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Killzone dev Guerrilla Games has confirmed it's begun work on a new IP

Sony-owned studio Guerrilla Games has confirmed it has begun work on a new IP now that some staff are finished with PlayStation 4 launch title Killzone: Shadow Fall. (Guerilla Games, PS4)

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Abash  +   786d ago
I'd love to see what they could do with a third person game
pedrof93  +   786d ago
So no more killzone?
DarkBlood  +   786d ago
after the 2 games coming out thats wayyyyy too soon to start another one
black0o  +   786d ago
how did u come up with this idea? they didn't say anything about dropping the series
GryestOfBluSkies  +   786d ago
i wouldn't say no more kz... maybe just a break from it
shivvy24  +   786d ago
didnt they say that they were working on a new ip a while back ?
abzdine  +   786d ago
i think with the amazing job Guerrilla Cambridge has done with KZ: Mercenary, there will be a big chance they will keep going with Killzone and Guerrilla Amsterdam will move on to something else..
Good news, now let's wait and see
mewhy32  +   786d ago
Let's face it. What ever these guys do it will be freaking amazing and will push the PS4 hard. They will be free from the "lowest common denominator" syndrome that third part devs are subject to. Everything from them is going to blow us away!!!!
Eonjay  +   786d ago
They spoke about their next project in an interview some time ago. The only thing they would say about their new project is that its larger than Shadow Fall and much more ambitious. Sony's studios seem to be in a cycle of competition with each other. David Cages's recent interview and his words about QD's next project was kinda frightening.

Between SSM,ND, SP, and QD, they all seem to be taking turns trying to 1up each other. This is awesome to watch, but how far can this go before ND drops a bomb? Seriously, No one wants to not have a PS4 when Naughty Dog "Unleashes the Kraken!" lol.
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DeadlyFire  +   786d ago
Killzone one year and other IP another year or biyearly which isn't bad and keeps it from getting yearly push out the door. :)
DOMination-  +   786d ago
Pfft. GG most didn't overrated devs in the industry.

Shellshock - crap
KZ - average
Liberation - decent I hear
KZ2 - excellent
KZ3 - average
KZSF - honestly whilst it looks pretty it looks as generic as a fps can be. Where is the next gen gameplay? Don't get me wrong I'm not seeing it in ghosts or bf4 either. All the next gen shooters like boring. Laat gen gameplay with next gen paint.

GG don't have a great record imo. I think if they were an indie nobody would really care about them as much
ZodTheRipper  +   786d ago
Guerilla Games, I liked all their games - new unannounced IP
Sony Santa Monica, I liked all their games - new unannounced IP
Media Molecule,I liked all their games - new unannounced IP
Quantic Dreams, I liked all their games - new unannounced IP

You know they're coming, you just don't know when, the next months are going to be interesting :D
JimmyLmao  +   786d ago
nuuu not a third person game =(

how about a lovely first person open world RPG?
trenso1  +   786d ago
i think Borderlands and Destiny got those covered
Minato-Namikaze  +   786d ago
What is this obsession with open world game? I hate them. I don't like on rails or one path games either, but I hate gta/skyrim style games.
-Foxtrot  +   786d ago
We have way too many FPS games....a third person game is welcomed in my opinion.

I think we need another studio to work on a open world RPG game, they really need to open a new studio OR get a Japanese first party studio to do it
Regis  +   786d ago
@Minato-Namikaze you just pretty much knocked out all the new games that are coming out for next gen consoles.
bjmartynhak  +   786d ago


(though Infamous 2 and RDR were something apart)
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Majin-vegeta  +   786d ago
Cant wait to find out what it is.
GiggMan  +   786d ago
Me either. This in my opinion is the real reason to own PlayStation products.

First Party devs always got something brewing. The hard part is waiting though :-(
Goku781  +   786d ago
"On to the next, on, on, to the next one."
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SKYVVLKR  +   786d ago
*Jay Z laugh*
sAVAge_bEaST  +   786d ago
Nice... I Can't wait for a few years, when the hardware is fully realized, and new IP's start to drop.
Walker  +   786d ago
GOD please be action RPG !
GTgamer  +   786d ago
That's what I'm talking about.
BigShotSmoov007  +   786d ago
Sounds great, can't wait to see what they come up with.
KillerPwned  +   786d ago
I think a Platform from these guys would suit to make a great game for this developer.
Pancit_Canton  +   786d ago
Yes. Time for an Open World Survival Action Adventure RPG.
shahab91  +   786d ago
That's good news. They are very talented developers. I'll be keeping an eye on their new ip. :)
WeAreLegion  +   786d ago
Whatever it is...it'll be gorgeous.
first1NFANTRY  +   786d ago
I'm intrigued, hope it's something completely different from what their use to making. In my opinion that's how you know if a dev is talented on all fronts or just a one trick pony, ala Naughty Dog etc. still i have completely confidence in GG.
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TheOneEyedHound  +   786d ago
Fantasy RPG please? With Guns, Mages,goblins,traders and Beautiful graphics.
shivvy24  +   786d ago
WW2 ?
sigfredod  +   786d ago
Shivers in emotion just thinking the posibilies, guerrilla is an amazing developer
GABRIEL1030  +   786d ago
Then no more Killzone, this is very reasonable, the Helghast are the most amazing characters created for a videogame and they became an obsession for a lot of players and this is very dangerous; because the Helghast are linked with german army at WWII: the wehrmacht. This fact has serious political implications, specially in Europe.

