Trevor Philips is the Best GTA Character Ever Created, Here’s Why

Junkie Monkeys: Grand Theft Auto V is possibly the greatest game in the series to date in my opinion. Another strong opinion I have is that Trevor Philips is possibly the greatest protagonist ever created for the series.

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Nitrowolf21631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

He's really the only character that I love switching to to see what he's up to. I like Micahel to since it's usually trying to repair his familiy life, but Trevor my god you always ask yourself how does he get into those situations.

Like why wa she wearing a dress on top of Mt. Chilliad? Why is he found drunk stripped to his underwear with multiple dead bodies surrounding him? And Scooter Buddies

Spoiler Alert:

The first mission did it for me, and when he killed Johnny from GTA 4 DLC, jesus that whole scene XD. All the crap Johnny went through in Liberty City only to die by Trevor boots

iamnsuperman1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

I hope your joking right. Sure he is the best character in GTA V (not saying much) and it is fun to switch to him to see what he is up to but that is it. The constant bickering with Michael ruined that character and he is severally undeveloped and superficial.

Honestly GTA has been known to be lacking in this area in every game but it is especially bad here since other games have gotten over this hump years ago. Gay Tony, Luis Fernando Lopez, Officer Frank Tenpenny and Yusuf Amir are genuinely better characters.

soniqstylz1630d ago

Do the Freaks & Strangers mission at his trailer after beating the final mission, and you kind of see why he's messed up.

Rob Hornecker1630d ago

All of the characters you mentioned where in the GTA 4 DLC. Lets see what rockstar has in store for us in GTA 5. They have said that the support of DLC will be the best of any GTA game to date!

IMHO,ALL of the characters in GTA5 are interesting in there own ways,but Trevor seems to stand out the most!