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Sony's PS4 tops Xbox One as gamers' holiday choice [North America]

More U.S. shoppers prefer Sony Corp's upcoming PlayStation 4 than Microsoft Corp's Xbox One, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll, as the industry's two leading videogame console makers prepare to do battle this holiday season. (PS4, Xbox One)

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Chaostar  +   705d ago | Well said
You I never take these kind of polls seriously but, if you take into account that every single one conducted in the last 6-7 has leaned heavily toward PS4, you have to believe that the sales will reflect even a little.
Ezz2013  +   705d ago | Well said
yes, i agree
also USA is only place were xbox360 was ahead of ps3
while ps3 was ahead in the rest of the world
but now most gamers in USA also want ps4 more

ps4 is really going to dominate the world like ps2 did
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Chaostar  +   705d ago
Xbox 360 is also ahead here in the UK too I believe.

edit: also, too late to edit but I seem to have added an extra 'you' to my orginal comment, please ignore :)

@Playstation_4 - VGChartz (I know, they suck) has PS3 @ ~6m and XB360 @ ~9m in UK. Yeah, not too sure how accurate that is but whatever.
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PlayStation_4  +   705d ago

it was more even in the UK, UK+US made up about 69%+ of 360's sales
Eonjay  +   705d ago
No one is surprised.
JsonHenry  +   705d ago
I heavily favored my 360 over my PS3. But this new gen is different. I have a PS4 pre-ordered and no real desire to own an X1 any time soon.
Bluepowerzz  +   705d ago
yh 360 is ahead in uk so many chavs who just get the mainstream easy to go thing ps4 is that for next gen but it also caters to the core so it will dominate uk no doubt for those idiots who only play cod fifa and the core like me who has been supporting sony for 15 years.
Pogmathoin  +   704d ago
Bluepower, anyone who has differing ideas is an idiot? You must be a worldclass hardcore.... Dick.... Congrats, sony should give you a discman....
Sono421  +   704d ago | Well said
I would get an Xbox One... But logic, reasoning and Microsoft are convincing me not to.
frostypants  +   704d ago

I am very surprised. I knew the PS4 was more popular, but not THIS much more. Do the math...26% say they'll buy a PS4, and 15% an XBox One. If sales reflect this, the PS4 would sell nearly 75% more consoles than the Xbox One.
Ps4Console  +   704d ago
Yeah though N.America is the biggest market .
black0o  +   704d ago
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smashman98  +   704d ago
No its really not going to no console will ever EVER dominate the competition like the ps2 did.

Needless to say....

Ps4 will be awesome
dedicatedtogamers  +   704d ago
Yknow, there are only two generations where two or more consoles were neck and neck in sales. Pretty much every generation was dominated by a single console. Atari 2600, NES, PS1, and PS2 all dominated their respective generations. Only the SNES/Genesis and Wii/PS3/360 generations were close in sales.

My point is that - historically - it isn't that unusual for a single console to sell way more than the competition.
ArchangelMike  +   705d ago
I find it interesting that of those under 40yrs old, 41% voted for PS4, while only 27% voted for XbOne. I guess the guys over 40yrs just want a TV and entertainment device, while those under 40yrs want a more gaming focused device.

Me I'm under 40yrs old and want a gaming focused device.
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QuickdrawMcgraw  +   705d ago
You are only guessing Arch.I can only go by what I myself and all I know who are over 40 want(and that's quite a few actually).And it's a new gaming focused console.We already have the latest TV's and entertainment devices.I will be buying a PS4,But last I checked both will play games.
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Nabbic  +   705d ago
If you want a TV entertainment device, get a Roku. The basic model currently going for about £40, does basically everything TV related that the Xbox does and has no paywall to hide these features behind.
If you're looking for pure TV entertainment and you drop a good £500 on the Xbox plus subscription over a £40 device that does the exact same thing, then you must have serious mental deficiencies.
Boody-Bandit  +   705d ago
Most of my gaming friends are over 40, some over 50, and all they want is a gaming console to do is play video games. That is all I want as well. I have everything else (non gaming related) already covered with smart phones, tablets, smart TV's, Sat box, etc and so on.

