Mighty No. 9 adds support character

Unsurprisingly, Mighty No. 9 has reached a new goal on Kickstarter.

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Kalebninja1668d ago

looks like we arent getting that single player call stage and boss honestly some the strech goals are a bit ridiculous

3xkrazy1668d ago

Yea, it makes me wonder if these kick starter devs are actually honest about their requested goals, or they take advantage of naive supporters.

kagon011668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

Unfortunately, they're taking advantage of the compulsive fans. There is content that was supposed to be from the very beginning such as the intro bosses(wtf) or the whole roster(mighty numbers), but to me it seems it was cut to ask more for their strech goals. Who needs bs DLC when you can cut the game in tiny pieces from the development process, and ask more from the backers, lol? This is serious...

KonsoruMasuta1668d ago

Come on Next gen! We need to reach that goal!

Sevir1668d ago

PSVita version PLEASE!!!! Support this endeavor!!! I want to play this on my Vita, and PS4... :)

pacosanchez881668d ago

just did, first time supporting a kickstarter. come on blokes, its guaranteed to be on 360 and ps3, a little support now will bring it to one and ps4! lets get it there