At Generation's End: "I Wish I Hadn't Bought That"

PSXE: Am I the only one with a Wii collecting dust instead of games? Or maybe you wish you hadn't replaced your Xbox 360 that fifth time. I admit I almost got caught up in the motion gimmick wave with the PS Move, but the killer apps never came and I managed to avoid being hornswaggled. Did you drop a bundle on a Move bundle that got a few hours of play? Have you got a cache of plastic guitars somewhere? Did you upgrade to a 3D TV only to find the glasses give you a titanic headache?

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Donnieboi1729d ago

I wish i never bought Resident Evil 6 day one. Trash game.

Donnieboi1728d ago

Pre-ordered it and it arrived at my home 2 days before the reviews came in. I bought it for the co-op, but even that sucked.

snipab8t1728d ago

Ahh I see, that is too bad. Also why I never pre-order unless I am dead certain I will love the game.

Donnieboi1727d ago

Good point. I'll never pre-order any overhyped games either anymore.

snipab8t1729d ago

I definitely regret buying HALO: ODST that game was so disappointing. I finished it in like 4 hours then never touched it again.