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Beyond: Two Souls Demo Proves Disappointing | gamrReview Preview

gamrReview's Arthur Kabrick: "There’s no sign of any of the open-ended investigation that we saw in Heavy Rain, and there’s none of the heart-pounding fast-paced action of Indigo Prophecy either. If any of Quantic Dream’s games can face criticism for being little more than an interactive movie, it’s this one." (Beyond: Two Souls, PS3)

PlayStation_4  +   863d ago
I loved it personally.

Guess you gotta play it through normally to get the most out of it
waltyftm  +   863d ago
That's how i played it, then messed about for ages getting different scenes, high quality fun.
ZodTheRipper  +   863d ago
"Story Quality: WTF?"
I mean he calls a narrative-driven game disappointing because of it's gameplay ...
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Irishguy95  +   863d ago
Narrative-driven "GAME" gets excused from bad gameplay?

Not saying it has bad gameplay but...Zod..really? If a game has crap gameplay, it shouldn't get let off just because of it's genre. Heavy Rain had good gameplay along with the story and it was narrative driven. In fact the interaction with the story was why Heavy rain was good. Because the Story itself fell apart towards the end.
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nirwanda  +   863d ago
If I had a ps3 I would definitely get this and heavy rain, I think people should treat the game like an rpg.
Surely if you reviewed an rpg with battle menu's etc you couldn't say the gameplay is crap because it's not as action packed as a fps.
gatormatt80  +   863d ago
I loved the demo as well. Having two controllable characters brought an interesting dynamic to the game, especially when controlling Aiden during "The Experiment." I can't wait for this game.
isa_scout  +   863d ago
Agreed, I thought the demo was fantastic. I played Heavy Rain 4 times, and as far as linearity it seemed about the same...Besides if you're playing any Quantic Dream game you're playing it for the graphics,story, and to see how different choices can change the outcome of the game. I'm not buying Beyond at launch because it's to close to the release of GTAOnline and buying the PS4 next month, but I'll still be getting it; just a little later than I thought.
lilbrat23  +   863d ago
The one problem I encountered with the demo is no sound while using surround sound headsets :-/
BILLYGATEZ  +   863d ago
Terrible article :P
MASTER_RAIDEN  +   863d ago
disappointed to see that the reviewer didnt enjoy the demo, but im sure the retail game will be nothing short of greatness.
Seafort  +   863d ago
Disappointing? That's not how I'd describe the demo. I thought it was amazing and can't wait till release.

QD have always been great at thought provoking stories in their games and Beyond is no different.
Becuzisaid  +   863d ago
I have not been able to make myself be excited for this game. I loved Heavy Rain, but this just looks dull to me.

Also, the guy behind this game annoys the crap out of me. I hate it when he keynote speaks at conferences, etc. He tries way too hard to convince everyone that his stories are so great and he is able to create such powerful emotion. Sorry bro, but Naughty Dog does it so much better than you, and their games are actually exciting to play.

And again, I loved Heavy Rain.
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chrissx  +   863d ago
I enjoyed the demo and looking forward to this game
Sketchy_Galore  +   863d ago
I've only seen overwhelming praise for the demo elsewhere. I wasn't even considering buying this game because while I enjoy the new take on interaction and 'gameplay' I always find David Cage's writing far too hokey and cheesy but everything I've heard about the demo from others has made me at least look forward to trying it out for myself.
Grave  +   863d ago
I was looking forward to the game before I played the demo. After playing it the 8th of October seems like 2 years away. I can't freaking wait!!
godofboobees  +   863d ago
2 things...this isn't heavy rain or indigo prophecy.
maximus1985  +   863d ago
well actually looking at the demo its very similar to both. when your fighting cops on top of the train i instantly thought of indigo prophecy.
DeadManIV  +   863d ago
All of these damned still disagrees, why are you people disagreeing?
admiralvic  +   863d ago
Because Beyond: Two Souls being an amazing game or demo isn't a fact. It can be true for 99% of the world, but there will always be people that genuinely dislike the game for whatever reason and thats perfectly okay.
Hicken  +   863d ago
When the dislike is genuine, it's certainly okay. This doesn't really seem like someone who's trolling, but you DO get the distinct impression that he's disappointed because it wasn't like the other Quantic Dream games... which seems an unfair assumption, since Indigo Prophesy and Heavy Rain play nothing like each other.
DeadManIV  +   863d ago
I agree
andrewsqual  +   863d ago
Very strange indeed. Haven't played it myself but people who have been telling me about it think it is incredible.
_LarZen_  +   863d ago
I just loved the demo. Cant wait to get the game.
smashcrashbash  +   863d ago
There was a demo? How did I miss that?
admiralvic  +   863d ago
It was only given to people who liked and did a thing via GameStop's Facebook. I got a spare code that should work if you want it. ^^
smashcrashbash  +   863d ago
Thanks.Can you send it to me please? Where can you send it? Can you send it to me here or do you need an email address?
wishingW3L  +   863d ago
fixed camera is disappointing, I didn't know about that. My hype dropped.... =/
Skate-AK  +   863d ago
No fixed camera when playing as Aiden.
darx  +   863d ago
Snoozer for sure!
NateCole  +   863d ago
I must be playing a different demo.
SevenSwords485  +   863d ago
I made a facebook just to get that gamestop code. The demo was pretty good actually.
Summons75  +   863d ago
"Beyond two souls demo proved disappointing"

Said no one ever....
nooneknows  +   863d ago
I guess we all have different Opinions.

