SCEE confirms May 6 press event

A SCEE rep has just confirmed to videogaming247 that a previously rumoured press-only event for May 6 is true.

No further details have been offered as yet, but it's thought that SCEE will use the day to confirm details of the European launch of Home. More soon.

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Wildarmsjecht3890d ago

Hmm..well, I enjoy press events from all companies. Gives us gamers alittle insight into what's gonna be happening in the near future. Personally? Im hoping for a European release date for Home. If Europe gets it before US, then awesome. They get shafted enough as is. If they get same time, I'll be chatting it up with a few of you. If afterwards..well..I'll invite you into my room? Ya..that suonds nice doesn't it.

Mr_Bun3890d ago

I agree, they seem to have to pay more than us for everything as well...even though I would rather have home first

sonarus3890d ago

lol screw EU they better not get it before me. Thats BS. Home should launch simultaneously worldwide like every other ps update.

I am more interested to see news on games like infamous, getaway and that crazy bbc game that may or may not have been heavy rain

heyheyhey3890d ago

not long to go then eh?

i think it should be quite good

Sony has a lot to talk about right now, A LOT- people have been asking so many questions about Home, ingame-XMB, custom soundtracks etc etc

Iamback3890d ago

So is this Sony gamers day or not?

XPH3890d ago

It's Sony Gamers Day. See update at:

(How did this article get approved? Its a duplicate!)

Kain813890d ago

and i hope they show some Games like 8 days, Infamous, The Getaway 3,
GoW3, the ico project, the Five PS3 exclusiv Namcobandai/Sony games and many many more

SPARTAAN3890d ago

i dont think they will be announcing any new games most probably we will be getting more information on those titles that have been announced

meepmoopmeep3890d ago

those will probably wait until E3 to be announced or shown. i have no clue what Sony will present at this press event but it has to be relevant, no doubt.

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The story is too old to be commented.