With a huge game like Candy Crush Saga, bad ads will happen

GamesBeat's Dean Takahashi writes about the annoying redirect ads that point users to Candy Crush Saga's download site.

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Majin-vegeta1059d ago

I get this sh*t every time i'm surfing N4G on my phone.Its so fkn annoying.

Oh look it just popped up.

mewhy321059d ago

I do too!!! Gawd it makes me mad!!! Can the admins do something? The site must be planting ad cookies for it!!!! Get rid of that crap please!!!

Cirehpsa1059d ago

This never happened to me before until I scrolled down on my phone and saw this exact article then it just kept spaming my browser!

Sadie21001059d ago

Glad I'm on N4G via desktop browser!

kingPoS1059d ago

Not even my PS3 suffers through that (with javascript disabled)