swear by. They feel betrayed in their masculinity by these people. I think they need to learn that masculinity and heterosexuality aren't sovereign genders and sexualities.
Fez  +   857d ago
I thought it had everything to do with biology and chemistry. Not just someone's subjective choice to have a sex change. I know nothing about transgender people but I would assume that they don't just go out on a whim to change their sex.

I'm going to read this wikipedia page on intersex and I think a lot of people could do with joining me :D
Qrphe  +   857d ago
Bubbles for being one of the few objective and cultured individuals on this thread of two year olds

Same to you Pozzle
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FunAndGun  +   857d ago
@ KonsoruMasuta and xKugo

Have you heard of a hermaphrodite?

Some people are just born different. human biology is not just black and white.

Some women can be born with a penis and some men can be born with a vagina. If physical differences can exist, then why can't mental differences exist that contradict your physical body? Of course it is not something you can observe, because it exists in that individuals self (mind, body, soul). Just because you can't understand it doesn't mean it can't exist.

quit being ignorant.
TongkatAli  +   857d ago
@ Pozzle, people are assholes, that is the answer. They think they're right and they know the answer to all and their hateful outlook at life and people is correct.

Hate is never justified unless the hate is aimed at corrupt people, some guys calling themselves woman makes brain melts for some reason, Oh! I know why! People love to judge others, makes them feel good, sick.
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ACwarMACHINE  +   857d ago
some people think they're dogs,some people cut their limbs off because they don't feel right with them,some people are good at math but can't carry a, no matter how normal they seem,they are still mental in some way.
Imalwaysright  +   857d ago
A man wanting to be a woman doesn't make him a woman just like me wanting to be a millionaire doesn't make me a millionaire. We are what we are and we can't bend reality just because we feel like it.

@ TongkatAli The irony.
-Gespenst-  +   857d ago
^^ Might wanna change that username then...
Imalwaysright  +   857d ago
What a waste of a bubble. Reality is an universal truth that cannot be bent no matter how much we try but of course, we humans are the epitome of arrogance so we will always try to do so to feed our ego.

"Earth is the center of the universe".

I might think, I might feel, I might believe or I might want doesn't in any way, shape or form means that I am. No, reality dictates who I am.
DragonKnight  +   857d ago
@-Gespenst- Don't try to act as though those "feelings" are anything more than heightened hormones in the body because that's what they are in this case. It's common knowledge that estrogen and testosterone have immense impacts on personality and that the increase or decrease of said hormones can effect thought processes. It's highly likely that a male individual born with unusually high estrogen levels would "feel" like a "woman trapped in a man's body."

This means that control over those feelings doesn't lie with the individual and is a result of hormonal conditions so yes, Biology has everything to do with it. You don't just feel something just because you feel something. Science dictates that emotions are nothing more than chemical reactions so in this alone we see that it's about Biology. And I'm sorry but, what has this person done to earn the right to demand we respect anything about them? I don't know this person, so why should I respect their decision to change genders? Because I would want them to do the same for me? That's not a reason, that's a hope without obligation. Just saying. I personally don't care what this person wants to be (and "this person" is a correct term in this context, not a slight against anyone), but I certainly don't have to offer respect simply because someone "is."

@Pozzle: This is a case of too much information. A person who is transgender does not get to identify as transgender and then also identify as one gender. Sorry but you can't have your cake and eat it too. If Laura Kate Dale wanted to be seen, treated, and announced as a woman; then the fact that she was born a he should never have been something she brought up to the public. It's no one's business that Laura was at one point Larry, but the point of bringing it up is a point for attention. This person made a choice to be a gender, so identify as that gender except in cases where it's necessary not to, i.e. medical emergencies.

Honestly, the amount of people with thin skin in this world looking to start issues over nothing (and then going on to say they wish they'd never said anything, which is a load of bull) is beyond ridiculous. Whatever happened to the ideology we learned as children that "sticks and stones will break my bones but words can never hurt me?" Children are far more emotionally mature than adults it seems.
Hudahudahuda  +   857d ago
I do not consider them women because they are not women, they are men with defective wiring in thier brains. Just because they say they are is not sufficient reason to consider them that.

