PS3 Games to Watch, October to December 2013

The PS4 might be just around the corner but the PS3's not done yet either. As has been the case for each of Sony's home consoles, there are still plenty of great games to play on the PS3 up to and past the launch of the next generation. Check out the key games coming to the PS3 in the next three months.

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elda1302d ago (Edited 1302d ago )

Beyond & R&C:ITN.Don't care too much about those multi plats.

Me-Time1302d ago


Why not simply, "Ratchet and Clank", or ,"ratchet and clank"?


The new Star Trek movie. I'm just saying.

elda1302d ago

Does it REALLY you??

shivvy241302d ago

same here , Ratchet nexus and beyond then im going next gen

elda1302d ago

I hear that,I will go next gen this coming Feb but I'm still holding on to my PS3 still have alot of games to finish playing & to buy well into the next year.

xXxSeTTriPxXx1302d ago

Castlevania los2 was suppose to take me to thr next gen but it got pushed back :(

Thehyph1302d ago


Also, even though I wont play it, Gran Turismo! It's Sony's best selling franchise for a reason.

Me-Time1302d ago

"I'm just saying."

It means that I was being a C-word and I knew it myself. So it doesn't matter "to me" and like I care what you say. It's just annoying that you would abbreviate that whole bleeping namne. Go ahead and abbreviate every other name. I say X1, instead of Xbone. Is it stupid to me which one I choose? No. Should it bother you? Sure, it can. But if it does, you're a c-word, just like I referred to myself as for giving a crap what you said. It annoys me, I pointed it out, and yet you say, "does it really matter to you?"

You're a fool, I'm a fool, we're all fools! And you get a bubble and you get a bubble and you get bubble... you all get bubbles! wooooo!

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nick3091302d ago

I want beyond, r&c and in 2014 i really need the new exclusive blazblue.

Relientk771302d ago

Ratchet and Clank, and FFX/FF-2 HD

Gabrielgt1302d ago