Assassin's Creed IV Wii U Is ‘Some where between current & next gen’ Works With Companion App

Sitting down with Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Producer Martin Schelling, and lead game designer Jean-Sebastien Decant, they revealed to Expansive that the Wii U version will exceed its current gen counter parts visually, he also confirmed that the AC:IV companion app will be fully compatible with the Wii U version of the game.

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mewhy321450d ago

I hope that we start seeing some more software that actually will showcase the graphic abilities of the Wii U . I feel that it's being under utilized. It has a pretty good GPU and a fair amount of RAM but the devs just don't seem to want to push the hardware to achieve the results.

WeAreLegion1450d ago

You're right. Even Nintendo isn't doing anything to fix that. Imagine Super Mario Galaxy 3 on that thing!

gpturbo811450d ago

thats exactly what it is. they'll just never say it because it would come off as half-assed.

ape0071450d ago

Great, wiiu is more powerful than we though

LOL_WUT1450d ago

Being slightly better than 7 year old consoles isn't a big feat and something to be bragging about. Future multiplat titles could be in more jeopardy and could be cancelled all together. Hopefully this game took advantage of everything the Wii U has to offer ;)

PopRocks3591450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

Okay, just a week ago you said the Wii U was on par with the 360. Now it's slightly better than the 360 and PS3? Which is it to you?

lilbroRx1450d ago

If being near 3 times as strong as your last gen consoles is "slightly" better than you have some twisted/ hyper biased perception. Though, I guess pointing this out about your comments is redundant at this point.

iplay1up21450d ago

Why do u always say things like that "slightly better"? Look it is no PS4, But it has far more dedicated ram for gaming than current gen, and a much more modern and efficient CPU/GPU. Games like NFS/Trine showed that that the Wii U could handle much more than PS360. It should those systems are old. Also Wii U blows the water out of Wii, with its single core. Again I am not saying its a powerhouse, but give some credit to it and stop being negative.

IPLAY21450d ago

I have noticed reading what you say you flip flop all of the time dude!

dantesparda1450d ago

The WiiU is NOT 3 times more powerful than PS3/360. This is the problem i have with fanboys of any stripe. You'se all spew tripe! The WiiU may only be slightly better technically in certain areas than current gen but its also inferior in others. It has a little bit more RAM to work with but its slower, (half the bandwidth). So 1GB at have the bandwidth is similar in performance to 512MB at double the bandwidth. So it having twice the RAM may not even be a real advanatge, except in instances where bandwidth doesnt matter as much as the amount. The GPU, is only slightly more powerful than what the 360 or even PS3 has and the CPU is inferior performance wise. So certain things may be slightly better on the WiiU, while other things will be better on the current gen systems.

Most games for the Wiiu, perform worst and/or have worst graphics than PS3/360. So give me a break with this WiiU is more powerful crap. If it is better it is only slightly (and i do mean slightly) more powerful, if even.

Oh why am I even bothering, fanboys wont listen to me/reasoning

AbortMission1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

There's only so much you can do with limited hardware like on the Wii u though.

Multiplats are already being downgraded for the Wii u, even below the current gen versions at times. Downright sad and yet it's Nintendo's fault for being stupid with developing a console that has the power and dev support

iplay1up21450d ago

Someone has multiple accounts. LOL with all of the disagrees you get u should have like 2 bubbles. Also I do not think you even have a Wii U. Somebody has to call you out.

TheDivine1450d ago

No the ps3 was slightly better than the 360 and Sony fans called that a massive power advantage. If the ps3 was far more powerful than the 360 according to N4G than the WiiU is freaking space age tech. It blows last gen consoles out of the water. That is at least based on what people here say.

Same way ps fans bashed Kinect for three years only to cry tears of hypocrisy when PS camera was announced. Now cameras are all the rage and the best thing ever.

Everything's always powerful and awesome when it comes to your system and craptastic and last gen when compared to the opposing system here on N4G. Looked at objectively the WiiU is far more powerful than last gen systems and a decent bit less powerful than next gen consoles. Bottom line is X looks amazing and comparable to FF15 IMO. Its good enough for me. Games are what's important. Il take SMT x Fire Emblem over super hyper realistic brown/grey shooter with tesselation, dx17 , 16aa, and wind particle physics on the mullet of the MC while he reloads the BFG to shoot space nazi zombies.

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bequietdrive1450d ago

If it looks as good as Blacklist did on Wii U but runs at a better framerate, I'll be happy.

AbortMission1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

Blacklist on Wii u didn't even have the hd textures like the current gen versions and it ran at a WORSE framerate Lol

Africa-Garvey1450d ago

Wii U is indeed '' NEXT GENERATION !!! ''

Misaka_x_Touma1450d ago

next generation isnt determine by graphic or power. it determine by console releases.

ape0071450d ago

I respect your opinion but i partially disagree, imo nextgen is determined by release date and specs

wiiu looks to be 30% closer to nextgen systems

abusador1450d ago

Not always true, sorry buddy but you have to look up more definitions.

Of or pertaining to any method or technology that is expected or intended to supersede present day techniques.

There are many more definitions that talk about a leap in technology over present day technology and specifically talks about next gen meaning a jump in technology.

Stop believing all the hogwash ppl spew on here.

"used to describe a product that has been developed using the latest technology and will probably replace an existing product:"


KonsoruMasuta1450d ago

Ape, I'll break it down for you.

The Wii is the system that competed with the PS3 and Xbox360 this gen. The WiiU is the next generation of Nintendo console after the Wii. Therefore, it is next gen.

thezeldadoth1450d ago

^ If next gen is about specs, then PS4 and xbox one are last gen already

Baka-akaB1450d ago

"PS4 and xbox one are last gen already "

Do you even know what people are talking about ? "Next gen" is an expression always relating to consoles , PC is in "no gen" and in a separate lane .

gpturbo811450d ago

how you have any disagrees boggles my mind. its a fact. period. . . nintendo will most likely be the first to release their next system down the road, so that will be the start of the next generation. its not complicated

_QQ_1450d ago

@ ape
sorry but you can't have that opinion because the definition of Generation is fact not opinion.
"a single stage in the development of a type of product:" thats straight from oxford dictionary.

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Irishguy951450d ago

Somewhere 'between' current and next gen.

KonsoruMasuta1450d ago

He is talking about graphics. But the WiiU itself is a next gen console.

lilbroRx1450d ago

Next generation is determined by two things.

Release date and "technology", not power.

The Wii U has a lot of technology that wasn't present or or possible to produce in the last gen. That makes it next gen.

KonsoruMasuta1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

It seems Ubisoft is one of the only 3rd party developers that actually supports the WiiU. I'm surprised they actually took the time to incorporate the companion app.

I'll buy the WiiU version of their games along with my PS4 versions.

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