UK retailer to break Grand Theft Auto IV release date?

PlayStationBeyond has written about the possibility of Tesco breaking the Grand Theft Auto IV street date as found in the latest Tesco Clubcard leaflet…

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Hulligan853808d ago

If this is true, tesco have my money. They usually sell new releases at about £40 ish too!

St03808d ago

There's a few places that say it's out on the 25th, bet there just trying to get more sales

Babbajabba3808d ago

Just got off the phone to tescos (store NOT website), here follows the convo:

"Hi, just a enquiry for the release date of Grand Theft Auto 4 on the PS3"

"It says here its the 24th, but I'll just check that" *taps away on keyboard* "Oh it seems to have been moved to the 29th, So we'll probably get them in on the 28th and we wont be able to sell them until the 29th"

"Ok, thanks very much *mutters profanity under my breath*"

So I guess it was a typo. Ahh well I'll guess I'll stick with my preorder for the midnight launch at blockbusters.

Saves me losing my depost too.

gta_cb3808d ago

if ANY store sells this game before launch day i will be soooo frekin pleased!!! seriously i have been waiting for this game for what seems an eternity!!!!

Vip3r3808d ago

I hope GAME sends me my copy a day early like what they did with UT. But if this is true, it'll probably be too late for me to cancel my pre-order.

resistance1003808d ago

Every game i've pre-ordered with GAME.CO.UK has come the day before its release (i've pre-ordered about 10 games with them).

Fishy Fingers3808d ago

Ah, good old Tesco. The Wallmart of the UK.

Tomdc3808d ago

Tesco is better than walmart by a long shot. (i've lived in US and UK I should know!)

OgTheClever3808d ago

Asda is technically the Walmart of the UK because they are the same company. (I presume you probably meant their dominance over other supermarket chains though)

SafeRat3808d ago

Hopefully it's true, as I already have my preorder with them :)

Ali_The_Brit3808d ago

if this is true and if i have time im canceling my pre-order and getting it from tescos 4 days early!

Keowrath3808d ago

What is the UK release date? Is it the same as the states? Seems wierd as we usually get our games on the Friday not the Tuesday. This would net you the game a week early.

For those that have a GAME Pre-order as long as the game isn't opened they will give you a refund so just take it back or from what I rememeber, GAME don't actually ask for a deposit do they so you could just get from Tescos and ignore GAME altogether.

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The story is too old to be commented.