RESOGUN Hands-On Impressions: The PS4′s Secret Weapon I The Koalition

Carl Daniel of The Koalition writes:
Not only does Super Stardust HD have the honour of being the very first “Must Have” Playstation Network title, it is still one of the greatest games on PSN to-date. The developers at Housemarque clearly know a thing or two about developing incredible shooters so it should come at no surprise that their latest shmup RESOGUN is pretty damn great!

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mewhy321663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

wow. this is one beautiful and original game. gorgeous. This game really pushes the fill rate of the GPU.

rbailey1663d ago

Definitely another reason why PlayStation Plus offers great Valve to anyone who has it.

WeAreLegion1663d ago

This is going to be a fun title, but saying it's a "secret weapon" is overkill. It's just a nice scrolling shooter. It could even be the best one out there. But it's still a scrolling shooter. Nothing more.

abusador1663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

That may ring true and not to mention games from other companies but i feel the same way about say for example "Killer Instinct" its just another fighter, not pushing any boundaries and is in a sea of other great fighters, just another fighter. You can say that about alot of fps games and racers like Forza and DriveClub.

To be honest we havent been getting alot fo shooters so to me it can be viably a secret weapon as nowadays scrolling shooters are rare as opposed to fps games and racers.

By the way this game is 1080p/60fps so its definitly some type fo weapon and a show case to show what the system can do with all the particle effects, explosions,etc.....

WeAreLegion1663d ago

I would say that about Killer Instinct, too. It doesn't do anything different. It depends on the game.

WeAreLegion1663d ago

Does it support 3D? Why aren't we hearing anything about 3D titles on PS4? :/

abusador1663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

Does not support 3d out of the gate and good qestion about 3D games. I literally bought a 2,500 Samsung 3D tv years ago to play Killzone 3 in 3D lol and of course other 3D games.

prodg521663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

I bet this game would be amazing in 3D! I remember reading somewhere that PS4 supports 3D, but it's not being pushed right away.

Edit: Actually it's been stated that Sony is looking to incorporate 3D video chat with the new PS4 Camera. So the system does support 3D.

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