I just want a gaming console to play video games. That is ALL I use my gaming consoles for and I am also over 40.
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wenaldy  +   705d ago
Not necessarily, conducting segmentation by using demographic (such as age) doesn't reflect perceived value from potential customer.
MajorMayhem70  +   704d ago
I'm over 40 and I'm buying both systems. I prefer the Xbox 1 though cause "it does more than play games." What the X1 does as far as connecting my entertainment appliances together (like a Logitech remote) is convenient. And did I mention that it still plays games?
Pogmathoin  +   704d ago
So if you drop $400 on PS4 over $40 roku, you must be mental too...? Oh... X1 plays games and does all that other stuff.... And just 1 HDMI needed.... Sounds good to me.... PS4 sounds good to me as well, getting both, you stick with our Roku and come on N4G... We'll tell you about the games....
Campy da Camper  +   704d ago
I'm 40 and I'm getting ps4 lock, stock and barell. I want a device that makes the most out of playing games. I didn't stand in line at 7-11 for my turn at Super Mario Bros in the 80s because I was excited there was also a TV playing on the counter. I didn't buy a NES because it made a good stand for my TV dinner. I didn't buy a ps1 to listen to CDs. I didn't buy a Xbox to watch movies. I didn't buy a ps3 for the wb browser. Games, games games. That's what this whole 30 year trip has been about.
Ps4Console  +   704d ago
There are more 40 gaming something's playing games though , I would take this article with a pinch of salt , you can't go listening to every gaming news snippet can you .
admiralvic  +   705d ago
Pacher said it, so it will happen.
gaelic_laoch  +   705d ago
When the dust settles and these console hit their stride it will only be long term sales after 4/5 years that will matter.

At the moment these are PR and who Fecked Up the most Polls! And PS4 is obliviously winning!
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   705d ago | Funny
PS4 is RRod for MS...

Sony now dominates earth sales.. MS better go to mars before sony gets there.
But dont show ryse.. ugh boring.
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Pogmathoin  +   704d ago
1 bubble... Keep saying what the fanboys want to hear and you will get more... Even things like 'lol', 4>1 and bone, even 'did you see how tanned Cerny is' will gather you bubbles....
Ezz2013  +   704d ago
Karpetburnz  +   704d ago

LOL, butthurt again, just like you were in that other article where you replied to me, stay mad.
rluttrell  +   704d ago
@ps4beaver You are more off topic than Microsoft was at E3.
BX81  +   705d ago
Ms has always had better marketing than sony for the systems. I wonder when they are gonna go all out? Closer to x mas I'm sure. I wonder if ms's promotions will be able to counter sony's price point? $100 is a big gap. Ms is gonna have to convey to the average consumer why the kinect experience is worth $100 extra.
frostypants  +   704d ago
It's gonna take a whole lot of marketing to overcome a $100 price difference and the hardware specs.
BX81  +   704d ago
@frosty I agree. $100 is a big deal.
@ superman, idk it's not game over IMO. Now if the wii does better then yeah, lol.
-Superman-  +   704d ago
If PS4 tops Xbox One in America, then think WHAT IT WILL DO IN EUROPE!!!!
If Microsoft loses America, then Microsoft will lose everything.
-Superman-  +   704d ago
Game over man... game over!
Gekko36  +   704d ago
@ All - There are lies, damn lies and then there are statistics.

