Face-Off: Final Fantasy 14

Final Fantasy 14's initial launch was something of a disaster for Square Enix, temporarily tarnishing both a much-loved brand and the reputation of its developers with a product that felt unfocused and incomplete.

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xKugo1668d ago

So a GPU worth twice as much as the the PS3(not even mentioning the i5) outperforms the 7-year old console with smoother gameplay, better frames and high resolution. Shocker..

Geez, how can you even consider this a fair comparison? It's not even close....was never going to be. Waste of time.

Magicite1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

True, yet PS3 still holds strong, although framerate is incredibly bad, in fact seems almost unplayable or maybe thats because of slow-motion?

Ju1668d ago

Ha ha ha. You are funny.