I REALLY LOVED THE DEMO. I though BatMan Arkham Origins was going to be my last PS3 game, but not happening after playing Beyond.
e-p-ayeaH  +   863d ago
godammit i wanna play it!
Skate-AK  +   863d ago
Demo comes out for everyone Tuesday.
e-p-ayeaH  +   863d ago
oh that´s great!
pop-voxuli  +   863d ago
Um, according to who? Most all the reports including my own, have been incredibly positive. In fact i have seen a huge amount of people say that its now a "Day 1" for them.
KontryBoy706  +   863d ago
whoever wrote this article... slap yourself with a PS3 game case! I've played the demo 5 times and it's amazing
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Shadow-girl2197  +   863d ago
I quite enjoy it and well buy it from what i saw it
Was amazing
Ezz2013  +   863d ago
i didn't try the demo
i'm buying the game day 1
i don't care what the reviews will say about it too
i'm a huge QD fan
Hellsvacancy  +   863d ago
Same as, as long as it's entertaining i'll listen, watch or read anything

Plenty of imagination going around my brain
jjb1981  +   863d ago
I actually enjoyed it and the graphics especially during that "one" scene were amazing for 7 year old hardware. I can't wait to get this one.
xKugo  +   863d ago
I loved the game, more so for it's concept rather than it's raw gameplay. But, I mean Quantic Dream games are clearly not for everyone, but I'm glad that Sony embraces them and gives them free roam to be as creative as they want. It shows how good of a place the 1st-part environment for Sony really is.
ufo8mycat  +   863d ago
Who says it has to have the same amount of gameplay that we see with most games today?

This game isn't so much about gameplay, it's about telling a great story. Games are just another medium to tell a great story and more effective then movies.

Thats the beaty of games, they can either
1) Be about gameplay
2) Be about gameplay & story
3) Or strongly focus on story and limit gameplay

All 3 are fine, thats the beauty of games.

Games like - The Last Of Us, The Walking, Beyond Two Souls, MGS - have all overtaken Hollywood in quality story telling and narrative.

They have replaced movies in quality story-telling.

Cannot wait for this game.
Obidanten  +   863d ago
Absolutely amazing demo and game.
Let`s just remember Heavy Rain demo - two episodes :
- Shelby in motel
- FBI agent on crime scene

Were these scenes mot important and most breathtaking in Heavy Rain ? Absolutely not. Had these scenes a lot of gameplay (as whole Heavy Rain) ? I can`t imagine games like HR or BTS with GTA of Uncharted gameplay. It just would be other game! Demo for howing how graphics and game mechanic looks like. I`m buying exactly what QD selling - breathtaking story that makes you scream in your scream on almost each scene. When you are playing Uncharted your not worry about Drake - if he will be killed you just load. But in HR and BTS you are AFRAID, afraid that if you will do something wrong or not quick enough charecters will die and you will not get happy end. Several days till release, but indeed its like 2 years left. Can`t wait!
So remember about HR demo - scenes were not best even close.
Sadist3  +   863d ago
Gameplay is everything. Story comes second. If the gameplay sux, there's no point in PLAYING the GAME
Obidanten  +   863d ago
Gameplay in BTS is based on quick time events. I wouldn`t say it sucks. It`s just different. For example playing God Of War you are going through levels and must succesfully finish to proceed. In GoW you have a intense combat gameplay, but if you will fail it you`ll have loadgame and infinite numbers of tries. In BTS it`s different - you are going through chapters without any loadgames. The controls are simplified so you are not covering and shooting like in Uncharted or attacking and driving everything like in GTA. But you are involved in a story and your gameplay affecting what will happen. And that is just absolutely different experience - you are afraid to fail, because it can ruin fate or even life of character you are playing. Imagine if in GoW bad combating with Kratos would make you blind or onehanded till the end of the game. Such experience is possible in BTS. QD games just feels different - you are not supposed to finish each level or mission just pressing buttons and sticks in a right way (like in GTA, GoW and almost every else), but you are making non-stop journey through game enjoing beautiful and exciting story, but also playing it and affecting it`s development and ending! It`s absolutely fantastic experience!
Also such games usually delivers interesting moral dilemas (Heavy Rain, Walking Dead also in Mass Effect). So you must make hard choices and... it`s just really cool experience. Especially in Heavy Rain where game really testing you, how far you are ready to go to save your son :).
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