When it comes right down to it, transexuals damage society because the very nature of thier lifestyle is based on decieving people that they are actually the opposite sex and eventually as these mental cases get more and more pushed by the media people will not know who is actually a man and who is actually a woman and thus genders will begin to distrust each other I know most of the liberal loonies here who support transexuals would chicken out of ever dating or having sex with one unless they were gay themselves, because deep down they dont consider them women either
-Gespenst-  +   857d ago
@DragonKnight: There are CHILDREN who are born who feel like women but have the outward appearance of men. My point is that regardless of outward appearance - i.e. a child might be born a "boy" with a male body and sex organs - the inner life of a person can be very different. If a boy feels like a woman, why on earth does he have the body of a boy? Estrogen and testosterone have a lot to do with how the body forms- the former generally associated with females and the latter with males. Why then are children born overwhelmed by a sense of sexual identity that doesn't correllate to what's been branded upon them at birth based on the appearance of their body?

Secondly, and no one arguing against it seems to be able to answer this: Why won't you let them be known as a "she"? What does this disrupt? What problem does this cause? It's completely harmless and actually, respectful. They're not trying to one-up you or pull the wool over your eyes, why can't you just accept who these people want to be? Instead you bring in all sorts of dogmatic scientific notions and rigidly adhere to social constructions built around severely insufficient and unsatisfactory scientific "facts". Science is still evolving to incorporate the complexity of reality, any good scientist will be humble like that- will be aware that most scientific knowledge is provisional. I'm not saying biology and hormones are completely without influence on who we are, how could they not be? But the fact is that the parameters they prescribe are certainly less deterministic and confining than we once thought (or even than was once lied about). We don't know as much about ourselves as a species as we'd like to think, and we're not some race of gods. Understand that our knowledge about everything is far from complete.
DragonKnight  +   857d ago
@-Gespenst-: Part 1: Oh forgive me, I forgot that children aren't capable of chemical or hormonal imbalances and that biology doesn't apply to them. Are you frickin' serious right now? And do I really have to explain to you the simple science of reproduction, and why a person is born a male or a female? You're delusional if you think there is some kind of injustice going on and that "feelings" have nothing to do with biology and are just something that exists that we have to "deal with." GTFO with that nonsense.

Part 2: "Why won't you let them be known as a "she"? What does this disrupt? What problem does this cause? It's completely harmless and actually, respectful. They're not trying to one-up you or pull the wool over your eyes, why can't you just accept who these people want to be?"

Firstly, I actually did refer to her as she, re-read my post. Secondly, it's not about disruption it's about fact. It is a fact that she was born a he, it is a fact that instead of keeping that fact to herself she chose to identify as transgender and then chose to be offended by this situation. It is also a fact that people who identify as transgender instead of simply as the gender they wish to be identified by, are doing so out of the need to feel different and at the same time the desire not to be treated differently. The hypocrisy paradox is ever present. Like someone else said "I want to be a millionaire, doesn't mean I am one." I can accept that someone WANTS to be something, but it doesn't mean they are especially when they try to exploit two different realities. If Laura wants to be Laura, then she should keep the fact that she's transgender to herself and actually try to BE a woman instead of a woman who was once trapped in a man's body. The Past is irrelevant, so she needs to stop living in it and allowing it to be part of her Present.

"Instead you bring in all sorts of dogmatic scientific notions and rigidly adhere to social constructions built around severely insufficient and unsatisfactory scientific "facts".

LMAO! Dogmatic scientific notions is not only a hyperbole, but also an oxymoron. It's only insufficient and unsatisfactory to you. And why is that? Because it destroys your idea that biology plays no part in this when it plays the biggest part in this. Your refusal to acknowledge that paints the picture that you believe personality and emotions are just separate aspects of our existence that exist in a psychological vacuum free of any outward stimulus or inward imbalance and that's just not true.

