Killer Instinct for Xbox One: "faster than almost any fighter out there", "almost like a real fight"

Killer Instinct for Xbox One is defined by speed, design director David Verfaillie has told OXM - but not to the extent that victory defaults to the combatant with the fastest thumbs. Double Helix and Rare have apparently created a "tournament viable" fighter that's as much about strategy and observation as pulling off six quarter-roll specials a second.

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Tooly1726d ago

I can see the spamming is goin to be outrages on k.I

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IMO the made the fighting in this game too fast. It was fine where it was a few months ago, I never really liked "hyper/turbo speed fighting" games.

_QQ_1725d ago

70% of most real fights end up on the ground....

Neixus1725d ago

Most fights I've seen irl are people only grabbing their sweaters while punching. Also some one-hit KO's to the face.

Hope this isn't the case.

Captain Qwark 91725d ago

but the ones that dont..... jon jones and those are the fights to see!

2cents1725d ago

"almost like a real fight"

Hmmm, I've never had a real fight with a werewolf or an iceman, and I'd like to keep it that way :)

stubbed_out1725d ago

Haha was about to say the same thing.

Me in a fight...windmilling my arms for about 5 secs then becoming wheezy, slowing down to a crawl then eventually being sick. Guess that would make quite an interesting fighting game. In fact...anyone up for helping me kick start a new game...AFC - Average Fighting Championship?

2cents1725d ago

that hilarious!

AFC... dont forget your inhaler!

Skate-AK1725d ago

That's funny. We have an AFC. Alaska Fighting Chapmionship.

SilentNegotiator1725d ago (Edited 1725d ago )

"almost like a real fight" AND "Faster than almost any fighter out there"? They're getting their PR BS mixed up. How could be that fast and like a real fight?

4Sh0w1725d ago (Edited 1725d ago )

Read the whole thing in context. Its PR but you're taking it way too seriously. Anyways the games looks really polished I just want yo see some more fighters added.

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The story is too old to be commented.