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Submitted by ScamperCamper 865d ago | opinion piece

Will GTA 5 be a PS4 exclusive on next generation consoles? - If you take a look at leaked source code, there is one glaring omission. People noticed that Xbox One was missing, but did anyone draw a conclusion from that? It's a real possibility that GTA 5 on the next generation consoles will be a PlayStation 4 exclusive. It's not as far fetched as it might sound if you look at the factors. (Grand Theft Auto V, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

-Foxtrot  +   865d ago
I'd rather see Rockstar hold up there side of the deal and do AGENT.

It's only fair since Sony did pay for L.A Noires development, if they've given Sony the cash back fair enough but if they havent then they owe then something and by something I don't mean selling an old release on next gen systems
Xsilver  +   865d ago
true still waiting for agent.
Agent1  +   865d ago
Are you guys waiting for me? lol J/K
AgentSmithPS4  +   865d ago
Sorry I'm usually late.
GameGuy  +   865d ago
I'm waiting for Dark Sniper.
TheXgamerLive  +   865d ago
PS4 exclusive? No idiots, it would never be ANY console exclusive. Use common sence.
WTH wrote this....ah never mind.
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Lykon  +   865d ago
yes! An open world rockstar game set in the 70's would be very cool.
alexkoepp  +   864d ago
too similar to modern games, you really need big time change, maybe Grand Theft Dino...
MWong  +   865d ago
@ Lykon

GTA Vice City began in the70's lol until you spent 15 yrs in jail.

I would love to see Agent FINALLY come out especially since we've been waiting so long for even another glimpse.

But, I wouldn't mind seeing GTA5 on the PS4. Since RockStar sold so many games on the current gen consoles they could possibly make it a next gen exclusive.
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BitbyDeath  +   865d ago
Not to mention that RockStar are making exclusive content for PS4 which could well be GTAV and not Agent... or both.
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PoSTedUP  +   865d ago
hmm.... i dont see why it would be. unless RS made this decision... if sony should throw Any money down on GTA, it should be on the vita to help it imo. the ps4 would do fine without gtaV, all tho that Would be super dope. but i can already play gtaV, id rather see a Los Santos Stories on the vita.

edit@bitby: sony throwing money down on exclusive* gta vita game*. sorry didnt make that clear.
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BitbyDeath  +   865d ago
All PS4 games will work on the Vita.
LOGICWINS  +   865d ago
Thats not the point. If the game is already on the PS4, then theres little incentive to buy a Vita to play the game. The point is that an EXCLUSIVE GTA title would sell some Vitas. Also, not everyone who has a Vita is interested in buying a PS4 at this point. Even for people who do have both, remote play requires good connections on BOTH sides..something thats not always feasible depending on your location.
Sam Fisher  +   865d ago
At logic, i think he meant remote play }:P
chinlu  +   865d ago
That's not what he was talking about. At all.
Cam977  +   865d ago
I haven't played my vita in weeks, don't think I'm buying anymore games for it either.
Eonjay  +   865d ago
Technically because of Giakai, GTA V will already be on PS4 so either GTA V gets the PC port or its a moot point because you can still play it on PS4 anyway next year. My gut instinct tells me that it is indeed coming to PS4... or at least the plans exist. Why would a PS4 reference exist at all in the source code?
stonecold3  +   865d ago
I hope we will see agent I want to see agent exclusive on ps4 now rockstar have finished all the gta and rdr max payne games for time being. it would be great news if we hear more about it same with bully 2 those 2 titles need to come out
theWB27  +   865d ago
No...R* most profitable, non exlusive, franchise will not suddenly become one next gen. Even if it's a port. I could definitely see a lesser franchise...but would be shocked if GTA5 did this.
torchic  +   865d ago
tl,dr: my fanboy eyes wouldn't take it, a massive game being a generational exclusive to a Sony platform? no, my fanboy heart would just break into a million pieces.


