Oculus Rift Eyes-On Impressions – The Future Is Nigh I The Koalition

Thomas Chamberlain of The Koalition writes:
Going into Eurogamer Expo 2013 I never planned to try out Oculus Rift. I had seen videos of people using it and everyone was universally impressed, from veteran game journalists to people who were unfamiliar to gaming, but I never felt the need to try it. The Oculus section had queues stretching for hours and I wasn't prepared to wait that long for something that I wasn't fundamentally interested in. Yet on Friday as I walked around the Expo floor I saw a small queue for the indie game Dream, which to my surprise used the Oculus Rift. This was my chance to test it out and I am very, very pleased that I did.

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MilkMan1664d ago

They should really stop hyping this thing. Unless they plan on giving this thing out for free, simply by walking through the door and EVERY game supports it. This is yet another cool thing that goes nowhere and Carmack endorsing it means nothing. That guy will endorse a new flavor of Cheetos if it meant more polygon counts.

webeblazing1664d ago (Edited 1664d ago )

seem to me we have a hater. stop hyping it? its been no hype on this site about it. and it is already being supported by pass and future games. I guess we should hype Kinect or move some more.

MilkMan1663d ago

VR gaming is as old as 3D.
I don't hate, but I saw this thing in person and I wasn't impressed, that's just me.
For this thing to take off, it would have to be given out for free and every game would have to support it.

Sony making their own version, that's nothing new. They have a huge R&D division and if any company can tackle this sort of thing it would be them, second to probably Google.

Check your history guys. Historically peripherals don't make big impact on the gaming world. This includes Move and Kinect.

rbailey1664d ago

Considering that Sony is now rumored to be coming up with their own version of this device for PS4, I think that will easily qualify this as an even bigger deal now. It can't be overhyped if others are looking to copy what they are doing with this device. Having played the device myself, I can see the potential for it moving forward too.

starchild1664d ago

You're just another blind hater. I've used the dev unit and I can honestly say it is, for me, the most exciting thing happening in gaming by far. I think it is going to shake up the gaming landscape in a big way.

Traditional games won't away, but VR gaming is about to become a big part of gaming.

1664d ago
Are_The_MaDNess1664d ago

i think they should hype it. they need this to be a great hit!
well its already a hit in a way. tho most people wait for the finished HD version of the product tho.

this will be the nezt big thing in gaming IMO.
its a total immersive experience.
Full real 3D, one screen for each eye.
Super high FOV.
its great. its like are in the game. it feels great.

they dont need every game to have full support for it.
and its not that hard to have good support for the thing either, all devs really need is 3D support and the FOV support.

cant wait for a 3rd gen version with OLED screens or something like that with the colors and such.

coolfool1664d ago

I tried this at PAX and while the experience was certainly interesting, it gave both myself and my girlfriend motion sickness. I'll admit that my girlfriend is sometimes sensitive to motion but I'm usually not.

I'm not sure why it affected me but I put it down to the way the headset didn't respond to my head movements fully. It accurately turned the picture up, down, left and right in response to my head movements but if I tilted my head it didn't respond. Or if I slightly moved my whole head, it didn't respond. It's hard to explain but I think it's the disconnect between what my body was feeling and what my eyes were seeing that caused the sickness.

jamstorr861664d ago

They are going to fix the head tracking. from what i have read there will be a lot more features going into the headset beyond a 1080 screen.

Most who have tried the rift say its a game changer and i would agree. I am more excited for this than next gen consoles if i am honest.