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Submitted by GamerXD 858d ago | news

Beyond is about opening doors & showing people games aren’t just about shooting, says Cage

Beyond: Two Souls director and writer David Cage has explained his aspirations for the PS3 title, and hopes that it will encourage people to see the medium a little bit differently. (Beyond: Two Souls, Dev, Industry, PS3)

GirlOnFire  +   858d ago
I love different games that's why this is at the top of my buy list. Well also I loved Heavy Rain so sad and beautiful game. ^~^ or maybe this face T-T
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N4Flamers  +   858d ago
Its sad that the game had terrible writing and terrible acting. I liked it despite its many faults.
_LarZen_  +   858d ago
And yet it's censored in Europe...
boya3gob94  +   858d ago
Tell that to Americans who keep on supporting crappy franchises like Call of Duty
SlapHappyJesus  +   858d ago
Because it's only America.
Can I now blame Europe for destroying the film industry by eating up things like Battleship and Resident Evil?
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vikingland1  +   858d ago
Not all Americans play FPS I play many types of games. I am currently playing The Puppeteer. And I recently beat Brothers A Tale Of Two Sons. You shouldn't generalize like that. I do know that many Americans do play COD, Just not all of them do.
rextraordinaire  +   858d ago
I don,t like this guy... He seems to believe there are only two crowds of gamers : COD obsessed teenagers and artsy-pants hipsters.

I can name so many games that are not about shooting and killing stuff that this guy seems to have no knowledge of...

Like maybe Katamari Damacy, LittleBigPlanet, Harvest Moon, Animal Crossing, Professor Layton, Journey, Fl0w...

As for emotional content, what about Shadow of the Colossus, Virtues Last Reward, Ni No Kuni...

I mean yeah that game looks like it's well made, but this guy seriously needs to get over himself...
WeAreLegion  +   858d ago
You should watch/read more interviews with him. He talks about the variety of games a lot. Ueda (Shadow of the Colossus/Ico) is one of his favorite developers and influences. He has talked at length about Shenmue, LittleBigPlanet, Journey, and Earthbound.
vikingland1  +   858d ago
That's a good list of games. Now you need to add The Puppeteer , Brothers A Tale Of Two Sons , And Rain to your list. There are many types of games besides shooters.
SlapHappyJesus  +   858d ago
I love how he thinks he is the only person doing this at the moment.
Show us the light, David. Please.

#taleoftwobrothers #amnesia #shadowrunreturns #thewalkingdead
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playboi28  +   858d ago
While it is great that you can name a few games that break the mold, that does not change the fact that the sales numbers show that gamers as a whole are not very aware of games without shooting someone, especially here in the US. Other than The Walking Dead (which actually included shooting, BTW), many gamers are not informed about these games. Blame it on short attention spans, violent tendencies, or just terrible marketing. They are all factors in the reality that your typical gamer plays CoD, GTA, or sports titles.
SlapHappyJesus  +   858d ago
Honestly, I truly feel he is just a very pretentious person who feels he is spear-heading the idea of art and narrative in an industry already dripping with it, if you actually look for it.
It's the same way that people claim there are too many modern-military shooters when, really, there's the couple of industry staples, and then the random release every once in a while.
There is a market out there for every gamer. Complaining that one might be more popular than the other is pointless. It's not hard to find a quality non-shooter release at any time. Just go on Steam and throw a rock.
Besides, and let's be honest here. If he was worried about the industry moving further from story in games, wanting a wider audience for what he wants to create, he should be just as vocally against tying his experiences to one platform as he is about calling out the industry on being too closed off from new experiences.
Just my two cents.
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Beyond is about censoring games and showing how pointless having a ESRB is.
admiralvic  +   858d ago
I like how the goal is to show people games aren't about shooting, though shooters didn't really become this huge demographic till the age of online multiplayer came about. Before that there was Doom and a few titles here and there, but we still had as many people interested in wholesome titles like Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, Sonic, Crash, and many other such titles.
DigitalRaptor  +   858d ago
I miss the days when platformers were more popular than shooters.

But in all honesty, I wouldn't be without shooters, as some of the best games I've played belong to that genre.
sprinterboy  +   858d ago
Unfortunately gamers tend to buy what there friends buy like cod, games like heavy rain, beyond 2 souls don't sell as well as they should although they do make a profit, don't get me wrong I always give in to cod cause my nephew loves it and he lives in a different city so I buy it to keep in touch and see/hear him grow up as I see him twice a yr
Game0N  +   858d ago
Why do people hate David Cage?

DigitalRaptor  +   858d ago
They say he's pretentious, they say he's not really a gamer, they say he's an amateur writer. And whilst many of these things may be true to any extent, it shouldn't even matter.

He's got vision, he knows where he's leading his studio, and he's shaping original games and experiences that we should be thankful for.
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admiralvic  +   858d ago
Going off what DigitalRaptor said, he certainly comes off as pretentious in my opinion. Like going off what he said...

“It’s a very interesting situation right now. I think with the games we make, we’re in a more interesting position. We get these preconceptions certainly from hardcore gamers who say, ‘Oh it’s not a videogame. It’s interactive cinema and we’re not interested in games where you don’t shoot."

I've heard people say QD makes interactive movies.
I've heard people call his games nothing more than a QTE.
But I have NEVER ONCE heard anyone state what they view to be a proper game. You can easily read this statement as him looking down on the people who not only dislike his games, but people who rather play shooters than his games.

“But at the other end of the spectrum we see people who are like, ‘We see what you’re doing, delivering emotion, but videogames are still all about violence and shooting.’ So what I think we’re doing is trying to say to both ends, ‘Wait a second. Look at what we’re doing and then make your judgement.’ But we like to say to hardcore gamers, ‘Yes there are some great games out there whether it’s GTA, Call of Duty and all of those things, but look, this is something a little bit different.’ It’s not about shooting. It’s different but give it a try. For the sake of society have a look, because all games are not about violence. They are about very different things."

You can look at this two very different ways.

The first one is how contradictory he sounds. Why do I say that? Well their last game, Heavy Rain, was about finding a serial killer. The whole game was about violence, even if you don't exactly do / see a lot about it. Going off the demo for Beyond Two Souls... you see a lot of violence or at least force towards this girl. A lot of people want you captured dead or alive (several people shooting at you), you directly kill several people, so it's not like his games are exactly morally righteous either.

The other way is that he yet again attacks the shooter community. They don't like his games, okay... shut up about it. Disliking these games don't instantly mean you're a shooter fan or that you love violence. Just means they don't speak to you.

"With Beyond it’s about opening that door and to show people that all games are not the same, they are not all about shooting.”

Again he attacks the shooting community, which only recently became super popular. More people are going to remember wholesome titles like Pacman, Mario, Sonic than his games and I don't think Beyond Two Souls or Heavy Rain prove that there is more to gaming that just that. However, I would say games like Metal Gear Solid do just that. You don't need to kill anyone, the narrative is confusing, but still very interesting and has actual gameplay instead of interactive choices.

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