Crytek CEO Confirms Ryse Always Ran 1600x900, 1080p framebuffer, Polygon Reduced in Invisible Parts

There has been a lot of talk about the resolution and polygon count reductions in Ryse: Son of Rome, and Crytek's Founder and CEO Cevat Yerli took to Twitter to shed some light on it all, explaining that no change and compromise has been done in the game’s resolution and quality.

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lifeisgamesok1668d ago

It's so good to see that the E3 demo is the exact cinematic scale of graphics we'll get with the retail copy

I'm so excited for this game

GarrusVakarian1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

Although i think the game as a whole looks pretty mediocre, the slow mo parts are pretty badass. Always been a sucker for slow mo :)

Facial expression on that gif is awesome.

DigitalRaptor1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

And that's what I've been saying for a while.

The game only looks really impressive when control is taken away from you and things are slowed down. Active gameplay doesn't appear to be that impressive to be honest.

insomnium21667d ago


LOL The guy has ONE expression the whole time. What is there to be impressed about really?

mewhy321667d ago

What was the dev going to say? "Oh we couldn't let you know that we were running at 1080p on a 780GTX super PC".

HeavenlySnipes1668d ago

Kinda offtopic, but they said they were aiming for realism in the combat and we see him literally toss a guy in the air with one arm and chop his arm off in midair in that gif

tuglu_pati1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

and you are gonna cherry pick on this...

TomahawkX1668d ago

And there's no blood at all. It looks like that arm came out of the freezer lol. What a stupid looking game.

HeavenlySnipes1668d ago

Not saying the game sucks off of that gif but they said several times they are trying to replicate realistic combat in the game and then they include finishers like the one above lol

I don't see how that's cherry picking

4Sh0w1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

Heavenly So clearly you don't understand what aiming for realism means. It is open term that refers to many different aspects, art style, storyline, monsters/fantasy can be still be realistic depending on how the story is set like Game of Thrones, then of course theres physics and yes gameplay too, which also leads to "how close" to realism did he mean????, because its a videogame and this game type along with any other would be pretty boring or at the very least very annoying if it was super realistic. 1 guy in Roman days or today taking on 4-6 is dead like from 1 strike, fighting like that is TV stuff but no one wants to play as just a normal or even a a skilled fighter. People play games to be entertained and you need a super strong badass charachter to do that, besides its not like the guy flew 20ft in the air so YES your comment is bigtime cherry picking.

HeavenlySnipes1667d ago


I don't think you get it. They LITERALLY said they are trying to emulate the old Roman battle tehiniques. Here are some direct quotes from what I was talking about

"He [Marius] is not flamboyant, he's not a ninja. He's a soldier"

"We actually worked with an expert on Roman fighting and combat strategies to get us some knowledge on how to handle weapons and shields"

I just made a casual observation that flipping a guy in the air with your forearm and chopping his arm off probably never happened in real life

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Majin-vegeta1668d ago

Lol no you wont get what you saw at E3.Those demos were running on PC's xD.

Gozer1667d ago

Maybe at E3, but what about the 10 other events that Ryse has been shown at running on X1 hardware? Lol try harder.

MizTv1667d ago

The sad thing is all m$'s games were

Morpheuzpr1667d ago

And nobody noticed how the cloth phased through the main characters shield. Was that the point of the gif?

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StifflerK1668d ago

Glad to hear it - Ryse looked and still looks fantastic!

Godmars2901668d ago

Only if the other half of the BS stops. How a former Xbox 360 Kinect title will define and set the standard for the XB1 and be a must have.

Not like six months late people will be fighting to remember it while its hardcore fans demand a sequel.

theWB271668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

Basically you want people to follow your sentiment and not have their own opinion? Got it.

Does the fact that it was a former Kinect game have any bearing on anything? Would you have been able to tell if you didn't know that in the first place? Doubt it. Are you looking for a new engine?

I don't think that's a big problem seeing as Crytek's engine isn't anything to snuff at. I don't think it's a problem considering, even Naughty Dog, stated they would be using the same engine for next gen.

Its hardcore fans will be fighting for a sequel. What was it about Killzone that demanded a sequel for the PS3? As I remember the first one was mediocre at best. Killzone 2 was decent and Killzone 3 was considerably worse...and now Shadowfall is the defacto AAA PS4 launch title.

What about that series deserves the tail wagging it gets from its hardcore PS fans?

GiggMan1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

I agree with Godmars in a way. If Ryse was multiplat neither side would be praising it. It scream mediocrity and I for one can't see any replay value in it. Granted we know little about the campaign but my money is on it being extremely short.

People are not going to "stop it" until the reviews come out. Not worth 60 bucks to me (my opinion means nothing by the way)

DigitalRaptor1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

Killzone 2 was more than decent. It was highly rated and for good reason. Perhaps according to any person's biased opinion - someone who hasn't played it and especially hasn't experienced its incredible multiplayer portion - will think it's just a decent game.

I'll agree KZ3 was worse, but it wasn't considerably worse. It definitely didn't take the series to any new heights, I'll say that.

