Unannounced Xbox Dashboard Update

Geekpulp writes: Normally they seem to inform us before something like this happens, but this time Major Nelson himself was chiming in several minutes after the confusion had set in. It was over so quickly that I wasn't sure whether or not I'd dreamt it or mistook it for another title update for a game I hadn't played in a while. but confirmations from a couple of Exclusive Geekpulp Brethren made it clear - there's a dashboard update available for the 360.


Major Nelson has now updated his blog stating that there are no new "features"

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Sayai jin3524d ago

It's funny how much online gaming/networks are growing. Watching XBL and the PSN grow is like watching shuttle launching for the moon. Ever expanding and improving, is a good thing, especially since Video console companies that online gaming was not important and had no significant future.

GutZ313524d ago

Sounds like they seem to want to make sure and say "back off sony, we still have the best store and interface".

power of Green 3524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

They're trying to suprize us with something ontop of whatever tweeks they need to do for Multiplayer(GTA4 etc) and dashboard updates(spring updates youtube prep stuff etc?).

To make a long story short whatever they're going to add this year has to be done in steps its so huge.

joydestroy3524d ago

i found it strange that i didn't know about this update before i got home from work and started up my xbox. sure enough, a refresh of the n4g page and someone had mentioned it.

sak5003524d ago

This was a big update though, normally it takes 10-15 secs to d/l but this one took almost a minute. FOr 360 users even that is long. Thank GOd i dont have to endure ps3's updates or game installs.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3524d ago

I wonder what the spring update has? usualy the spring and fall updates, come with alot of content.

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