Xbox One | Eurogamer Expo Round Up | Respawn in... 5

With Playstation 4 down, it's time for Microsoft's EGZ Xbox One offering to step up to the plate. Respawn get all up in the new console's GRILL in this preview of the machine, Dead Rising 3 and Forza 5.

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kickerz1632d ago

Calling it "bone" right at the end \(-_-)/ why?? You were going so well.

jackanderson19851632d ago

yeah was a completely unnecessary part especially considering throughout the entire article they used xbox one or XB1 8 times throughout the article

Brix901632d ago

"With Playstation 4 down"? When did it go down?

catf1632d ago

Didn't mean it in a derogatory manner guys, point taken though.

Brix, what I meant by that is that we'd tackled the PS4 games at EGX and then methodically moved onto the Xbox One section. Apologies. ;)

Brix901632d ago

Oh ok I thought that maybe a Ps4 shut down at EGZ or something lol