We may not be gods, but there are many things about our existence that have been tested and proven as fact. One of those things is that proof that hormones and various other chemicals in the mind have potentially huge impacts on the way we feel, the way we act, and even the way we view the world. That's how we know that a man with low testosterone is less aggressive, less physically active, more likely to succumb to depression, suffers from low energy, etc... while a man with high testosterone is the polar opposite. Since estrogen affects more feminine tendencies, what do you think the impact of a high estrogen level at birth could affect a person could be throughout their life?

You can attempt to brush that under the rug all you like in favour of the illogical "they have feelings" approach, but science has an explanation for your illogical stance and it's not going to go away because you want it to.
Gekko36  +   856d ago
@-Gespenst- Agreed on most of what you say, however in practice knowing how to handle a certain situation regarding a MTF for example, they maybe fine with either, the problem is with MTF's themselves at times who can be inclined to snap at someone for genuinely not understanding.

With sexuality issues and acceptance - it goes both ways. I'm as gay as a yellow duster, however I give people the same respect and understanding as I expect from them.

So if a person uses words that are not acceptable to me, I'll handle it quietly and to the point with that person.

The same should be expected of this MTF / FTM. It's a two way street. This debates has many sides, lets not just pick one...
-Gespenst-  +   856d ago
What's wrong and or paradoxical with someone wanting to be different and having the desire not to be treated differently? First of all define your terms. Secondly, people in the heterosexual community achieve this everyday with little effort merely because their sexuality is an enforced and central "norm" around which every other alternative is made to orbit. Each heterosexual person asserts their individuality, and yet they belong to a community of heterosexuals and thus are not seen as "different" in that regard. The problem seems to be a refusal to allow trans and homosexual people that last privilege (well, it should be an inalienable right). They ultimately are barely different from us at all anyhow, superficial bodily traits comprise a negligible amount of genetic material, and, I say this a lot, but humans are the LEAST diverse species on planet earth, contrary to outward and bodily appearances which so many people base their judgements on.

Your normalisation and centralisation of these fixed ideas of male and female is based on ideological extrapolations from provisional knowledge. You centralise heterosexuality because this idea is bound up with reproduction, which you seem to think is somehow the meaning of life, our raison d'etre. Says who? It's not a "hormone imbalance"- that implies there's something wrong with it. If anything it's just a different hormonal arrangement. We live in a world where we can realize these things more fully, so in respect to the people who experience them, why shouldn't we? The only reason these alternate sexualities aren't more common is down to social, cultural and, previously, technological reasons, not anything natural. The reason we ought to respect these people boils down to a social and cultural responsibility. These are people who have been wrongfully suppressed and oppressed across history. We don't have to respect their personality, but we do have to respect their sexual identity JUST as much as we accept heterosexuality. There should be no "central" sexuality. There also IS "a point in bringing it up" if not because of historical suppression, but because of active oppression such as has been documented in this case. You want them to just remain silent about this kind of treatment? You might have a resilience to "words", but why wouldn't you? You're clearly a privileged white, heterosexual male, you're not used to words being used against you anyhow. These are people who see that the words and the sticks and stones all comprise a singilar discourse that is tacitly against them.

"Dogmatic scientific assumptions" is only an oxymoron if you assume that science is both infallible and never dogmatic, which is a terribly ignorant thing to claim, given the ideological history of science that still persists today.

I never said "feelings" exist in a "psychological vacuum". I said biological parameters are not as deterministic as we think. That admits an interplay between the two but not as socially oppressive and deterministic as you, the grand justicar of sexuality, seem to think. There's much more to how we act and think than hormones pal, MUCH more- external and internal.

As for your desperate clinging to orthodox science, you ought to read Science Set Free by Rupert Sheldrake.
SeanScythe  +   859d ago
bubble 4 u
ritsuka666  +   859d ago
Dude, stop the hate on homosexual please? Anyways,It's rather sad that today's industry is plagued by despicable moments like these.
DoctorJones  +   857d ago
You think it's just this industry?
Zeref  +   859d ago
Eonjay  +   858d ago
Yeah, basically the problem with this is that when you have people representing your product, you can't have them insulting people or entire demographics. Its really basic PR. The "comedian" is obviously in the wrong and not Microsoft directly, but the point is that you don't want to attract that kind of negative attention to your brand... especially before it launches.

