Rumor: MK v DC Has Little Blood, NO FATALITIES?

Kotaku writes: "Wondering why DC comics would seemingly sign onto a project that would let Scorpion rip Wonder Woman's head off? You know...kill a superhero? So were we. So were you. This might explain it: a former Midway employee has contacted us and said that he worked on the game, and that Mortal Kombat v DC features "no fatalities and little-to-no blood". In other words, "MK is dead". No blood, no fatalities...if this is true, why is this game called Mortal Kombat again?"

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Fishy Fingers3806d ago (Edited 3806d ago )

hmm... doesnt sound good to me. Personally the idea of just MK Vs. DC is ridiculous, but less blood and no fatalities? lame....

MK_Red will be furious.

Well, if this is true, they have lost a die hard MK fan in me.

MK_Red3806d ago

Furious? I wanna rip Midways staff in half and gut them till they die.
Seriously, WTF!?

PR0NE3806d ago

this will be the first Mortal Kombat that i will miss on...

ParaDise_LosT3806d ago

I really REALLY R E A L L Y don't see the point of making a MK game with no Gore or Blood...
Seriously.....Its making a game about hello kitty for little kids but the game will include cats mutilating dogs!

Why must every fighting game sell out!!! >_<

Personally I blame boob psychics because of it people are buying fighting games that play like crap :( and now others who actually like making good quality fighters have no choice but to sell out by making it for 'E'(everyone) T_T

MK_Red3806d ago

Same here PR0NE.

ParaDise_LosT, another superb post as always. Your hello kitty game just made my day and got me a bit out of sad mood.
Sell out indeed. At least in SC4, Yoda and Lord Vader are guest characters but this... this will completely destroy what was left of a half cannon story.

fenderputty3806d ago


If true ... this would be a lame, stupid, horrible idea. The best part about MK was the awesome brutality. It's what made the game famous. I liked the fighting system but, nothing is more rewarding then ripping someone's spine out after whomping them for a while.

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leon763806d ago

Wow: little blood and NO FATALATIES!!!!!!! Are this guys joking or what???? For a MK fan, this is a black day!!!! We are seeing MK dying and we can't do anything.............Even with petitions, I think Ed Boon will not turn back with this sh*t, and this is very sad, money talks!!!!......

LostChild3806d ago

Mortal Kombat vs Street Figther is what they should be trying to make. But an MK game without Fatalities is like the Sun with no heat.

Skerj3806d ago

Wow, did they just take the gore out of Mortal Kombat? What kind of sh*t is this!?

Fishy Fingers3806d ago

Guess they're aiming to target a larger audience, cut the gore and cut the rating. But at the same time, kicking sh*t in the face of the Mortal Kombat fans that got them where they are today.

Skerj3806d ago

Yeah and it's those fans who would have bought the game too, MK has an awesome story but without the gore it's not Mortal Kombat.

LastDance3806d ago

Its expected tho. Just look at armageddon. That is one of the laziest games ive ever played. Its clear they were getting bored.

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