I hope a good conclusion of the franchise in Shadowfall.
Sevir  +   786d ago
They'll never get rid of Killzone, they have 2 teams, and a second studio, It's just time that everyone is now shifting focus to the New Ip since Shadow Fall is nearing Gold. I don't know how you came to this conclusion that they are done with the Killzone Franchise!
GABRIEL1030  +   786d ago
Naughty dog moved from Jak and Daxter to Uncharted and later to The Last of Us, this policy is a great success. GG needs to evolve and let go the amazing Helghast.

The ISA is too generic and boring to make another game and the loved Helghast are too compromised with the German evil army, GG needs to make a new franchise that could be accepted for everyone.

For sure, Shadowfall will have an amazing plot full of surprises to close the series.
dcj0524  +   786d ago
The Helgast needs a better enemy. The ISA is so generically 'Merica. Imagine a Cold War where both sides are wonderfully terrifying!
CGI-Quality  +   786d ago
Naughty Dog =/= Guerrilla games. You drew a conclusion based on nothing. Not a big deal, but be straight up.

OT: It's Guerrilla, I'll buy it, most likely, regardless.
Sevir  +   786d ago
Pretty Sure NaughtyDog is working on a new Uncharted. It's kinda crazy to assume that they'll abandon the Uncharted Franchise when it hasn't peaked yet!

And Sony just released KZ on Vita the franchise isn't done, again, all this is is just there second team branching out to start a new IP, the franchise of Killzone will get another sequel on PS4.

Plenty to love about this
Edvin1984  +   786d ago
Cool new IP by a solid dev is always good new, and in the mean time I will be enjoying KZ:FL.
Sevir  +   786d ago
This isn't anything new, Herman Hulst of GG confirmed that they Started working on a New IP when Killzone 3 shipped, it was only in concept stage at the time, and then they reconfirmed this in Februray This year during their Technical Breakdown of the PS Reveal Demo, and on their slide they confirmed that they have a New Ip that's in works along side Killzone: Shadow Fall.
JackVagina  +   786d ago
Please be an RPG
pyramidshead  +   786d ago
So many teams within teams. So many first party titles coming our way @_@
gdguide  +   786d ago
PLEASE let it be a fitness game! ;)

Would love to see them put out something open universe in something like a Starwars / Mass Effect kind of way. Something where you could be a trader, pirate, privateer, bounty hunter. The universe is yours to explore.
Foxhound922  +   786d ago
That would be cool if they made a first person open world game, kind of like mirrors edge. GG does a great job with immersion, I would be be so pumped of they made something like that.
D_RoyJenkins  +   786d ago
Can't wait to hear more about it. Guerilla Games never disappoint
Evil_Ryu  +   786d ago
i would like to see them do another first person shooter that is not set in the killzone universe
Golden30  +   786d ago
I hope a game without that weightness in it!
elhebbo16  +   786d ago
Its great seeing GG become something like SSM or Naughty Dog, in terms of getting attention and having more than one IP.
Bolts  +   786d ago
Guerrilla Games suck. Their best game was Killzone 2, Killzone 3 was CoD garbage, and Shadow Fall looks like the PS4 version of Crysis. Every video of Shadow Fall I've seen featured fantastic console graphics but incredibly boring and uninspired gameplay.

If I want pretty but bland I would boot up Crysis 3 on the PC. I don't know what their next IP is but these guys are shaping up to be Sony's personal Crytek.
ssj27  +   786d ago
Lol crytek will wish to have the talent that GG has and they will wish to have the fun authenticity that KILLZONE had.

I'm amaze on how people want a rpg or a starwars like of game from GG..

GG keep their games more natural and authentic, no fantacy in their games so far..

I will love to see a medieval with a deep script behind it like in game of the throne or the lord of the ring but authentic .. no fantasy in it.

Or I will not mind a fps open or semi open world rpg syfy world trilogy from them!

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