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SCEE to hold invite-only Media Event in May, could reveal PlayStation Home details

SCEE will be holding a invite-only press event on May 6th, and are expected to reveal the answers to a lot of questions. XTREME PS3 speculates that the PlayStation Home release schedule will be announced at the event. SCEE will be releasing multiple press releases after the event so look for those. (PS3, PSP)

Update XTREME PS3 have received another email from an anonymous source stating the Media Event is "strictly press and developers, and press badges are being sent out." Further more, the event "will be similar to the Sony Gamers Day hosted last year."

Fishy Fingers  +   2409d ago
"XTREME PS3 speculates"

So its complete guess work? How many other site have "speculated" got your hopes up, only to be completely wrong. We all want HOME but please wait for something official before you get excited.
XPH  +   2409d ago
Like the headlines days, "could reveal PlayStation Home details". The event will definitely reveal something otherwise what is the point of a press event?
sonarus  +   2409d ago
sony gamers day yo. Bout time. Sony needs to really impress in both their gamers day and E3. Things are going good for them now but it could probably be better

@fishy. Sony needs to just roll out home once and for all. The sooner it gets done, the sooner 3rd parties can embrace it. MGS4 home space ppl.
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Fishy Fingers  +   2409d ago
3rd parties are already supporting it. Remember they get things long before us.
Sony are in a sticky postion here, they keep working on it, people moan it takes to long. Release it before its ready, people moan about bugs and glitches. I want it asap, but I want it right and not half assed, that means I have to be patient.
darkshiz  +   2409d ago
Yeah it's better to have it flawless then with flaws.
Like Killzone 1, it had a bunch of framerate issues and bugs.
Killzone 2 is making sure that won't happen again and make the gameplay better.
Iamback  +   2409d ago
rumor from crappy site
XPH  +   2409d ago
No longer a rumor now is it?
Just Google "SCEE to hold invite-only Media Event in May" and see.
timmyrulz  +   2409d ago
If you get an invite
Dont book the day off work just incase the event gets delayed :)
jkhan  +   2409d ago
I am hoping we will see something about Killzone2, Resistance 2, Home, God of War 3, Getaway3, Infamous, Eight Days, War Devil :D Man talk about embarrassment of the riches:D
spectyre  +   2409d ago
I agree
with your list, but I would like to see LBP and SOCOM also. Hell, if they just covered three of these, I'd be happy.
SPARTAAN  +   2409d ago
we can rule out resistance 2 as its first gameplay trailer is coming on june 13th
BAM-BAM01  +   2409d ago
Not again
Please don't tell me....Home's gonna be one of the topics....
Home Home Home...Thats all we hear these days.Why do we give Sony the satisfaction of talking about the thing..
BAM-BAM01  +   2409d ago
Im loving that comment mate....
SL1M DADDY  +   2409d ago
I love rumors...
They're so chewy!
sak500  +   2409d ago
Most of the time sony is doing something behind the scenes. What are they afraid of, disappointing its gamer customers?
FAT MAN GO BOOM  +   2409d ago
Please be home please be home
I am selling my home so I need a new one... please be home please be home...
DevonTheDude535  +   2409d ago
This could be Sony Gamer Day 08' in Europe
This could be Sony Gamer Day 2008, it's in Europe this year in May. Last year in LA SCE dropped the bombshell on a few PS3 games including Socom Confrontation.
beavis4play  +   2409d ago
even before i read the story i had one thought: YEA, WE WANT TO SEE KZ2- GIVE US SOME NEW GAMEPLAY FOOTAGE!! if KZ is coming this year, they need to start showing more.
MrBii  +   2409d ago
Here we go.
And so it begins.

The most innovative ideas and vision in gaming right now are LBP and HOME.

Nothing from the competitors comes even close. They (competitors) are horribly lacking with their last gen and childish visions and they have absolutely no clue as to what gives.

One, still lives in their own dreamworld where the casual gamers are bringing in billions.

While the other is too busy thinking up ways to blackball PS3 and Sony in the media.
MigMix  +   2409d ago
What about Buzz! Quiz Tv - Would be nice to know exact release date.

Somewhere have been said that it comes Europe in may, and to US later...summer?
TheJBag  +   2409d ago
i wonder what it will be!?

oh the anticipation
dale1  +   2409d ago
killzone hands on gameplay ,re2 gameplay one level only showing new tech,home walk through including new music and video service mgs4,hands on,little big planet ,socom,etc etc got to be right on one of them lol

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