If you own a business you would understand that anyone can be a potential customer... and the last thing you want is someone promoting your brand acting like an ass and taking the focus away from your product.
Puppy_Farts  +   857d ago
Konsoru: You seem to lack education. To say "how much this guy wants to be a girl, he is a guy" is incredibly insulting to a transgendered person. They suffer from gender disphoria, this affects their genetics/makeup of their brain. I've said too much, your small world might implode.
#3.7 (Edited 857d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(21) | Report | Reply
elda  +   857d ago
If this person is a transexual..meaning he is now a she because of a sex change & they look like,sound & carry themself like a woman & legally have their name & gender changed to a woman then they should be respectfully addressed as one.Because she wasn't born with woman parts doesn't necessarily mean she can't be a woman,a big part of womanhood is state of mind.
#3.8 (Edited 857d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(15) | Report | Reply
Mystogan  +   857d ago
He can't be a woman. He does not have a vagina, he can not carry babies. He is not a woman he is a man.

How would you like it if they put him as a female on his passport or ID. And you date it for a few months. Only to find out you've been dating a man this whole time? I don't know about you but I think that is disgusting. This needs to be avoided. Maybe people around him(Family/friends) will call him a she but it should never be on his Passport or ID. He should never be identified as a woman period. This should not be accepted and I think its disgusting that its even allowed to perform sexchange surgeries.
#3.8.1 (Edited 857d ago ) | Agree(19) | Disagree(10) | Report
elda  +   857d ago
@Mystogan...some people are born in the wrong body,it's not at all disgusting because you don't understand it or willing to understand what is disgusting is that you come off as a typical bigot that's ignorant to real life situations.
Narutone66  +   857d ago
Reminds me of an episode in Friends where Joey said that he dated a lady who was an excellent kisser, but has a huge adam's apple.
Hicken  +   857d ago
The funny thing about this debate is that people who will never have the issue are deciding how people who DO have such a dilemma feel.

If there are people who are attracted to the same sex, then there are naturally people who feel they are the wrong sex. Hell, there are people whose genders have to be physically decided at birth, because nature, for whatever reason, didn't finish the job.

As someone else said, it's not a black and white thing, and claiming that it IS is pretty ignorant.
LordDhampire  +   857d ago
Watch bicentennial man it will blow your mind, also its a pretty good movie.....I was on your side of the fence until I thought of that movie
jocomat9  +   857d ago
YOu are right. Its mostly a identity crises as well.
#3.10 (Edited 857d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
TripC50  +   857d ago
Yeah but is it a male duck?
ZombieKiller  +   856d ago
So if it looks like a girl and f***s like a girl then its a girl? ......and furthermore, would you do it if you knew at one point that "it" .....yes I said "it" because its a little bit of both, was a guy?

Don't answer that, and I'm not trying to insult, but seriously think about what you said. you contradicted yourself there dude.
xKugo  +   859d ago
How can you call it a "she" if it's transgender??
It wasn't born a fucking woman, so you can't call it a woman. Stop encouraging this disgusting bullshit. It's immoral and can lead to devastating revelations in the real-world should it choose to date..
Puppy_Farts  +   857d ago
Drama Queen!

You can disagree all you want. You sound like a p*ssy. Crawl back under your bridge.
#4.1 (Edited 857d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(16) | Report | Reply
ravinash  +   857d ago
First you call her it and that say she's immoral!

I think your immoral!
celestiatem  +   857d ago
Hi bigot, how's it going? There are many T people who walk the planet, none of them are by nature "immoral". In fact, some of us are much nicer than say, people like you.
MichaelLito79  +   857d ago
This website just wants hits.
SilentNegotiator  +   857d ago
Kotaku...just wanting hits?!

