Twinfinite - Gran Turismo 6 Eurogamer Expo Preview

Twinfinite's Henry McMunn got a short sitdown with Gran Turismo 6, the results were not pleasing.

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jerethdagryphon1666d ago

so standard complaints atm its not forza, handling could be an issue but im not sure havent played much with it

FailboatSkipper1666d ago

Writer here. I don't really like Forza either, I have no brand loyalty. But Forza honestly handles far better.

ZodTheRipper1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

Forza 4 definately does not.

"... but you don’t have to be to see that Gran Turismo 6 so far is really, really bad."

Stopped at this point, your "article" is a joke.

5eriously1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

Try again sucker! Why do you "preview" games genres's you do not like? Cum again? I think you should try your "luck" with something else. How about writing a article on old age homes then call it "Granny's parlor". You would do much better with it.

PS: I have to ask, are you even a real gamer? and before I forget, How much are M$ paying their "gamers" doing their Shilling? I need cash seriously!

Gran Touring1666d ago

I'm sorry that you didn't enjoy experience previewing the game, but your article comes off as more than a little biased and misinformed. Your criticism of the handling shows you've no experience of simulation racers let alone driving real racing machines.

"Actually attempting any hard-brake turns or drifting of some kind led to an absurd amount of skidding and sliding around hopelessly..." Because a 700+ Pagani would certainly hold your hand around a corner right? Maybe you (or someone else who demoed) turned off the TCS, or used hard tires? That would explain your handling issues, although I'd actually assume its more a fault of your poor driving.

And just so you know, Gran Turismo didn't take the driving line idea from Forza, they've had them since GT4... since before the first Forza game. Not to mention GT ALSO tells you the recommended gear for taking corners.

PoSTedUP1666d ago

you Dont like forza either?? what do you like, n4s and mario kart? word of advice: dont preview or review racing games.

Hicken1666d ago

"GT6 has also taken some cues from Forza (read: better games) by adding in the guide lines on the road..."

You mean the racing line, which has been around since at least GT4?

"Cars feel like they have little difference between their front and back wheels..."

Strange that the 1GB GT Academy demo played NOTHING like what you describe, and it can't possibly be a better build.

"I’m pretty sure a Pagani Zonda can turn a 30-degree corner at 30mph without just completely losing traction and doing several complete spins. I thought I was driving a sports car?"

You... don't actually know anything about cars, do you? It actually requires a LOT more finesse to drive something like a Zonda than you'd think, even with driving assists on. There are precious few high-end sports cars out there that hold your hand and make you look like a better driver than you are. The Zonda's not one of them.

Failboat Skipper, indeed.

Dee_911666d ago

lmao anybody can make an article nowadays.

"Cars feel like they have little difference between their front and back wheels"

What the hell does that even mean?

"I’m pretty sure a Pagani Zonda can turn a 30-degree corner at 30mph without just completely losing traction"
... wow
Story Quality:Wtf
Like Website: Noooo

Snakefist301666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )


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WarThunder1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

Well its not an Arcade game like FM. So if people complain about that then their not intro Sim racing games/ racing games with realistic handling like GT.

SoapShoes1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

Forza didn't even handle better than gt5 and I played the gt6 demo it was far ahead of gt5 and forza. The handling has always been GT's strong point and aside from this all of the feedback so far has been positive on gt6's improved physics.

TomahawkX1666d ago

Quite possibly the stupidest thing I've read all day. Please stop writing anything videogame related, you aren't cut out for it.

Now I know to avoid any articles from your website, thanks!

neoMAXMLC1666d ago

" I play video games, primarily on the Xbox 360."

Well now. :3

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