Xbox: 'Indie games can sell systems'

Xbox One’s [email protected] scheme will see a new wave of indie projects coming to Microsoft’s console in 2014, and head of the program Chris Charla feels these games can absolutely sell systems. Minecraft is his case and point.

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GamerXD1663d ago

Who said it won't? Of course it will.

Lalanana1663d ago

I agree. Why wouldn't it be able to? Everyone have their game of choice. Whether it is indies or aa exclusives.

shivvy241663d ago

yeah there are some great indie games out there , just played brother it was amazing ! i dont know if its just me but i prefer playing these small titles on the vita

2cents1663d ago


Games are games. If we want to play them we will purchase the platform that they exist on.

Insomnia_841663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

MS now playing the good guys after screwing up gamers and indies? They keep copying every word and every move Sony does.

You just want sells Microsoft GTFO!!

schubacca1663d ago

So you mean to tell me that redemption is impossible in your universe?

Copying Sony? Really? So if they adopt a solid policy it is copying....

And if they keep the Kinect 2.0 it is lack of consumer choice....

Insomnia_841663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )


So you mean that MS is doing all these changes by heart and good will?

NO! They're not doing this because they want to, it was never their focus, nothing of the "good" things they are trying to do now was in their initial plans, they didn't even consider it, that's why there won't be any Indie games in XBone until 2014. All the changes they are doing with their policies are because they HAVE TO! Otherwise the XBone will be DOA and they cannot afford that to happen, not with shareholders wanting to get rid of the Xbox division.

That's my point.

CrossingEden1662d ago

So Sony announced last week that you're able to use multiple accounts at the same time whole signed into ps4, obviously they are copying microsoft gais.

Insomnia_841662d ago


I am able to use multiple accounts with LBP and Warhawk and Starhawk and other games in PS3.

What's your point?

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RenegadeRocks1663d ago

Funny thing is its MS asying this after giving a cold shoulder to indies. It is just copying whatever SOny does.

BallsEye1663d ago

All my indie needs will be fulfilled by one free game - Project Spark! With unlimited world and posibilities you can create an rpg with bigger world than skyrim! Can't wait!

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Majin-vegeta1663d ago

Well according to certain xbone fanboys this isnt true.Its only exclusives that sell systems and not indies *rolls eyes*.

Hell Journey an Indie is one of the best indies i've had played.

Bigpappy1663d ago

That's pure garbage you speak. It is the PS fanboys that act as though exclusives are the only reason for buying a console, and saying because Sony makes more that is the reason to buy the PS brand. You people switch your tune so much, it is hard to stay with the beat.

As far as indies go, it is their presents that give some gamers the assurance that they can find something to play when things are slow. But I don't know of anyone who every bought their console to play indie games. Most of the work just fine on cell phones tablets and PC's.

BigShotSmoov0071663d ago

I agree with you bigpappy on both fronts. Playstation fans switch there stance so much you just can't keep track of what they like and what they don't. They are quick to point out that a game isn't a exclusive to MS because it's coming out on the PC and are quick to say they'll buy it on the PC but alot of the indie games that they love so much that they call exclusive Playstation titles are out now on the PC. So now that point that they always bring up against MS doesn't matter. It's just out of control how they flip flop.

Also, I won't buy any console for Indie games but I do realize that indie games will be a gateway to whats to come because some of the indie developers will one day have their own or be apart of a big time gaming company so we have to support them as gamers and buy their games. Make sure they make their money so they can thrive and gives us more, bigger and better games. But to buy a system at launch for indie games just isn't for me, I want games thats going to show off why I bought that system at launch to begin with and the X1 exclusives at launch appeal to me more than what Sony is giving me at launch.

CynicalKelly1663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

Exactly. Achievements were pointless until trophies arrived, private chat wasn't needed until now and Indie games didn't even exist until November 2013...

On a similar note. It seems Titanfall is only impressive if the person talking about it thinks it's coming to PS4... Really validates your opinion when you change it depending on your circumstances...Constantly.



I 1000000% agree with you in that statement. Ps3 fanboys where bragging and laughing about ps3 having the most exclusive big budget titles and MS having a bunch of indies. Now the the tides have switched (at least for the launch window), ps fanboys are switching their view on whats important.

Myself included, I have NEVER met a person who bought a console because of the indie games that it offers, that is just not realistic in my opinion.

I like indies (sometimes) but they will never be my main focus for buying a next gen console.

monkey6021663d ago

These kinds of comments are always seen and they make no sense. Oh you collective group of people who like the same base item are always changing this and that. We arent some legion interlinked idiots. Each of us has our own reasons for some it may be exclusives for some it may be something entirely different. If you read that some other sony fan never cared for private chat doesnt mean i changed my tone when i say im glad to have it.
I will tell you that i really do feel that microsoft have dropped the ball. They are playing catch up and a lot of us so called sony fanboys were at one stage or currently still are xbox owners. I just know that when i see the warning lights and get given the metaphorical finger by a company that ive given plenty of loyalty and hard earned money, that i will not stand behind them and support them again.

Xsilver1662d ago (Edited 1662d ago )

@bigpappy u might wanna read the comment section when yoshida said this you can see some xbox gamers putting down indies. so don't give me that.

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schubacca1663d ago

I wish X360 or the X1 had Journey.... It is all good.

monkey6021662d ago

Also I would like to shout out to cynicakelly that the same was also said for built in wifi, blu ray and hdmi ;)

CynicalKelly1662d ago

And they were idiots to do so. Fanboys are close minded and anti progression. Preferring to protect their pride and ego from imagined attacks rather than speak out about awesome features a competitor has that they want.

These people are idiots. No matter what company you follow.

CocoWolfie1663d ago

if you really want to go indie i suggest bundling them with systems, itll be nice to see what indies they have on there :)

xJumpManx1663d ago

I would never buy a console for an indie game. I prefer full fledged games not the cheaper indie titles.

sigfredod1663d ago

Of course they sell systems, otherwise when most the indies flock to the PS4 side, MS finally change his despotic policies for indies to bring back as much as possible, even if the most hardcore xbone fans just keep criticizing the PS4 line up for having all those indie titles, MS as a company did understand the value fo the indies