clearelite  +   856d ago
Finally something everyone can agree with.
PixelNinja  +   857d ago
The website just wants hits, though the incident happened remember that the presenter was hired by Microsoft for the show and doesn't represent them whole as a company.
Microsoft is one of the best companies in supporting LGBT, heck they had 343i making an experience at a gay pride parade in full Halo gear with a life size warthog.
Mystogan  +   857d ago
That guy is hilarious hahaha.
ohboy  +   857d ago
Just show me the games =}
pop-voxuli  +   857d ago
badboy776  +   857d ago
This finally gets approved!
Edvin1984  +   857d ago
I am sorry her feelings got hurt, but it is not a normal occurrence for a man to change and be a woman. Therefore, you will have ignorant, mean, and spit full people pick on you. I wish her the best, but this is the world we live in.
pop-voxuli  +   857d ago
So he/she is angry that someone called him/her simply "he"? I think he/she is just looking for some attention, and now that he/she got his/her 15 min of fame he/she thinks it'll give him/her some sort of "cred" or boost. Good grief, can't gaming just be good ol simple gaming again? Why do we gotta have all this kind of crap constantly buggering up the system.

Edit: BTW, I just googled his/her name(Laura Kate Dale) and I dont see anything girly about him/her. In fact, dressed the way he/she does in most pics I saw of him/her, he/she is just inviting some sort of jest/joke at his/her expense.
#11 (Edited 857d ago ) | Agree(18) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
celestiatem  +   857d ago
She is a she. I don't care how passable she is, that is her gender. Nobody walks up to you, who I can only assume as male, and calls you she, or it. This doesn't even happen to the more effeminate men out there. Have some respect. Ignorance doesn't help anyone.
palaeomerus  +   857d ago
You not caring about something doesn't make it invalid. Disagreeing with you on something widely considered controversial is not a sign of either disrespect or ignorance.
#11.1.1 (Edited 857d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(2) | Report
Beastforlifenoob  +   857d ago
He cant lactate, he doesn't have a vagina, he doesn't have breasts, so why is considerd to be a female. He can't become pregnant.

The definition of Female:
Of or denoting the sex that can bear offspring or produce eggs, distinguished biologically by the production of gametes (ova)

This man cannot bear offspring or produce eggs in the ovaries (forget that he does not even have ovaries). This is simply a homesexual man that dressess in a transgender fashion and claims he is female. I fell pitty for the man who does not realise who he is, and yet tries to compensate based on their respective genders.
#11.1.2 (Edited 857d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(4) | Report
Pozzle  +   856d ago
"Of or denoting the sex that can bear offspring or produce eggs, distinguished biologically by the production of gametes (ova)"

There are plenty of biological women who can't bear offspring or produce eggs though. That doesn't mean they aren't female.
#11.1.3 (Edited 856d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report
krazykombatant  +   857d ago
Not a member of microsoft just an entertainer hired for the gig, therefore, it's NOT MS.

Also in a world of ever growing political correctness I simply couldn't careless if people feelings get hurt. Getting offended by something doesn't mean anything.

Now if the comedian picked at this guy/girl whatever and only her it's a bit more sketchy.

Either way the world sucks D, grow up and deal with it.
#12 (Edited 857d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
thebudgetgamer  +   857d ago
There's some stuff missing from this article, was there a back and forth or did he just start ripping her for nothing?
Narutone66  +   857d ago
I've read in NeoGAF, that the comedian allegedly called her, "that person" and not "it". She was blowing it out of proportions and that she is a known troll in one of UK's website and got perma-banned twice.
Activemessiah  +   857d ago
If a guy made advances to another guy and says he's a woman on the inside... is the other dude meant to simply accept it?
I do believe there are different genders stuck in a body that they didn't want but male/female bodies are permanent regardless of surgeries and alterations that took places.. I for one wouldn't be happy to find out my partner used to be a man
#14 (Edited 857d ago ) | Agree(13) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
buynit  +   857d ago
How did they even know the person was transgender? Was the person wearing a shirt or announced it or something?
ravinash  +   857d ago
Depends on how they look.
If you start making the changes early on then you can stop things like expanding shoulders and square jaw.
Get it to late and your stuck with more male features, regardless of what operations you try to have.
buynit  +   857d ago
You can't stop growth, can you? If you are meant to have a square jaw then that's what you will have. I would think you would either have to kind of look feminine or manly to pull it off but i can't see them doing it at an early age like you suggested.
JuniorCE  +   857d ago
Well.. The PR department of Microsoft is doing a GREAT job I guess... LoL
#16 (Edited 857d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
robotgargoyle  +   857d ago
I feel bad for the transgender getting feelings hurt, but this is something they will ultimately battle throughout their lives. Doesn't make it right, but what do they expect? To be accepted by everyone with open arms? And comedians are dicks.

