The Future Is 4K and It's the PC Not Next-Gen Leading the Charge

There was a time, back in the late nineties and early noughties, when console graphics were king.

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decrypt1663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

"back in the late nineties and early noughties, when console graphics were king"

Sorry but the only king i remember back in the mid to late 90's was 3DFX. No console could touch the performance of a 3DFX Voodoo chip back in the day. 3DFX Voodoo 2 in SLI was already playing games in 1024*768 60fps on most games (about 720p) back in 1998 lol. Meanwhile consoles started playing games in 720p only with the PS3 Xbox 360 gen in 2006.

DEATHSTROKE-cro-1663d ago

what does it mean to have a 720p game in 1998 if all games had graphics that looked like shit ?!

upscaled shit ? haha

shivvy241663d ago

@decrypt , whats the point having a 3DFX ! the hd tv/monitor back then would have cost like 15000$

n4rc1663d ago

CRT monitors always displayed crazy resolutions.. 1600x1200 etc

decrypt1663d ago


People had monitors back then which were capable of outputting 1600*1200 res.

Hence many people were easily enjoying 1024*768 gaming back then.

Hell by 2000 PC graphics were easily powerful enough to run most games at 1600*1200 which is about 1080p of today. Yet console gamers 14 years later still are hoping to get most of their games in 1080p. Just shows how backward console gaming really is lol.

Yodagamer1663d ago

Actually the original xbox was able to output 720p. Heck my first 720p game was xmen legends 2. I loved that series XD

Baka-akaB1663d ago

The 3dfx voodo 2 came in late . For a short while its was a blood bath between various 3d chips , the early direct 3d and open gl cards , and the playstation among other things had a lead . Except of course over resolutions where pc was always leading anyway .

it was an era where Ati was painfully trying to run Saturn and arcade sega port with much difficulties .

3dfx Slaughtered them , but it took a while .

DEATHSTROKE-cro-1663d ago

a 3000$ PC can render in 4k and a 400$ console can't?

I'm getting my wallet and buying a 4K PC right now -__-

nick3091663d ago

Its well known that pcs do better at graphics and performance vs consoles, but pc lacks good exclusives.

shivvy241663d ago

thats the reason i game on consoles, pc has its exclusives but im not into them like the PS/xbox exclusives ! but i am considering getting a gaming pc for titanfall and the amazing steam sales they always have

Einhert1663d ago

PC has and has had plenty of fantastic exclusives, some have been ported to console like the Witcher series.

I'm not saying your opinion is wrong but in terms of exclusives on PC there is plenty of fantastic games particularly from indie developers (as Sony keenly spotted).

The total War series
Wargame Airland Battle
Sins of a Solar Empire
Rising Storm
Primal Carnage
natural Selection II
Guild Wars 2
Arma Series
Amnesia Series
Stalker Series
Project Cars
Kerbal Space Program
hundreds more titles....

And a myriad of older exclusives and games kept up to date and fresh with mods.

To say none of those are "good" would make me dubious.

Jovanian 1663d ago

Lacks good exclusives, I don't agree with such a sweeping statement.

Not only does it have some of the most unique and varied exclusives, but modding too, imo, is exclusive in its own right. Find me a medieval combat simulator like Mount and Blade Warband on console, find me a musket-line multiplayer mod like Napoleonic wars, find me an open world game with as much immersion and hardcoreness as stalker, find a game like papers please one of the most unique indie games I've played (which isn't playable with a controller, btw, unless you want your family to starve to death). Find me a game like the stanley parable, a mod for HL2, find me a game mode like Zombie Escape on CSS, probably my most favorite zombie game of all time. Both console and PC have exclusives that are good and bad in their own right, no platform has 'the best', although it can be said PC has a very large collection of exclusives that are varied as well, whereas console has exclusives that are from AAA developers where you more or less know what to expect from game to game.

Example: 'Oh, heres game X. Its made by developer Y, so its gonna be similar to their earlier games. Game X sold well so its going to be made into a trilogy. Each game in the trilogy will build on the first.'

These exclusives are indeed good, but I just feel it lacks the variety of PC exclusives, it lacks the suprise factor and the unique factor that you can only get with small cult classic game releases that would have never been attempted by a big time developer.

DoctorJones1663d ago

This is the game I'm most looking forward to now at the end of the year, and you won't find anything like it on consoles, current gen or next. And it's only on pc.

There are loads of other exclusives on pc, many of which are genres not available on console at all.

Don't come here and tell us there are no good exclusives on pc, because that's just a load of crap. You might not be interested in them, but it doesn't mean they aren't good.

Are_The_MaDNess1663d ago

Dota 2 and CS is all you need for Exclusives when it comes to PC.

(and dont say CSGO is on consoles, its NOT the same game)

webeblazing1663d ago

don't try to teach them anything they think only thing pc gamers do is talk about gfx even tho a lot of successful game don't even have the best gfx and let not talk about a the games that console gamers love that use to be exclusive

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decrypt1663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

Dont need a 3000usd PC to run games in 4K. A well designed 800usd PC can easily run games in 4k.

And btw we had great games back in 1998 which looked amazing for their time:

Quake 2, Unreal, Half Life just to mention a few, nothing on console rivaled those games back then.


Pc has more exclusive than any console out there. Check Dota 2 its bloody amazing.

tontontam01663d ago

yeah $800 pc could probably run minecraft at 4k


shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

Why are u making up numbers?

AMD Mantle could destroy consoles.

Being able to upgrade and still have console level optimization will make console look so behind mor ethan they already are.

Seems that is the real future.

2cents1663d ago

Future yes, right now? No.

FrigidDARKNESS1663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

The new AMD Volcanic Island R290 is capable of doing 4k native resolution at 599.00.

The xbox one is capable of doing Native 4k resolution aswel as playing 4k blu ray movies at launch.

JimmyLmao1663d ago

sweet, so are you going to just buy the graphics card for $599 and plug it into you TV? that's all?

FrigidDARKNESS1663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

Well i want that r290 g card because it out performs Nvidias top of the line cards at an affordable price. Developers haven't started making Native 4k games so it will be a year or two before we see them.

Hicken1663d ago

By "native" 4k, you must mean movies. Cuz neither of the consoles is capable of 4k gaming.

Nice links.

Idba1663d ago

Well, i can watch 4k movies on my ps3, so there is that :P

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