I agree with the general idea of your post, but for me that's what all your posts sound like.
theWB27  +   865d ago
I don't care quite honestly. I don't whine about exclusives because I supported and owned both systems this gen. Hope the same next gen. With that said, I have no reason for my "fanboy" heart to break.
dmeador  +   865d ago
ummm, yeah I think you saw what you wanted to see. Everyone would be shocked if GTAV was exclusive to the console they bought.
Magicite  +   864d ago
prepare to be shocked then.
HurstDarkStar  +   865d ago
This headline hurts my head so badly...
Stuntz  +   865d ago
This is the stupidest rumor ive read in a long time lol... Just to clarify how the hell could a game be ported as an exclusive to Sony, when that same game is out for both consoles now? This doesnt even make sense the stupidity in this, and if you actually even believe this slightly is amazing lol.
chikane  +   865d ago
hope so this would really hurt the box1 badly

anyway ..before the lems come.. i'll say goodbye -_-
Max-Zorin  +   865d ago
Why? Third Parties should be enjoyed by everyone.
donjunedolo  +   865d ago
Why in the hell would R* cut off another money stream by letting either console have exclusivity? Doesn't add up fanboys!
Campy da Camper  +   865d ago
Because Rockstar owes Sony a game for funding LA Noir. Agent has all but dissapeared. I could see Sony saying give us gta5 as nextgen exclusive and we're even.
Mystogan  +   865d ago
Lol that's not how business works bro.
Goku781  +   865d ago
Sony or not, after everything I seriously doubt this one, though I would like to be wrong.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   865d ago
After banking 1 billion dollars and devs making it rain in the strip clubs in real life?

I say no way.
0pie  +   865d ago
what a stupid article...
SITH  +   864d ago
wsoutlaw87  +   865d ago
It is possible if sony paid enough. Its not like gta v will sell 20 mil on next gen consoles so it wouldnt be like buying gta full exclusivity. A lot of people are acting like r* just wouldn't do this but if sony is offering cash that is close to r*s xb1 projections then they do it. The question is would sony do that
n4rc  +   864d ago
There is more to it then that... They alienate customers etc.. Its not just a matter of someone paying what they think the competition will sell..

Its why multiplats don't go exclusive...
LucasEVille  +   865d ago
Timed exclusive? Extremely doubtful.
Completely exclusive? You have to be on drugs to believe that. Unless Sony sell more buildings they can't justify the spend.
fenome  +   864d ago
Dude, they sold that old wore-out building so that they could open a GIANT new headquarters in silcon valley, so drop that "they're broke and have to sell buildings" crap, it's just annoying.

ScamperCamper  +   864d ago
I've said this in a way already below, but here it is. The fact that it's really a $10 update for most people, an exclusive for Rockstar is NOT a financial disaster. Only in this situation would it ever seem plausible.
n4rc  +   865d ago
LOL... No it won't be a ps4 exclusive... What a stupid headline
Magicite  +   864d ago
more sony than MS
n4rc  +   864d ago
Ummm... No... When it comes to a bankroll, Sony is a drop in the bucket compared to Microsoft...

But its not viable to hold exclusive rights... For either... Ms is blowing a billion on games this year... GTA made that in 3 days..

Nobody has the money to lock it down... Well ms does, but it doesn't make sense from a business standpoint imo..
Tooly  +   865d ago
Actually sony and rockstar got a good legit partnership going on so who knows.
MicDude  +   864d ago
I think GTA is to Playstation like Call of Duty is to Xbox. You know?
Tooly  +   864d ago
Yeah And ubisoft games aswell.
2cents  +   865d ago
This is a case of wishful thinking, not that there is anything wrong with that.
BallsEye  +   865d ago
Is this serious?
JuniorCE  +   865d ago
If that's true... Not even Titanfall can save the X1...
JuniorCE  +   865d ago
What if the PS4 GTA V is already done to be released this HOLIDAY??
romancer  +   864d ago
According to VGChartz: "Grand Theft Auto V (X360) debuted at the top of the charts with sales of 8.88 million units. The PlayStation 3 version debuted at number two with sales of 8.64 million units. The game launched in North America and Europe."

And in the U.K; "GTA V already holds the enviable title of being the 24th biggest-selling game ever in the UK, with 57 per cent of sales being made on Xbox 360 and 43 per cent being made on PlayStation 3"

What are the chances of Rockstar making a Next-Gen "exclusive" of the game for either console, with sales figures like that?
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ScamperCamper  +   864d ago
I think you raise the point well, but not as you might think. They cashed in already. Upgrading for $10 seems like the going rate. So for every 6 upgrades, it would equal one sale of a $60 game. Add to that fact, most people already have the game and may not upgrade at all. If Sony paid well for the exclusive, it may not be that irrational. I agree, if those upgrades were going to fetch anything close to $60, then sure, they would be nuts. I just think given the circumstances, if ever there was a time for cash certainty, this would be it.
Father Murder X  +   864d ago
You sony fanboys are the stupidest idiots ever. Why in he hell would they make a billion dollar franchise a Sony exclusive? That would be like Marvel saying that they will only show Avengers 2 exclusively in AMC cinemas.

How much since does that make?

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