New Project Origin gameplay

TVGB: "Having just recently played through the original FEAR on the PC again, Monolith's latest trailers for Project Origin couldn't have come at a more teasing time. Showing everything the original had, only bigger and better, these new shots of gameplay wet my appetite right to the point where I wish it was Q4 2008 already."

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kingOVsticks3893d ago

i actually like FEAR its wasn't scary but it made me jump and had those creepy moments(the little girl).Horror games are making a comeback this year condmeed 2,alone in the dark,silent hill 5, and siren PS3. Everything seems to be making a comeback,fighting games,PS3,racing games . The rpg's im not so sure maybe next year ;) f13

wangdiddy823893d ago

my first experience was awesome on the ps3 so illl be picking it up.. The first game was kinda blend but it was still a blast blasting through all the bad guys.. Kinda creepy too.. anyway this one looks a lot better too.. Better enviroments