PALGN: Trials 2: Second Edition Review - Which bone will you be breaking today, sir?

PALGN writes: "Trials 2: Second Edition is the work of Finnish game developers RedLynx, the same company that made the recent Warhammer 40K: Squad Command on both PSP and DS. Trials 2: SE gives you a motorbike, a rider and some of the most fiendishly designed courses to ever grace the PC. It's a grand evolution of the gameplay found in older titles like ExciteBike and Kikstart, where you have to pick your way over ramps, jumps, barrels, flaming walls of death and precariously balanced piles of old tires - and a lot of other things besides - as fast as you can.

It quickly becomes obvious that your motorbike hates you and wants to kill you as swiftly as possible. Too much acceleration, or not enough, and the bike will flip, spin and generally toss you away like the hapless rag doll you are. It's a touchy little beggar, make no mistake. At the same time, you'll need keep a very tight rein on your rider's position. You can tilt right forward or hunker down in your seat and the right combination of balance and power will get you over all manner of seemingly impossible obstacles. Well, that's the theory anyway."

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