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Titanfall Hands-on: we have seen and played it - Worlds Factory

Worlds Factory: "DICE and Infinity Ward should be aware that Titanfall might very well shake their ground once and for all when it releases" (PC, TitanFall, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Imp0ssibl3  +   445d ago
Titian fall is exactly what I am looking for in an FPS to catch my attention once more into the genre. Can't wait to try it out!
amodestoccasion  +   445d ago
Yep! There's a handful of neat looking FPS games for next-gen but this is really the only one I have my sights set on as a "must play."
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Goku781  +   445d ago
Hands on still no resolution info.
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odderz  +   445d ago
They only played it on PC, and it was at Full HD of course.

For the console versions, we'll have to see.
Legacy212  +   445d ago
with all due respect even if the graphics come no where near to killzones graphics i think the game play is what seperates it from the others and truly makes this game stand out
GodGinrai  +   445d ago
My thoughts exactly. Crysis3 looked great, but how many people are still playing that game?
Dlacy13g  +   445d ago
I think we need to all move past this idea of "what resolution is that game at?" as if that really matters. If the game looks fantastic and runs smooth when you see a build of it then I don't think resolution or frame rate questions need to become a focal point. If there were obvious graphic issues or frame rate drops then sure, question away.

Games that look good and play good are exactly what we as gamers should care about. Not how many pixels they have.
Jeedai Infidel  +   445d ago
I've been a gamer since the 1970's and not once in my life have I needed to know what resolution the game is at or how many polygons a character model has. How it looks has always taken a backseat to how it plays, which probably comes from starting out with atari 2600, the Intellivision and ColecoVision.
ATi_Elite  +   445d ago
Dude No one talks about KZ except fanboys!

Right now it's all about COD:G, BF4, and Titanfall

KZ is a good series for SP action but the MP is weak when compared to the games I just mentioned.
ruefrak  +   445d ago
I feel like I'm the only person in the world who could care less about Titanfall. I see an online, multiplayer only FPS and it's just not interesting to me.
Though I may be going against the flow because GTA V doesn't appeal to me either and I hated the Telltale Walking Dead game.
Ron_Danger  +   445d ago
You aren't the only one. I find twitch shooters to be annoying. It's shocking (sarcasm) to see ex-infinity ward programmers staying in their safe zone and making basically CoD:Future.

The main reason I hate twitch shooters is because there's no real skill needed (if there was, professional gamers wouldn't need to add mods to their controllers.) It basically boils down to who can play the game with the stick sensitivity set the highest.
GodGinrai  +   445d ago

I would have to dissagree, because twitch shooters have been around forever...quake, unreal, counter strike..and of course halo..all past paced twitch shooters that require skill.

And by "professional gamers" do you mean MLG/game battles, participants? or just people that play Battlefield/rainbow six, in clans?
Ron_Danger  +   445d ago
I would hardly put counter strike on the same level at unreal or quake since counter strike is slower paced and team based. Any game where you can run around with a LMG and get all headshots while hip firing is garbage.

But you say twitch based shooters have been around forever, and that's why I'm tired of them. I've been gaming since the 80's and I remember the old original twitch shooters. I remember not worrying about where you shot your opponent because back then all you needed to do was shoot the invisible hit detection box, back when twitch shooters were about fun. But now they are trying to make some sort of twitch-hybrid shooter that just turns into a mess (CoD). You can't have fast paced shooting where there are no movement penalties (other than slower reloading) and try to pass it off as realistic. You can't say it takes skill to play a game like CoD (or other similar twitch shooters) when everyone runs around with rocket launchers and gets 5 kills with one shot.

I tried playing Black Ops, got a solid team all with mics, and all we played against we're either all grenade launch/ RPG teams or campers with LMG's.

Based on what I've seen from Titanfall, it's just gonna turn into an RPG fest cause everyone is going to want to blow up the mechs.

Some people prefer Coen Brothers films, others prefer Michael Bay movies.
Legacy212  +   445d ago
Man walking dead was amazing that game brought tears to my eyes it was such a great experience, GTA V i havent completed yet but so far so good. While i can say i am bored of COD i am really excited for titan falls multiplayer and how they implement the story through the multiplayer seems really interesting. But everyone has their own preferences. My friend though the walking dead game was boring when i told him to play it. For me i couldnt put it down one of my fave games of the year
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ruefrak  +   445d ago
GTA V bothers me because it's a big open world game that is also trying to tell a story. The problem for me is that open world games with stories always fall flat. Red Dead Redemption and AC3 are two good examples. You can do so many other things not related to the story that the pacing gets thrown out of whack. In Red Dead your family is held captive until you take down your old gang but for some reason you can spend weeks playing poker or horse shoes and helping some guy pick flowers for his wife. The sense of immediacy to move the story along gets ruined.
The same thing was there in the Walking Dead. Zombies are everywhere, Lee needs desperately to find a way into this house, and yet he just walks over to Clementine and casually asks her how she's holding up. The pacing gets ruined and it takes me out of the moment. That, and I thought the relationship between Clem and Lee was a little forced and was an easy way to get an emotional reaction from the player. It's like having the dog that gets shot. It's an easy way to provoke an emotional response.
But not everyone can like every game. That's why we're blessed with choice.
Dlacy13g  +   445d ago
@ruefrak... I don't think you are alone. GTA V while fun is a game I am struggling with from a story perspective. I mean its all told very well and voice acting is great but I just really can't stand all 3 main characters.

As for Titanfall, while I do like what I am seeing I do think there is one misstep from Respawn in that there is a story element to this game and it really hasn't been talked about enough to intrigue those who really like story.
Alexious  +   445d ago
I agree, there is too little information on the "story element" of Titanfall.

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