Konami uses BitTorrent on the PS3

The PS3 is being used as a bittorrent client in order to spread Konami's Metal Gear Online Beta update without taxing Konami's own servers. Users are downloading and uploading packets or pieces of the puzzle in order to get the complete package, the MGO Beta update.

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Fishy Fingers3719d ago

Using P2P is a fantasic idea and a testiment to the PSN's open structure.

Personally, I couldnt even get the http link to work so without P2P I wouldn't of even been able to download the patch.

Mainman3719d ago

They should've just used to PSN to upload the patch.

Fishy Fingers3719d ago

I agree, the patch could of been attactched to the beta before it went up on the PSN. Would of made life a little easier.

jazzking20013719d ago

bittorrent is not so bad
only issue is that if you dont have anyone that is uploading then you wont be able to download the file

Tragedy3719d ago

There is always konami BT torrent server running.

ceedubya93719d ago

I could not get the Http download to work AT ALL. So I just tried the other one for the heck of it. Took a while, but at least the job got done. Can't complain about that!

Doctor Who3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

It's doing my head in!:-/
I've been on 3% since 8AM(U.K time)its 2PM now???(the P2P way)
If this is the future of Consoles i'm giving up!:-/
Tried it the other way to and kept getting stuck at 10%???
Really hope other companies don't start doing this.
But then again, is it just my luck??? Er i haven't a clue.
I want the good old days of Ps1 + Ps2 where you don't have to mess about like this:-/
This is going very P.C Windows:-(

Lord_Ash3719d ago

Did you try opening the port (you can see the number in the small menu right before you start the download) from your modem or router, it boosted my speed 4 times when I did it.

Doctor Who3719d ago

I'm not sure i gave up!:D I'll have another go later. Thanks for the info;) I want it soooooooo bad!:P I lost it b4!:D Good luck to everyone else to:)

Lord_Ash3717d ago

Anytime, hope by now you downloaded it already, now all I need is a Konami F#$%^&^ ID and I'm set.

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phctheone3719d ago

downloaded mine in 1h30min..

MrBii3719d ago

The problem with your analysis is that the MGO DL is a beta distribution.

After May 5th who the fk is still using it? So why invest in expensive servers and use it to distribute FREEBIES to gamers, when P2P is probably most efficient way anyway.

Gamers shouldnt complain so much nowadays. Its a FREEBIE service that Konami is providing us. We DL their product so that we can play it free of charge.

We arent obligated to DL it. So if it bothers you that much, dont DL at all and save yourself the headache.

Otherwise its a small price to pay to enjoy one of the best online games this year.

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ar3719d ago

Now if just people (like politicians and ISP:s) could understand that a protocol isn't equal to pirating.

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The story is too old to be commented.