Man and woman should be together. It's nature. Men can't reproduce with men, women can't reproduce with women. All the binary pyschobabble will not change that.
Pandamobile  +   857d ago
Wow, N4G sure shows its true colours when we get submissions regarding any sort of LGBT drama.
ravinash  +   857d ago
It just a shadow of the wider human race really... sad but true.
Swiggins  +   857d ago
Yup, you gotta love N4G and all it's cretins...wait, did I say love? I meant loathe.
WeAreLegion  +   857d ago
I think it has more to do with the internet, as a whole. People will say anything on the internet. You know that.

Anything for a joke.
Pandamobile  +   857d ago
Except it doesn't sound like many people here are joking about it.
elda  +   857d ago
Isn't that just can tell the difference between the adults & the children,the immature & the mature,the intelligent & the ignorant.
Pozzle  +   856d ago
On the bright side, many of N4G's members seem to be fairly young (I've seen some people admit to being only 13 and 14 on here), so hopefully they will learn to be a lot nicer and more accepting once they leave school and actually enter the real world.
EXVirtual  +   857d ago
The comedian really shouldn't have done that, but why does the user on Twitter need to dramatize the situation? If anything, all that's happening is that this is being exposed to the internet, a place full of assholes who just don't care about how anyone feels.
Personally, if I had a girlfriend and found out she used to be a guy, I would not be happy at all.
#19 (Edited 857d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
jgrigs09  +   857d ago
So what's the comedian stand up suppose to be now? Bunny rabbits jumping over a fence?
Niv  +   857d ago
Can't pick on the PS4 so they do it to people. MS dirtbags
Dlacy13g  +   857d ago
your comment screams ignorance.
WeAreLegion  +   857d ago
It screamed "joke" to me.
Dlacy13g  +   857d ago
Microsofts repsonse on the matter is of an appropriate level imo. The comedian in questions response seems a bit curt. I am sure he wont be asked to future MS events given their position on transgender so his actions will have consequence. Ultimately this is more a story about a social statement than it is about gaming. It just happens to be this happened at Eurogamer but its not really about gaming.
Majin-vegeta  +   857d ago
I like cookies.
WeAreLegion  +   857d ago
Mothaf$#@in' chocolate chip!
robotgargoyle  +   857d ago
It's a real issue. I'm sorry if anyone was offended by my comment. Gay/ transgender have rights and feelings, they are human beings.

I just saying that they shouldn't expect tolerance everywhere they go. They knew about the consequences, they chose to live their lives they wanted to. Tough, brave decision.
palaeomerus  +   857d ago
Guess what? Bigots have rights and feelings and are human beings too. So do people who honestly disagree with you on multiple social topics. So what? People get offended sometimes. Maybe they have a good reason and maybe not. But it's part of life. It's not an excuse for some self appointed paladin to go around preaching, scolding, lecturing to, and condemning everyone after the fact. People will continue to disagree on stuff like this. It's not a new topic. Both sides of the thing need to grow up and stop demanding more and more from the other on pain of being isolated. It changes no ones mind. It just causes more friction.
jgrigs09  +   857d ago
If he/she does not like what the comedian said. Do NOT watch family guy, american dad, south park. Sum it up, don't watch comedy central period. Comedians can make mean,dirty,hurtful, and racial jokes, but that's just comedians being comedians. If you're upset get over it, write a letter DIRECTLY to Microsoft. Don't publicly announce how butt hurt you are. Now it just seems you're desperate for attention.
Funantic1  +   857d ago
Heshe was humiliated way before it walked on any stage.
LordDhampire  +   857d ago
Man, n4g is like LGBT rally, I haven't seen people argue over something so strongly since the first Xbone vs Ps4 article

But yeah its messed up, but when theirs a standup comedian on stage hes going to be looking for the elephant in the room be it guy whos overweight or someone with a comb over.....if your prepared to be transgendered you better prepared to be rediculed....its not a new thing ...its not like prejudice is this new thing

Thats just this day and age.....and its not going to change overnight
#26 (Edited 857d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
WeAreLegion  +   857d ago
Exactly. Thank you for getting it. Someone like Eddie Izzard, who cross-dresses, would do this same thing. It's all part of humor. We need to be able to laugh at ourselves.

