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GameStop looking to hire 17,000 employees for PS4 and Xbox One launch

If you are looking for some part-time work over the next few months, you should stop by your local GameStop. The company confirmed with us today that it plans to hire approximately 17,000 employees nationwide as the company prepares for the upcoming PlayStation 4 and Xbox One console launches, and the busy holiday shopping season. (GameStop, PS4, Xbox One)

devwan  +   521d ago
17,000 temps, lots of shiny new consoles... why does that sound like a recipe for disaster?
shivvy24  +   521d ago
yeah 3 months later they all get fired
savaroth  +   521d ago
but some of them will have "acquired" a nice console as a "bonus"
MethCupcakes  +   521d ago
@Savaroth I don't know if that's cool where you live but else where.. thats called stealing and you will end up in jail and you won't be able to get another job because that will be on your file and no one wants to hire a thief.
DragonKnight  +   521d ago
@MethCupcakes: Your name is ironic given your comment but, it's also a naive comment. Such thefts occur all the time, especially in warehouses, and the thieves go uncaught for a long time until they make a mistake. You take the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, and 1 or 2 missing consoles wouldn't be surprising and could easily go unsolved.
MWong  +   521d ago
Probably wont be just for the launch and will be seasonal employees as the holiday launch wll be crazy. Also I think both consoles will probably have a midnight launch.
savaroth  +   521d ago
@methcupcakes: ofcourse it is stupid to steal from your employer. That doesn't mean some will still be tempted.
DragonKnight  +   521d ago
Summons75  +   521d ago
Yupp, it's worse than your worst nightmares. Not to mention this will be extremely temporary or through the rest of the holiday season but realistically both MS and Sony have already claimed that their will be shortages in shipment so hiring 17,000 people is more or less a waste.
Ashunderfire86  +   521d ago
Sony said that shipments for the PS4 is now at all time high. They already have a million preorders, and going to have enough on shelves for the holidays for a lot of people. Sony said they will also save some PS4s for holiday events like black friday and etc.
Goro  +   521d ago
Why not?
DragonKnight  +   521d ago
Type in Gamestop Horror Stories into google. You will find testimonies from customers as well as employees about what it's like buying from, and working at, Gamestop. Customers will cite pushy staff, staff will cite "we're told to be that way."
us_army  +   521d ago
People need to realize its the same across the board for retail. You work retail at any location, and it is not fun. Trust me, dont work for wal-mart, best-buy ect. Terrrrrrible
DragonKnight  +   521d ago
@us_army: When I go to Wal-Mart, I don't get pushed to get anything, same with Best Buy, or pretty much anywhere I go. Go into Gamestop, it's different. Plus, in Gamestop the only accomplishments that are noticed are for those who were the pushiest, customer satisfaction is irrelevant. I'm not saying that that doesn't exist anywhere else, I'm saying that this is about Gamestop and those 17,000 people would be better off working anywhere else.
Douchebag696  +   521d ago
Horrible, horrible company. No thanks. I'll get my stuff delivered to my house from Amazon thank you very much.
Edvin1984  +   521d ago

Its a temp gig to make a few bucks and be surrounded by games. I have no interest in such a job, as my time is worth a whole lot more than what I would earn. But for a high school kid trying to earn a few dollars towards his/her PS4/X1 isn't such a bad deal.
DragonKnight  +   521d ago
That's what summer jobs are for, and being "surrounded by games" isn't as great as you think when you're working for Gamestop.
WeAreLegion  +   521d ago
I was a GameStop employee for three and a half years. Do NOT work for GameStop!
MrMURDERFACE  +   521d ago
I was a holiday hire years ago and now I'm a store manager loving my job. Free consoles are a nice bonus.
Shadonic  +   521d ago
Honestly at this point i just need someone to hire me even if its temp at least ill get some experience.
Agent1  +   520d ago
You kidding? I want my console and go play it ASAP. Not be stuck at GameStop. Lol

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