The Year of the PS3?

Splitscreen writes-"Is the era of the XBox over already, almost before it began? Premature ejaculation of fanboy glee, a beautiful moment but over in a flash, with nothing but a mess and disappointed people left in its wake?"

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Mr PS33897d ago

because there is no Question
2008 is The Year of the PS3 and B3YOND

PirateThom3896d ago (Edited 3896d ago )

360 was dead since the PS3 launched.

It had the biggest games last year and still got outsold by the PS3, which was more expensive and has all kinds of problems.

Any wonder I use my 360 as a Sega emulator?

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Genuine3896d ago

Yesterday 360 outsells ps3 in NPD's, today this spam shows up. With a Apr 14 date on this story, something tells me that some sony fanboy contributer was saving this one for a rainy day (just like today).

PirateThom3896d ago

PS3 8,232
Xbox 360 1,147

Japan sales last week. 5,000 a month means nothing against 7,000 a week plus huge margins in Europe.

Homicide3896d ago

The PS3 is outselling the 360 world wide. After the 360 price cut in EU, it's still getting outsold by the PS3. I point and laugh at MS.

dan-boy3896d ago (Edited 3896d ago )

how true, just like the xbox burns down a house. they was definately saving this one for a rainy day lol. this site is getting worse and worse! and the people that own and run this site don't even bother hiding their fanboyism anymore!

pirate thom, i'd put those figures away if i was you. the 360 is dead in japan, and ps3 in it's homeland does'nt even muster as much as 10k a week. man its unbelievable how far sony have fallen!

some idiot on another thread was just trying to say that the ps3 outsells the 360 by 400 or 500k units a month fanboys do have a desperate smell around them nowadays. just because the ps3 manages to sell more boxs world-wide monthly, it's nowhere near enough to make up the 8 mil they're behind...not this year anyway!

sony must be glad that europe is keeping the ship afloat! perhaps they mite start looking after us europeans now, and not delay everything over here.

yesah3896d ago (Edited 3896d ago )

and america is 360's homeland.....which the ps3 has been outselling for the past two months, and only recently was beaten, but by a mere 5k in one month.

jke823896d ago

ill mention this and you 360 fanboys will ignore it as usual but ill say it anyway...if you take away the 360s year head start and line them up sales wise side by side...youll see that the ps3 is spanking the crap outta 360 period. now factor in the one year head start and youll have 360 back up there with is lets say 8mill we take those same numbers at the end of this year (08 since i have to spell it out for you) line up those numbers again and if the ps3 has dropped that lead at all BOOM ps3 outsold 360...however for the other side fo the fence people if you see that 360 has increased its lead...then 360 outsold ....see simple logic something that you lack genuine

dan-boy3896d ago (Edited 3896d ago )

and they have'nt continued it though! it's not the mere 5K, it's the long term, and sony are down in NA by 5+mil units. even beating microsoft by a matter of 10's of thousands a month is not enough!

and sonys homeland is japan, and it's nowhere near what the ps2 was... and the wii is giving it a serious hiding at home. europe is gonna be sonys saviour for now!

jke: for now atleast, it looks like microsofts strategy of getting on the market first has sort of payed off! now you have to wonder what will happen when microsoft get another headstart when they release new hardware around xmas 2010, and i would think nintendo will get one out then aswell? coming off the back of a reasonably successful 360 and wii....they will steal even more marketshare from sony, if they stick to their console for 10 years.

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pp3896d ago

xbox360 has more than 60 games comin out this year comapred to ps3 30+

heyheyhey3896d ago

where the hell did those figures come from?

dont even bother saying, we all know its your ass

TheTerminator3896d ago

lol at the ha ha dude, that neva gets old

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