So, when Shadow Fall looks to remedy everything that made KZ3 a worse game, but expands on KZ2 and looks incredible for it - then yes - we have our de facto AAA shooter that looks amazing and has been receiving positive feedback across the board.

Whereas the odds are against Ryse, that has been receiving overwhelming negativity. It may end up being more than average in terms of gameplay and story, but the odds are definitely stacked against it, and I certainly don't see it averaging anything more than 7/10. If it's lucky and Crytek turn it around, then hopefully you'll get a great game.

GiggMan1668d ago

@DigitalRaptor... I don't care what anybody says, Killzone 2 was awesome. For theWB27 to say otherwise without giving any good reasons just means that he either didn't play it, or doesn't know what he's talking about.

Killzone 2 was awesome (@WB please don't post 20 different random links just to try to prove me wrong) :-)

theWB271668d ago

To Giggman and Raptor
Killzone was beautiful...loved the power the guns had...only game I put any type of time in MP this gen. The story was garbage...Rico was a nuisance of a character.

A story can bring an otherwise good game into decent territory. Of course my reasons won't satisfy you if you thought differently of the game and I won't try and convince you otherwise.

NO links! : )

GiggMan1668d ago

Lol. I can accept that WB for the simple fact that Rico was universally loathed. :-)

Skips1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

"Killzone 2 was decent"

Since when is a 91 on meta, 4.2/5 from Amazon buyers, and not to mention a crap ton of awards won considered "DECENT". -_-

I think you mean "AMAZING".

Anyways, that's like saying Dead Rising isn't deserving of a sequel considering that last one was "CONSIDERABLY WORSE"... Same with Fable or Crysis 3...

Legacy2121668d ago

So what if its a kinect title. It got scrapped and rebuilt from the ground up. Not saying its a must have for everyone but for me its day one along with dead rising killer instinct crimson dragon forza watch dogs and battlefield 4 (too many games) but I do think the internet has been unjustifiably cruel to this game. To the people talking about killzone 2 and 3. I remember the first time I played that game I was blown away by the graphics. I enjoyed it I just thought story was weak and controls took some getting use to. As well gun variety wasnt great IMO all machine guns. Overall, I dont think its fair to hate so much on ryse or hate so much on killzone people people just want to make other people feel dumb or ripped off for enjoying games that arent on their console

theWB271667d ago

Posting review scores means NOTHING. That doesn't determine if I like a game or not. Final Fantasy is a legendary franchise...faltered a little lately but still legendary. I don't play it because I don't like turn based games.

Sonic Generations only has a 77, but to me it was one of my favorite games this gen. What does that say. I use reviews for quality..not determine how much I will enjoy the game.

If you base your enjoyment of games based on review scores then you're doing it wrong.

The last Bioshock...praised to the heavens. Very, very good game. No qualms from me, but I still had to make myself finish the game. That wasn't the case for the first one.

If you take my comment out of context then you'll come to the conclusion you did. It'd be best to read what Godmars posted about hardcore fans wanting a sequel to Ryse and me responding about the sequel to Killzone.

Ezz20131667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )


Why in the blue hell you post your opinion about KZ as Facts ?!

Godmars2901667d ago

"Basically you want people to follow your sentiment and not have their own opinion?"

I want fanboys and devs alike to stop talking about specs, insisting that such is the only thing important about PS4/XB1 consoles, until they're at least close to being finished.

Sony probably does as well, but I've only heard them talk about gameplay and general mechanics.

Though getting people to stop stating their opinions as facts, running to metacritic in attempt to support them, would be nice too.

Skips1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )


So according to YOU. It's "decent"...

But the opinions of the tons of people who bought it and the people who've reviewed it and gave it awards that think it's amazing don't matter? lol

"That doesn't determine if I like a game or not."

Then you should've said IN MY OPINION because one tiny meaningless opinion such as yours doesn't make it a fact like how you were trying to pass off.

Going by that logic. The Forza franchise is a mediocre franchise. FACT. Not just my opinion, but FACT. And the review scores you'd post to try to argue otherwise mean NOTHING.

Now why??? Because I said so.


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BigShotSmoov0071668d ago

Please, I'm getting tired of here two different stories about the final resolution on any game. If it's not Ryse then it's Battlefield 4 or Watch dogs. I don't know why we just can't get accurate reports about these games already. I just can't wait until we can just buy the games ourselves cause we have to deal with conflicting reports until the release of these games and consoles.

kidhero991668d ago

Xbox One Presenter Humiliated Me on Stage, Says Transgender Journalist

kidhero991660d ago

Can't really make a complete comparison yet as we have yet to see Smartglass for XB1 really in action apart from at E3 with DR3. Personally don't care for second screen stuff but an app that tides in with the console to download stuff on the go and such is great.

PS Vita is not really second screen functionality it's basically a portable PS4 it doesn't really tie in specifically to anything when playing a game/watching a movie for example as of yet. That is second screen functionality, remote play isn't really IMO.