You guys are like a sewing circle
TBONEJF  +   704d ago
PS4 have already won with its AMAZING PRICE TAG.
ape007  +   705d ago
yep there u have it MS, remove mandatory kinect ASAP, make it optional to compete. End of
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JimmyLmao  +   705d ago
they will be in a very awkward situation... either;

A)drop the kinect and get millions of angry people that were forced to buy the kinect


B) not drop the kinect and further hurt their competitive standing, especially in the long-run
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ape007  +   705d ago
give free stuff for their old buyers, like what nintendo did with 3DS
Hicken  +   705d ago
Microsoft and free are like oil and water.
MysticStrummer  +   704d ago
Agreed. Drop Kinect, drop the price accordingly, and XB1 is right back in the game. It's not exactly out of the game as it is, especially since the game really hasn't started yet, but they've definitely been shooting themselves in the foot on several levels, from design to policy flip flops to PR. The recent downgrades haven't helped, and have reinforced the perception that they weren't being honest at E3 when they showed their games.

Losing NA will be a huge slap for MS.
Campy da Camper  +   704d ago
Agreed. If MS announced a kinectless skew for 399.99 I would preorder it tomorrow. I personally don't have any stocks in either company so I'm not attached to them other than the fact that I will spend my money on products that allow for good gaming. I don't want Move I don't want Kinect. I don't gave a rats behind about Facebook, NFL streaming or super duper app switching. I want good games in HD with awesome frame rates, great gameplay, good art design and innovative story.
TechMech  +   704d ago
They did remove mandatory Kinect. It's simply included in the box now.
Campy da Camper  +   704d ago
There has been no press release guarenting that the policy won't change back. The only way to "prove" kinect is not mandatory is to sell a skew without it.
Xsilver  +   705d ago
Playstation what will say what will they think PS4 seems to be the people champ.
harrisk954  +   705d ago
Xsilver  +   705d ago
just forget this comment was ever made lol.
KonsoruMasuta  +   705d ago
Obviously! That's the outcome of every poll taken. The PS4 is the better choice.

YodaCracker  +   704d ago
That's an opinion. The PS4 wins polls because it is the cheaper choice and that's a fact.
KonsoruMasuta  +   704d ago
The PS4 always wins polls because it is a better choice. If you had a poll between the PS4 and WiiU the PS4 would win. Even though the WiiU is cheaper.
Campy da Camper  +   704d ago
Nope. I would be buying it if it was 100 more than xbox1. Its heavily focused on games with no stupid motion doohickeys. Great 1st and 2nd party devs, too.

If MS would just announce a kinectless system I would buy one of those, too. I just don't trust that they are not going to reverse their decision. I do not trust they will not make devs put some small kinect required component in their game maki g me have to hook it up to proceed.
PlayStation_4  +   705d ago
We pretty much know for sure that the PlayStation 4 is going to outsell the X1 at launch worldwide, 2014 will more interesting
AnteCash  +   705d ago
Europe dont care , UK is lost, US is the only place ms got left.
Magicite  +   704d ago
not anymore
sigfredod  +   705d ago
The world is now playstation territory
KillerPigeon  +   704d ago
Behold the Empire of the Rising Sun!
scott182  +   705d ago
I think Microsoft has confused a lot of people with the Xbone. First off naming it the Xbone instead of Xbthree... or, anything besides one would have been a start. Announcing awful policies then retracting them not long after. Plus all the negative press it has received for one reason or another doesn't help.

I know that Sony messed up in many ways last gen and also had negative press if not more. But Sony had a loyal worldwide fanbase they fell back on, if they didn't they never could have sold a $600 games console as well as they did.
iamnsuperman  +   705d ago
For me I do not think the name has done anything to hurt the brand (I doubt a lot of people who were fans of the 360 even remember the Xbox). It is the mixed messages during and after the DRM fall out that has done the most damage. The bad press and policy reversal was one thing but those kind of things could have been forgotten by a large audience if their PR department had done its job properly. Too many times we hear one thing then a different thing a week later. That is what is hurting Microsoft the most and they really need to sort that out.
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cell989  +   704d ago
Sonys only real problem last gen was that they started the PS3 development way too late, this meant the machine would be expensive, the machine would be behind on dev kits software, the machine was alien to all developers and to top it off it came out a year later than the 360. The fact that Sony still outsold the 360 years later shows that ever since then, Sonys attitude towards the playstation brand has matured and evolved into what gamers wanted all along for the PS3. This time around they got their shit together, they placed the consumer as their main priority, gaming as their main focus, and development ease as a must.

