Watch_Dogs’ NPC Movements Were Inspired by Pac-Man’s Ghosts

Ubisoft’s Watch_Dogs seems to have found sources of inspiration in the strangest places, and the movement patterns of NPCs are inspired by those of a game you probably wouldn’t have guessed.

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hankmoody1728d ago

I love me some Pac Man Championship Edition DX +!

Wni01728d ago

loads of games were inspired by pacman. Call of Cthulhu, Condemned 2 Bloodshot, the bear level, Amnesia, Outlast etc etc

KonsoruMasuta1728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

Off topic: What?! The writer of that article says he hates Pacman! How can you hate such a classic? Even though I was never able to get pass the first 4 levels (and still can't) it was fun.

On topic: That's a interesting piece of information. Didn't think any game this day and age would be inspired by Pacman.

Abriael1728d ago

Just not a fan of repeatitive games, and pacman was *very* repeatitive :D