Microsoft not interested in Take-Two "Especially at their prices"

CVG says: Microsoft Game Studios corporate VP Shane Kim has said that the platform holder wouldn't follow EA's lead, and make an offer for GTA publisher Take-Two.

Kim said Microsoft is unlikely to take on EA's seemingly unsuccessful $2 billion bid for Take-Two, because MS 'doesn't have any past relationship' with the publisher - and the price isn't too pretty either.

The Xbox man also said that MS wouldn't have taken on EA's $860m purchase of BioWare/Pandemic, for the same reasons as above.

"We have a tremendous amount of respect for our friends at BioWare and truly enjoyed our publishing relationship with that studio," Kim told Game Daily. "However, we didn't have any relationship or past experience working with Pandemic or Take-Two, so that is a major hurdle for us to overcome, especially at their prices.

"Without discussing the relative merits of each of those situations, I'll just say that we're not motivated by the actions of others and instead try to focus on the best places for us to invest our financial and human capital," he continued. "There's an awful lot you can do with $3 billion!"

EA's $2 Billion offer to Take-Two's shareholders expires today, seemingly leaving them with the option of upping their price, or leaving the GTA house for someone else to buy.

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Hagaf223892d ago

why not? you already paid 40 million for one games dlc, why not just control it all?

ukilnme3892d ago

I thought it was $50 million. Who knows and who cares? It's not my money.

FordGTGuy3892d ago

How much 2 billion is compared to 40 million?


There are 50 40,000,000s in 2,000,000,000..............

Mu5afir3892d ago

100million, 50million was the advance.

dan-boy3892d ago

away from ea could be bad. what would stop ea turning nasty, and witholding some of their franchises? i know ea are greedy bastards that produce sub-standard trash, but that trash sells lots. the dreamcast did'nt survive without ea's support. i know thy were up against the ps2 cooming on the back of the ps1. but they would've faired a whole lot better with ea supporting them!

still, take-two would be a great aquisition for microsoft. all the 2k sports games, not to mention a certain developer whose studio in scotland developes some pretty spectacular, and money spinning games? having those exclusive to any console is without doubt gonna repay the expenditure within a decade!

would sony have the capital to go into a bidding war with microsoft? i don't think they would have the cash resouces m$ has. but i think the underlying thing with this is no platform holder would want to alienate ea that much!!

lodossrage3892d ago

If microsoft or sony make a grab for take two KNOWING EA is fighting for it, it would be bad for either of the two giants. EA may be mediocre. But their mediocre crap sells like crazy. So to outbid them would be crossing them and making them an enemy. And no matter how big nintendo, sony, or microsoft are, NONE of them want to be on EA's bad side since EA is the biggest third party game publisher.

Which is probably why microsoft and sony aren't making bids for take two.

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Real gamer 4 life3892d ago

SOny can swoop in and make them one of their many fist party studio.

ukilnme3892d ago

Yes, they could lock up all future installments of GTA if they did. I wonder if MS is playing this off for now to see how it goes.

SuicidalTendencies3892d ago

I really doubt Sony is going to get into a bidding war with EA. EA only has games to put money into, Sony and MS have other products besides games to invest their money. I will agree with one thing though. If Sony did make a bid then you can guarantee that MS will suddenly change their minds.

sonarus3892d ago

sony isn't interested in take two, they are interested in rockstar. From what i understand rockstar may be leaving take two soon as their contract with take two is about to expire

green3892d ago

The bid for Take Two involves Rockstar as well.The only time Rockstar can leave Take Two is if Take Two remains independent or if whoever buys take two agrees for Rockstar to leave but that will be pure stupidity.

I agree with microsoft for now.$3,0000,000,000 is alot of money.You can split 400 0000 0000 between 10 of the best devs in order for them to make exclusive killer titles for you and then lock down the IP's.MGS studios publishers the game and from then on you can build strong alliance with them.It worked for Micro and Epic i am sure it can work for others.

sonarus3892d ago

Yea i get what you mean but from what i heard rockstar's contract with take two expires soon. So they can either renew the contract or leave. However i think take two still owns the GTA ip.

3bill is definitely a lot of money and considering majority of take two games don't sell too well it really isn't that much of a worthwhile investment. Given a decent sized budget and enough dev time, a studio could easily out do GTA4

SUP3R3892d ago

I would rather see Rockstar become their own publisher if they were to split from T2.

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Iamback3892d ago

Neither Sony or MS are interested in giving 2 billion dollars for take two. I think people dont realise how much money that is. For example Sony bought Motorstorm developer and Extreme Justice (PSP) developer for less that 50 million dollars.
Then why is EA giving that much? First and most imporntat they develope for ALL platforms, while Sony and MS only for their own, so actually it is worth to them to have Take Two. Second they want Sport division of Take2 more than GTA IP because then they would be controlling basically sport genre HUGE thing for them. And than there is GTA IP. And GTA 5 comes to ds, psp, ps2..... like EA wants it.

SickNick853892d ago

Only with GTA4 they recover 600 million dollars at least

MAfia 2,La Noir,GTA Vice city 2, 2k sport series,Bioshock 2,Max Payne 3 and so on can recover the rest.

if sony buy T2 they win the console war

BrianC62343892d ago

Hopefully nobody will buy Take Two. They're fine the way they are. If EA gets them and has all the sports franchises that sure won't be good for gamers.

HarryEtTubMan3892d ago

Sony wouldn't want Take Two as a whole but I could see tyhem buying Rockstar or Insomniac... though they both are extremely pricey, well-accomplished studios so who knows. They already own about 20 developers but rumors have been they are looking to buy a few more first party studios.

Iamback3892d ago

"but rumors have been they are looking to buy a few more first party studios."- lol
"to buy a few more first party studios."- lol again

RealTimeWeaponChange3892d ago

Hairyassholeman. nice old account.

donscrillinger3892d ago

really good news if you ask me ..they should pay way more ..start at about 10bill that point think about it ...this company iz priceless....

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