Square Enix Banning Rich Final Fantasy XIV Players

New posts on the official Final Fantasy XIV Reddit and game forums have shed some light on massive blanket bans that hit the game earlier today. Users have flocked to both mediums to express their disappointment with Square Enix's handling of the situation. Gold spamming is rife in Final Fantasy XIV to the point where you're completely unable to have any open conversation in shout chat without blacklisting the individuals spamming the chat channel.

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Lovable1693d ago

People who have over 10 million gil seems to be the target. Not sure how they made that much money, but man I struggle just to get 1k gil from selling the stuff I gather as a Miner.....-_-

CaptainCamper1693d ago

Honestly, it's not all that hard. I've easily made 300-400k and that's just from selling the scraps I get from mob kills when questing.

I farmed for 90 minutes yesterday and easily cleared 150k selling the drops, that was from level 18 mobs.

Farming the level 50ish mobs, crafting etc, I can see how it could be done.

Lovable1693d ago

How did you made that money when selling stuff only net you 1 gil?

CaptainCamper1693d ago

1 gil? You know you can choose how much you sell stuff for right? Lol I wasn't talking about selling to the vendors :D

Rynocirator1693d ago

There were people with 400 million gil before 2.0, that means 40 million gil after...totally possible.

SoulMikeY1693d ago

GOOD!!! If they have that amount, they didn't get it legitimately. That's impossibru!


Aleithian1693d ago

Laughing at your own joke there buddy?

Rynocirator1693d ago

Totally possible, I had 120 mil before 2.0 that's 12 mil now.

JonnyBigBoss1693d ago

This article is so off-kilter. They're banning gil buyers, not everyone with lots of money. Do you really think people who buy gil will admit to it? Of course not.

CaptainCamper1693d ago

Although I would hazard a guess that 99% of people that are screaming false bans have actually purchased gil, the shear amount of bans is going to mean at least a few people are innocent.

There are posts on the forums with people that have extremely valid evidence, such as screenshots of past sales and such, so I'm not certain SE made the right move here.

goldwyncq1693d ago

So Square Enix's staff are Communists?

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