Volition boss wants Battlefield studio DICE to resurrect Red Faction

After Red Faction Armageddon's disappointing sales figures in 2011, THQ quietly put the series to bed, not long before the publisher itself came to a messy and highly-publicised end. Nordic Games promptly snapped up the rights to the franchise, commenting that it had a "good concept" to work with, and is already discussing possibilities with as-yet unnamed developers.

According to Volition's senior producer Jim Boone, however, there's only one outfit qualified to carry on his studio's legacy - DICE, developer of the deformation-happy Battlefield series and the much-touted Frostbite engine.

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Majin-vegeta1635d ago

Oh this could be good.I still play 1& 2 on my Ps2.

PoSTedUP1635d ago

capture the flag splitscreen with bots. me and my cuz still go back and play it (not in like two years tho). its in our top 6 games, for sure. so much fun!

snipab8t1635d ago

Red Faction Guerrilla was one of my favorite games of this generation.

jmc88881635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

Best multiplayer eva.

"Prepare for the siege"

If you don't remember those four words from the start of the match....well you missed out. BIG TIME.

Hellsvacancy1635d ago

A fps Red Faction game by Dice? im in, I loved the early Red Faction games, more the original, played the hell out of multiplayer

NoLongerHereCBA1635d ago

Me too, I loved the multiplayer of the FPS games. Shooting at the roof above you, so an enemy player would fall through and then own him. Great stuff with lan parties:)

WeAreLegion1635d ago

That would be awesome, but they're sorta busy...

titletownrelo1635d ago

I know right. Battlefield 4, Star Wars: Battlefront, and Mirrors Edge! DICE are really bringing in the $$$

MuhammadJA1635d ago

Oh nononono, resurrect it as a TPS or GTFO!

Hufandpuf1635d ago

It started as an FPS shooter.

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