A Tombstone Fit for a True Pokemon Master

A man in Sweden was visiting a graveyard when he stumbled upon a very fascinating tomb stone showing a boy playing Pokemon.

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TekoIie945d ago (Edited 945d ago )

So amazing that I dont believe it :')

Wherever that kid is I hope he's having fun :)

EDIT: Did some quick searches and found this:

Summons75945d ago

Yeah. Like the writer said in the article, it's both sad and beautiful.

now that I got that out of the way, is it awful if I wanna see the sculptures face of both the boy and the bulbasaur you posted when they got a pokemon for a request. Awesome parents but definitely out of the ordinary (at least to me). I've seen teddy bears, clowns and other items children would have but never pokemon.

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Majin-vegeta945d ago

When ever i see stuff like this it saddens me to think that some of these kids will never get to experience gaming like some of us have :/.

KonsoruMasuta945d ago

Warms my heart and makes me sad at the same time.

....sniff.... who put this bowl of onions here?.....

SpiralTear945d ago

That's incredibly inspirational. A gamer in life and a gamer in death, with a memorial capturing that.

wingman32x945d ago

It's sad, but amazing nonetheless. The tombstone is beautiful.

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