Grand Theft Auto Online Leaked Info Surfaces from Patch Notes, May Have Prison Break

Gameranx: "GTA 5's upcoming multiplayer component may have more content than we realized."

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BigShotSmoov007947d ago

Oh if they have prison breaks online, I'm so sold. Tomorrow can't come quick enough.

Aleithian947d ago

Holy shit, it releases tomorrow. The date just sunk in! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! (little girl screech)

Lalanana947d ago

Must hold on to tomorrow..Tomorrow cannot come fast enough.

Mad Aizen947d ago

Can't wait 'til tomorrow. As soon as I finish enrolling into Obamacare, I'll be looking for this as well.

nunley33946d ago

@ Mad Aizen obamacare lmao,good luck with that,you'll need it.

ThanatosDMC946d ago

Finally, most big buildings will have something going on with them now.

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SnotyTheRocket946d ago

I'm the only person in North America who hasn't played GTA5..... Guess I have to play the BF4 beta, but that's cool with me.

grumpc946d ago

'have' to play bf? you could just buy a copy of gta.

nunley33946d ago

yes he has to play bf4 like its a sort punishment,jking but i haven't played either.i been waiting on the gta online so i'll get it tuesday probably

PCGamingNoobs947d ago

what timezone is it coming on at 1st of October for? i imagine its all going to come on at the same time so probably american timezone which ever side.

thebudgetgamer946d ago (Edited 946d ago )

East coast fool.

paul-p1988946d ago

I was on it at 6am GMT to have a look and nothing then. And now i'm stuck at work, so now GTA for me until at least 4.30pm GMT.... :(

RE_L_MAYER947d ago

Is it tomorow or at midnight tonight?

tcozzens947d ago

I'd imagine it'll be like 3 a.m. EST, at the earliest

For example, World of Warcraft expansions, you must wait until midnight PST for it to launch because that's all of US then at the same time.

But it could also not be like that since games launch at midnight no matter where you are lol.

Hopefully it is as early as possible, and hopefully they give a pretty good estimate.

Bob Dole946d ago

So.... in like an hour and a half!? :D

MxRBrobaFett947d ago

As much as I love the game I feel like they left a lot of possibilities out of single player, including the prison, the empty banks, and the open water in general. Hopefully they expand on all those in multiplayer. Can't wait

RE_L_MAYER947d ago

I agree it feels a bit empty but overall I liked alot of features-we just need to wait for ps4 gta 6 and hope its 4 times badasser

BigShotSmoov007946d ago

You might be waiting for a long time cause they keep saying there isn't going to be a next gen version of gta5

nunley33946d ago

they kinda backtracked on that no next gen gta5 stance but it's not coming anytime soon regardless,next spring maybe. they're hopefully working on RDR2 and agent for ps4 now that gtav is out the gate.

Reportillo4946d ago

@bigshotsmoov007 he said we need to wait for ps4's GTA6 not GTA5

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TRD4L1fe947d ago

Im sure DLC's will cover all those things

steve30x947d ago

I might be completely wrong but I doubt they will make DLC for single player. It sounded like they wanted to concentrate on multiplayer only.

SonyWarrior947d ago (Edited 947d ago )

theres a ton to do i am only 65% done with 40 hours of grinding to get things done. The tank is amazing btw first time since GTA2 that they got the tank right. Where you drive over cars and crush them.

cyguration946d ago

The prison was used A LOT in some of the leaked config file info. It stands to reason that they'll have a lot of stuff centered around that in GTA Online if the info proves to be true.

azshorty2003946d ago

Agreed. Theres also that Power Plant. I had a stronger feeling as the game progressed and you never did anything involving those big places, that they would be reserved for something else, like online.

At least I hope so. I'd really hate to think that they spent time designing those big places and they would essentially go to waste.

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HarryB947d ago

Damn it. But bf4 beta comes out. What to do what to do..

TesMgsFan947d ago

Trow your self into the trash or play gta online !

KwietStorm946d ago

Don't know why you got all the disagrees. It's tough to manage with both releasing the same day.

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