Meanwhile MS got a little too arrogant this time around, just because they were successful with the 360, they give themselves too much credit, yes they helped the industry evolved, but much of their success was because of Sony slacking in Everyway possible, loosing exclusives didn't help either. Microsoft thought they were in a position to tell customers what's best for them, not giving a flying fuck what we really wanted, only caring for their financial goals. When you spend too much time trying so hard to maximize profits without thinking for at least once that with out the consumer you aren't shit, well you get what was coming, a royal PR ass beating unlike anything before, let this teach them a lesson or two. Consumers come first MS
True_Samurai  +   705d ago
Not mines :3 I got the x1
PFFT  +   705d ago
Yep XBO here as well.
ape007  +   705d ago
Both, can't miss the Bone or sony's exclusives, I wished they were upgradable but they're alright

not a gfx W**** or anything but i feel like in next gen, it takes so much power to make little differences
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PFFT  +   705d ago
Yeah ill be getting a Ps4 sometime early next year. Second Son looks mighty fine to let pass.
Zool 08  +   705d ago
Well I'm shocked and surprised (NOT!)
Sven Benoit  +   705d ago
Thats cool as it doesn't matter to me because I will be getting both
Goku781  +   705d ago
PS4 is the People's Choice! Greatness Awaits, nah man, the Champ is here!!!!!
luisvideogames  +   705d ago
I'd imagine X1 is doing better in Europe, with the whole "Get Fifa with your purchase of an Xbox One" deal*
*Even though buying a PS4 and getting Fifa is still cheaper than X1.
iamnsuperman  +   705d ago
I think you might be surprised by this. Remember Microsoft is still launching in a very small amount of territories in Europe compared to its competitor. Also I don't think people really care. You don't hear much chatter about waiting to play FIFA so they can get it for free on the One. Fifa is out now. You will be surprised how many people would rather get that now then wait a year before getting a new console (with FIFA 15) when the price has gone down
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AnteCash  +   705d ago
In eastern europe x1 is a joke, in gaming forums there are 25 threads for ps4 and only 5-6 for x1, ppl just dont care.
Fifa wont make any1 buy a x1 just becuz its free with preorder launch console, buy a ps4 , fifa and psplus, and its the same price.
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deviouslight  +   705d ago
Its only for the pre order launch x1 so since there sold out that deal is over.
PlayStation_4  +   705d ago
it's only for day one edition pre orders, so only a few european countries are in on the offer & you have to pre order it
#12.4 (Edited 705d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Manic2014  +   705d ago
Expected, still both consoles will sell well PS4 will out shine the x1, i do think MS will fight back.
pyramidshead  +   705d ago
That's fantastic news for Sony, especially in North America.
nix  +   705d ago
good news for Sony considering it's US.
Sven Benoit  +   705d ago
Me personally I don't ever think Microsoft will ever outsell Sony. Sony brand loyalty is just too strong when it comes to consoles. I feel Microsoft will really have to do something that really changes the game. Kinect has that potential, but at this point it is anyone's guess
PlayStation_4  +   705d ago
kinect has the potential to go mass market, but i seriously doubt that gamers will be interested in this tech
HugoDrax  +   704d ago
I agree, SONY's brand loyalty is too strong. It's funny because if Microsoft was a Japanese company and Sony was an American company, PLAYSTATION wouldn't sell in Japan and Xbox would lol.

