Legacy of Gaming: Nolan North

GamR Mag opens it's scope up to the vocal side of gaming with a look back at the most prolific voice actors in the gaming industry.

"Deadpool, Nathan Drake, Desmond Miles and The Penguin, what would these characters be if it wasn’t for their incredible personas. Their charm, wit and emotion make them perfect villains and protagonists in the games we love. "

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pr0t0typeknuckles1698d ago

Uncharted and Prince of Persia 2008,i love this guy

skydragoonity1698d ago

I admire professionals, & Nolan North is one

chrissx1698d ago

brought life to nathan drake literally. Rly talented guy

Perjoss1697d ago

I think he is a fantastic voice actor, but a little over used.

Omran1697d ago

I Like this guy . .
i wish naughty dog make another uncharted
so we can hear his voice again as nathan drake

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