Will GTA 5 be a PS4 exclusive on next generation consoles? - If you take a look at leaked source code, there is one glaring omission. People noticed that Xbox One was missing, but did anyone draw a conclusion from that? It's a real possibility that GTA 5 on the next generation consoles will be a PlayStation 4 exclusive. It's not as far fetched as it might sound if you look at the factors.

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-Foxtrot1632d ago

I'd rather see Rockstar hold up there side of the deal and do AGENT.

It's only fair since Sony did pay for L.A Noires development, if they've given Sony the cash back fair enough but if they havent then they owe then something and by something I don't mean selling an old release on next gen systems

Xsilver1632d ago

true still waiting for agent.

Agent11631d ago

Are you guys waiting for me? lol J/K

GameGuy1631d ago

I'm waiting for Dark Sniper.

TheXgamerLive1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

PS4 exclusive? No idiots, it would never be ANY console exclusive. Use common sence.
WTH wrote this....ah never mind.

Lykon1631d ago

yes! An open world rockstar game set in the 70's would be very cool.

alexkoepp1631d ago

too similar to modern games, you really need big time change, maybe Grand Theft Dino...

MWong1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

@ Lykon

GTA Vice City began in the70's lol until you spent 15 yrs in jail.

I would love to see Agent FINALLY come out especially since we've been waiting so long for even another glimpse.

But, I wouldn't mind seeing GTA5 on the PS4. Since RockStar sold so many games on the current gen consoles they could possibly make it a next gen exclusive.

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BitbyDeath1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

Not to mention that RockStar are making exclusive content for PS4 which could well be GTAV and not Agent... or both.

PoSTedUP1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

hmm.... i dont see why it would be. unless RS made this decision... if sony should throw Any money down on GTA, it should be on the vita to help it imo. the ps4 would do fine without gtaV, all tho that Would be super dope. but i can already play gtaV, id rather see a Los Santos Stories on the vita.

[email protected]: sony throwing money down on exclusive* gta vita game*. sorry didnt make that clear.

BitbyDeath1632d ago

All PS4 games will work on the Vita.

LOGICWINS1632d ago

Thats not the point. If the game is already on the PS4, then theres little incentive to buy a Vita to play the game. The point is that an EXCLUSIVE GTA title would sell some Vitas. Also, not everyone who has a Vita is interested in buying a PS4 at this point. Even for people who do have both, remote play requires good connections on BOTH sides..something thats not always feasible depending on your location.

Sam Fisher1632d ago

At logic, i think he meant remote play }:P

chinlu1632d ago

That's not what he was talking about. At all.

Cam9771631d ago

I haven't played my vita in weeks, don't think I'm buying anymore games for it either.

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Eonjay1632d ago

Technically because of Giakai, GTA V will already be on PS4 so either GTA V gets the PC port or its a moot point because you can still play it on PS4 anyway next year. My gut instinct tells me that it is indeed coming to PS4... or at least the plans exist. Why would a PS4 reference exist at all in the source code?

stonecold31632d ago

I hope we will see agent I want to see agent exclusive on ps4 now rockstar have finished all the gta and rdr max payne games for time being. it would be great news if we hear more about it same with bully 2 those 2 titles need to come out

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