230° undergoing "emergency maintenance work"

As most, if not all of you probably know, Konami's ID site has been crashing and refusing to load since the Metal Gear Online Beta was released worldwide. The site is now undergoing emergency maintenance work today to correct the problem.

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jones smokey3811d ago

its about time i hear from them, i have been trying to get the code since i woke up this morning, all i am seeing is page expired!!!! get it fixed quick so i can play mgs4 online, i know it is just a beta test but i still wanna play it =(

kingOVsticks3811d ago

i will be reeeeeealy pissed off if they don't fix this soon and what are they going to do when the game comes out on june 12th? I hope they fix it so you can just use your psn id and the konami id is optional.

belal3811d ago

be working on it !

or else they will be meeting my fists !!!!!!

im så darn angry!

firs they let me update a patch and that takes like 1 houre and 45 mins!

and now i cant even register

ar3811d ago

"im så darn angry!"
Calm ner a bit. ;)

Bladestar3811d ago (Edited 3811d ago )

I find it funny... the picture you are using... showing xbox 360 unreliability... what would you call this? it seems Konami is having a hard time keeping up... I wonder why they didn't use PSN... I think Sony's policy of letting developer use wherever means they want to make PS3 games is a double edge sword... if Sony would require the use of their already established and more robust network than any single developer can provide... this problem would be more manageable. I know Sony does not have a single unified network for Online play.. but if I am not mistaken they do have it for logins... so, why is Komami doing their own thing on this?

By the way, I don't think is Sony's fault when it comes to the technical stuff... I just think this is the result of a "do wherever the hell you want environment... some developers as proven by this situation arent ready for this kind of stuff... compare to other companies that already have stuff like this in place like EA, Epic and others...

NeonSkull3811d ago

this is why they run a beta, so they can iron out or fix issues such as theses.

poopsack3811d ago

Are you sad because an unfinished beta can be compared to a final release... of a console?

Fishy Fingers3811d ago (Edited 3811d ago )

Honestly I have no idea why they went this route. Surely even though Konami come up with the means, Sony must still approve it.

I can only assume this is something to do with the beta, I doubt that they will stick with this for the actual release. At least I hope not.

But realistically, its not that big of a deal, the problem has just been the amount of traffic trying to access the ID site. It actually walks you through each step in-game and even links you to the sign up site straight from the PS browser.

Still, I agree it would of been much easier to just let us use our PSN ID's.

Anyway, just go buy one bro ;)

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Mc Fadge3811d ago

I've managed to get not 1, but 3 Konami IDs completed and confirmed. I guess they didn't see so much demand for the beta? Not a very good excuse, but at least they're fixing it. Wish they gave us something to do in the mean time, create characters etc. but oh well! ^____^

21st shall definitely be a wonderful birthday. New 40" TV, and a MGO beta, I can hardly wait :'D

meepmoopmeep3811d ago (Edited 3811d ago )

oooh, lucky you, those are great birthday gifts man! My birthday saw GT5:p NA release and supposed MGO Beta download date.

anyway, i'm lucky i registered for the Konami ID the day the PS Blog was up, so there wasn't as much traffic. whew!

now my only problem is that i forgot my Gamer ID password (the numbers only one). Too many gosh darn ID's to keep in my head! damn you Konami! gRRRRR!

Mc Fadge3811d ago

It isn't that important after all, 1234 would do :P

Bathyj3811d ago

1, 2, 3, 4.

Thats amazing, I have the same combination on my luggage.

DexTh053811d ago

I just went to the site and it seems to loading just the first two pages and then crashing, so i guess they are making some progress. I cant wait to start playing this game.

Fishy Fingers3811d ago

Well we've all got until the 21st so there is plenty of time for them to rectify the situation and allow us to get our ID's in time.

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The story is too old to be commented.