Legitimate prejudice is a problem though.
SnakeCQC  +   857d ago
this is ms all over
corvusmd  +   857d ago
True, they are known for picking on gay and transgender people all the's why PSZombies have so much rage against them. True, MS didn't say this, it was a comedian that they hired, and they apologized IMMEDIATELY and said that the stance of the comedian didn't reflect their view at all....but hey...PS fanboys look for ANY negative MS who really cares what the facts are...Right!?!?! I mean facts have never been a part of any PS4 argument before..why start now?

Due to trolling insecure PS fanboys that cannot win an argument...I am down to two bubbles...cause when you can't win an argument, just try and silence your with that...I'm out of here. PS fanboys, please cry all you wish, I'll never see your tears.
SnakeCQC  +   857d ago
Maybe its a good thing that you can't reply to my new comment lol. I'm no fanboy but i have a 360, a ps3 and a pc and simply prefer the ps3 and pc. The ms community are simply vile and I have experienced and witnessed racism in many of the online games, which was absolutely shocking coming from the ps3 and pc online gaming.
TongkatAli  +   857d ago
This dude around my neighborhood is a huge X-box fanboy, he is getting X-box One on launch and his baby mama is best friends with my sister. He has beaten her, tried to kidnap their son to live in Connecticut with another woman and her three kids.

I asked my sister why is he so crazy ? She said quietly "he has a small dick".
#27.1.2 (Edited 857d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
Pogmathoin  +   857d ago
Erudito, ms community is vile? Your SAYING that on this Sony fanboy infested site??? I say hello, was playing unchartered ond Halo, I get hammered and a 1000 disagrees, because I said halo..... Get lost....
corvusmd  +   857d ago
Oh poor baby....I'm sorry that you were treated fairly with every other human being in the world. SO SO SO sad for you. People get picked on for their race all the time, or what sex they are (naturally). At least she was teased for a choice that she made....stop being so damn sensitive. Have you ever seen a roast? Has she never made fun of any race, religion, creed, gender, nationailty, etc? I mean, if she is truly the perfect being, then I'm truly sorry that she got her feelings hurt...but then again if she was, she wouldn't get her feelings hurt, she'd be more secure, and she would still be a he.
#28 (Edited 857d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
SnakeCQC  +   857d ago
so the comedian thought she was a bad person based on no previous knowledge of her so he therefore thought she deserved it?
CaptainPunch  +   857d ago
Are there actually any LGBT people here on N4G? Would be interesting to hear your thoughts on this.
FunAndGun  +   857d ago
N4G's resident homo here.

There is no point in getting into debates on the internet however, especially with this audience.

People are afraid of what they don't understand. Bigots would never understand how a gay or trans person feels, just as I would never understand how being ignorant feels.

The only thing I can say is that I hope one day each bigot's blind hatred is challenged by their heart. Maybe their best friend, family member, son/daughter, or themselves come out of the closet and they are forced to put their ideas against their feelings. Until it affects their life in some way and they can witness the struggle first hand from someone they love, they will continue to fear what they don't understand.

I would love to see the poster above, Mystogan, have a kid that identifies with being trans and seeing if he still called him/her disgusting. He would probably be so cruel to disown his own blood. its quite sad how powerful fear is.
CaptainPunch  +   857d ago
My cousin who I grew up my whole life is gay, and I have no problem with that. Which is probably why I'm more open minded than most people. I hope more people can open their hearts. Because we are all equals. Peace & love I always say.
GABRIEL1030  +   857d ago
More bad publicity for MS :(
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