As an American who has visited the rising sun, one thing I noticed about Japanese citizens is that they are hard working people who take care of their own, and support their local companies. Regardless of Sony's mishaps in the past, PS3 was still successful and PS4 will be no different. Microsoft will only see success in Japan if they cater to the Japanese market (robots, mechs, fighters etc.) Sony on the other hand just had to make a new console and it was going to sell out worldwide.

Personally, I have always been neutral and tried to own every console known to man lol. Come November 15 I'll enjoy my PS4, and come the 22nd I'll enjoy my XB1. All I can say is if you can own both consoles there will be fun times ahead from great gaming experiences. Game on gamers, and hopefully 2 months from now everyone will be gaming instead of trolling on N4G.
cyhm3112  +   705d ago
I guess x1 will do even worst compared to what xbox original have done with ps2. They will fail terribly. At least xbox original is more power than PS2 and also multiplatform games are not so dominant compared to right now. Who wants to play the same amounts of money for games and get a inferior version. Not to mention Japanese developers or even some developers showing preferences to develop for PS4. And xbone is $100 more. Worldwide ps4 will outsell xb1 at least 3 to 1.
#17 (Edited 705d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
bigboss1990  +   705d ago
Sticking with PlayStation have done since I was 8 and very happy better titles than Xbox any day of the weak Xbox crap PlayStation brilliant simple lol
christocolus  +   705d ago
i usually dont believ polls but this seems really interesting but imo i still believ the xbox one will have more sales than the competition in the us.
Hicken  +   705d ago
Why do you have such confidence? Because of how the 360 owned the US market? Did you forget how the US- and everywhere else- was PlayStation territory the two generations before that?

Honestly, there was a perfect storm of conditions that allowed the 360 to take the United States the way it did. Simply put: that's NOT happening this time around. And with the Wii U (unfortunately) dead in the water, the PS4 is all but a shoe-in.
level 360  +   705d ago
Uttering the word *multi-media before *gaming was a fatal mistake.

It's simply hard to get unstuck.
Grave  +   705d ago
For me I am getting a PS4 before the holidays and hopefully a new PS Vita if they release the new model in NA by then. And then the Vita TV when it comes out. My wallet hates you Sony.
#21 (Edited 705d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
PlayStation_4  +   705d ago
get the original model, that OLED is too good...

but then again the newer model is cheaper i think
Reem  +   705d ago
PS4 will maul Xbone
thejoker1000  +   705d ago
give me one good reason to buy xbone and i will pre order it right now!
thexmanone  +   705d ago
300,000 Servers
SoulSercher620  +   704d ago
And it hasn't been confirmed all of them are even physical servers.
MysticStrummer  +   704d ago
300,000 virtual servers.

That doesn't mean much.
alexkoepp  +   705d ago
Best online service, best games
thejoker1000  +   705d ago
i have no interest in online and better games????!! what better games
alexkoepp  +   705d ago
No interest in online? I guess buy a RISK board and some Magic the Gathering decks and have yourself a ball, you don't need a gaming system.
PlayStation_4  +   705d ago
"best online service"
sony is clearly catching up really fast, especially with their streaming services coming out before microsoft's by the looks of it.

"best games"
yeah, the launch line-up is arguably better, but then again so was the 360's, microsoft's exclusive line up will slowly dry up (see: http://i.imgur.com/zl10SZ0....

Sony have shown only a handful of their 20 *first party* exclusive games for the PS4's first year, microsoft have shown almost all of their first year exclusives (some not first party, suggesting timed exclusive similar to mass effect)
SoulSercher620  +   704d ago
It does NOT have the best games and the better service is subjective. Try harder than that.
alexkoepp  +   704d ago
Catching up really fast? X360 had cross game chat since day one, we've had that feature for 8 years, and the Playstation crowd has yet to have it, PSN is still years behind and you don't even realize it haha
AceofStaves  +   704d ago
I don't game online, and I still have gaming consoles. Some genres, like RPGs for example, are single-player titles.

