Dead Rising 3 will have dynamic zombies, environments, and no loading screens

Dead Rising 3 producer has shared news regarding the technology behind the game and why it's a big improvement over 2 and 3.

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2cents1092d ago

Good, Good & Good!

Not long now. hehehe.

Ohlmay1092d ago

This game is sounding incredible, it makes me want to go pre-order an Xbox One, but a last, I'll wait for Halo 5 and pick up Dead Rising 3 with it and most likely Quantum Break, Sunset Overdrive and Fable Legends, there's a lot of great exclusives coming to Xbox One, they just need a Kinect-less SKU for me to purchase one.

PixelNinja1092d ago

No loading screens is a true next generation feature in my eyes.

JimmyLmao1092d ago

meanwhile some PS2 games had no loading screens, such as Jak & Daxter =P

Majin-vegeta1092d ago

Wasn't there a Tony Hawk game also?

PFFT1092d ago

BUT im sure the scope and enemies on-screen cant even being to compare with Dead Rising 3. So go away trolls!

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JimmyLmao1091d ago


it was back in the day, 2 generations of console ago

malokevi1091d ago

Yeah, and some great NES games had no loading screens, because thats TOTALLY relevant.

*murders worthless PSfanboy zombies en mass*

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Einhert1092d ago

It is a feature that has only been on PC for the last 5 years....

these consoles are not even using SSDs, they are technologically obsolete before they even release.

Feralkitsune1092d ago (Edited 1092d ago )

Hi, major PC gamer here. Most of our games still have load screens. It has less to do with speed of reading Data and more with engine limitations. Fucking games from the PS2 lacked loading screens. There are games from the current consoles that lack loading screens.

Stop making us look bad.

Saints941092d ago

Stuff like this makes me not want to say that I play on PC and consoles.

bumnut1091d ago

Im a big PC gamer and can't think of any PC game with no loading screens.

BLAKHOODe1092d ago

Much like the original Dead Rising was the first Xbox 360 game I bought, Dead Rising 3 will be the first Xbox One game I buy. Can't wait!

CrimsonStar1091d ago

lol me to . I'm a sucker for zombie games .

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The story is too old to be commented.