EA extends offer for Take-Two common stock

EA today announced that it has extended its tender offer for all of the currently outstanding shares of common stock of Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. The previous deadline was was set to expire at 11:59 p.m., EDT, on April 18, 2008, but has been extended until 11:59 p.m., EDT on May 16, 2008.

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TriggerHappy3893d ago

Good. GTAIV will be launched by then, so I expect their stock prices to rise up making harder for EA to acquire them.

MrPink3893d ago

stock price is already 25,97 dollars. wasn't the offer at 26? what is EA thinking?

lodossrage3893d ago

I think they are trying to scare Take Two's shareholders

I know some may disagree on me with this one. But hear me out for a second.

It's all over the net that the shareholders rejected EA's offer. Hence the new extention

We all know of EA wanting to purchase Take Two for $26 per share before gta 4 comes out. That part we all know. And we also know the stock price will go up for take two because of the PHENOM that is gta 4. And since it is on TWO consoles, it will DWARF halo 3's numbers.

However, by lowering the offered price to $25.74, it gives the shareholders the impression that take two has nothing much left in the tank after gta 4. EA is trying to give the shareholders the impression that gta 4 doesn't even matter. And unfortunately, a lot of shareholders and investors are NOT game savvy. So in theory, the scare tactic can work.

I think Take Two needs the next midnight club game and maybe one more franchise (maybe the ps3 exclusive L.A. Noire) to be met with great success if they are to survive. But of course, by the time those come out, Take Two might already have been purchased.

Lord_Ash3893d ago

Good point of view, that might be what EA is exactly trying to achieve.

lodossrage3892d ago

To be honest, maybe not much at all lol.

But who knows, since this is also about the take two sports. Not just gta.

@2.2- I pray I'm wrong though

jkhan3893d ago

I don't get it, What part of "NO" they don't understand. Take2 said no now get lost EA. They are going ruin GTA franchise. :(

cloud 2793893d ago

Isn't R* the one who owns the rights to GTA and not T2? I know T2 owns the publishing rights and not the official rights?


In theory, yes.

But EA don't give GTA a crap... By buying T2 they'll take monopolize sports games, Battlefield over COD and get in touch to Blizzard.

For sure, if they can take GTA, they would. But really, R* isn't owned by T2, nor its games... It's different from 2K.

All that focus on GTA is due to the fact that this game in particular (rocket) propel T2 papers that EA wants to buy.

JohnnyMann4203893d ago (Edited 3893d ago )

Now EA just looks desperate.

It's not like anyone will make a move before the launch of GTA IV anyways.

EA.... you went from Hostile Takeover to sounding like an ex girlfriend

"Call me.....please"


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