The only online games I play are casual/social PC games.
larrysdirtydrawss  +   704d ago
once you go online,you get free game after free game month after month,(indie/aaa)..100$ cheaper. best 1st party,better multiplat ect ect
skydragoonity  +   705d ago
Even xbone fans know the ps4 is the real deal.
alexkoepp  +   705d ago
Xbox fans are still happy with the 360, and will upgrade when there are more 1 games...

Sony fans are desperately trying to escape the flop that was the PS3, so they are trying to get the PS4 asap for hopes of a better console.
Reem  +   705d ago
A flop that outsold the 360 lulz and btw what great exclusives did ya get in the last time if ya still happy?

78M X360 sales vs 75M PS3? LOL wut? Take off the bot glasses, they destroy your vision as you forgot the 9 and 0.6 buddy. It's 78.6M X360 sales vs 79.5M PS3 sales and this although PS3 was one year later to the market ;)

And you still didn't answer my question about the exclusives haha
#25.1 (Edited 705d ago ) | Agree(16) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
alexkoepp  +   705d ago
78M X360 sales vs 75M PS3... yeah it outsold it</sarcasm>

PS2 sold 150+ million, double that of PS3
Xbox sold 25M, more than tripled its sales
AbortMission  +   704d ago
@alexkoepp Lmfao, the PS3 already passed the 360, get over it.
5eriously  +   705d ago
Only R'tard believe the BS they post on the web and fap on it too!
moodymofo  +   705d ago
xbox fans gonna hold out till the one gets games then move over ? dont wait to long they probably wont support 360 long after one launches we all saw how long the stuck around for the original xbox
SoapShoes  +   705d ago
They already have stopped supporting it and have been dying down for the past three years.
sAVAge_bEaST  +   705d ago
what the f*¢k did I just read? Tell me you don't really believe, that nonsense you just typed.
#25.4 (Edited 705d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
SoulSercher620  +   704d ago
Dam this xbot is butthurt. You still using that 78M Xboxes sold vs 75M PS3s sold crap? Troll harder. Much harder.
AbortMission  +   704d ago
Flop? If the PS3 was such a "flop", then what do you call that epic fail of a launch (RROD) of the 360 and the 360 losing it's year head start against the PS3?

Lol, delusional drones are delusional.
MysticStrummer  +   704d ago
The Farce is strong with this One.

PS3 outsold 360. Even the most hardcore MS fans have admitted this and moved on to the "But look how long it took to happen... and look at MS market share" argument.

As for moving on, PS3 gamers still have titles to look forward to. MS fans are looking forward to Titanfall more than anything, which won't be out until a good 6 months after launch.
larrysdirtydrawss  +   704d ago
this is why moms shouldnt do heroin while their pregnant
Bathyj  +   705d ago
All your bases are belong to us!
5eriously  +   705d ago
If M$ sells the Xbox brand to someone who cares about gamers first and NOT only the revenue part then I will be the first in a queue to buy one. Else just forget it!
TheOneEyedHound  +   705d ago
Thats my choice too.
JuniorCE  +   705d ago
Well... No surprise :-) Sony has been clear with their message! The economy is not as great as it used to be before... So getting a badass PS4 for $100 less, I was able to pre order 2 additional games :-D
IHassounah  +   704d ago
If you include the "fool" parents who would buy an Xbox One and M rated games for there child then the sales will be in favor of the Xbox One in the USA
TechMech  +   704d ago
I'm buying an Xbox One for online games, but a majority of Xbox fanboys seem to be the 10 year old children obsessed with COD. I'm sure a large uninformed majority will buy a Xbox One even if the PS4 is what would suit what they enjoy more in games, along with people who buy a PS4 and probably would have enjoyed a Xbox One more.
IHassounah  +   703d ago
That's the problem , people should have a choice by choosing what's suitable for them , if it's PS4 then go with it , if it's Xbox One then go with it but don't get a console you don't want cause most of your community is getting it
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