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Shuhei Yoshida on Remote Play: No need to Set up the PS4 for it, Remote Co-Op Allowed for Knack

As usual SCE Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida proves to be a gold mine of information on anything PlayStation. This time around he shared some more details on how remote play will work. (Knack, PS Vita, PS4, Shuhei Yoshida)

black0o  +   543d ago
''when playing remotely via the PS Vita or Vita TV, a second player can just sit on the couch and play co-op with us on the PS4''

rambi80  +   543d ago
Seriously, how much better can this get?

We all complained about product integration and now its better than we could have ever dreamed.
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Septic  +   543d ago

Megaton and then some.

I did say almost a year ago that the VITA would come into it's own when the PS4 would launch, when all the gloom and doom articles were surfacing. But even I didn't think Sony would take it to this level.

Very impressive. This is no half measure like the MOVE. This is going to be an essential peripheral for the PS4. Keep it up Sony!
Saigon  +   543d ago
All, I can say is wow...
Conzul  +   543d ago
I just bought a new Vita to replace the one I sold back last year. The gamestop is bundling the 3G OLED model as well. I got it for $200, so this is great news!!
UltimateMaster  +   543d ago
Can someone remote play co-op online on the same account as well?
Xsilver  +   543d ago
OMG i might be thinking too far ahead but could the vita TV help with the Split Screen issue, i mean think about it most games can't do split screen but what if the vitatv acts as a hub for another Tv so u could systemlink it so you could have a nice offline co op on two screens thats sounds really cool instead of buying two PS4's. If this comes true i'll be one happy gamer.
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rambi80  +   543d ago
This is exactly what i am hoping. Now to look for that second job to be able to afford all this.

Its also nice that you wont need a second copy of the game.
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Xsilver  +   543d ago
just a hundred dollars for vita tv i could live with that to be able to use it for system link co op.just a PS4 and a vita tv.
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Ju  +   543d ago
It's a bit unclear what this actually means, IMO. Because I would understand if a second player jumps in, this is actually a co-op game. But is it? I mean Knack doesn't have a second character. So how exactly will this work with Knack?

And if so, the problem with split screen (from a developer standpoint) is, that you have to render the game twice. And this would also apply to co-op with the second player being on the Vita. The PS4 must render a second perspective of the the game. But yes, this would be awesome if true. If the game actually know, the second screen is a Vita, it would makes sense to lower the res - because you can't play >qHD on the Vita anyway. Lots to happen in the years to come.
nunley33  +   543d ago
@ju - if this is correct than this method would just be like normal online co-op, no split screen would be seen. this would be a nice lan solution for a 2nd player on a 2nd tv using vitaTV to play ps4 together in the same house or across town.
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Mr_Writer85  +   543d ago

They announced there is a second character for co-op think he is made of metal and can take more damage so he is aimed at kids.

So you can play the game with a young child and they won't die as much.
ginsunuva  +   543d ago
Coop isn't used too much anymore because it takes a toll on the system to render two instances of players and their views.

Vita TV won't give the system more power magically.
Ju  +   543d ago
nunley33, no, this is not how remote play works. In case of remote play the Playstation(4) becomes the server and renders everything locally and streams the frame buffer over the network (using a HW encoder - hence no drop in performance for in case of the PS4).

It is not like an online co-op where every "client" renders running it's own engine. In such a case of the Vita being a client the engine would require to be ported to the Vita. For remote play it doesn't (the streaming client is part of Vita's OS).

I suppose, technically it should not be a problem to render twice (same as split screen) but stream one buffer to the Vita. Like I said, if the OS can "detect" this, the second screen can actually be rendered in a lower resolution.

To spin this a bit further, technically you could make this a full MP experience (like online) but still, the server (PS4) will have to render each instance of the client.
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pwnsause_returns  +   543d ago
Sony just set a new standard without us even realizing what it is. and it has to do with that secondary processor. almost everything that is not gaming centric (Streaming, Decoding, etc.) is done with that arm chip.
abusador  +   543d ago
And that's what you call customized hardware. Other companies brag about customization but ps4 has them beat on that front.
joeorc  +   543d ago

"And that's what you call customized hardware. Other companies brag about customization but ps4 has them beat on that front."

Grin, the Fact Sony has been investing into this remote play development for over 7 years now..this bodes very well for the functionality as sofar what they have had with live Demo's general consensus is they walked away very impressed with the Experience of the Remote play function between the PS4 and the PSVita.

With the Advanced Arm Cortex chipset's they are using in both the PSVita, PSVita TV since they are fairly upto date. being they are indeed robust enough to do the job. Mark and the R&D Team Over there @ Sony Labs know their Hardware that is for sure.
abusador  +   543d ago
This is the best feature imo , hands down on any next gen console. Remote play the way Sony is doing is just insane!!!!
Sharius  +   543d ago
hey, can someone ask him if i can remote coop play between my vita TV, my PS vita, and 2 of my controllers?
ShwankyShpanky  +   543d ago
Good question... is remote play limited to connecting to only one "portable" device (Vita/VitaTV)? Wouldn't surprise me if restricted to one device, but also seems like the type of thing that could be expanded via FW updates.
nevin1  +   543d ago
So in other words, Remote Play Is always on?

Because, currently, If I want to use remote play on my PSP, I have to scroll remote play on PS3.
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Gamingcapacity  +   543d ago
Not true. You can remote play using your PSP from anywhere in the world.

Once set up (link you psp to ps3), you can turn on you PS3 via remote play from any location with internet and then turn it back off using remote play.
Ju  +   543d ago
But you can't do it mid game. The PS3 must be switched into remote play (can be initiated by the PSP/Vita) but becomes only usable through the client. UI is disabled on PS3.
Gamingcapacity  +   542d ago
In that case yes. But you really wouldn't want remote play if you're sat at your PS3. It doesn't play games except PS1 games and is only good for access to your media files from remote places in which case your PS3 would be turned off.
r21  +   543d ago
My god, this feature should be in more games for next gen. Playing Dead Nation with this feature would have been sweet!
joeorc  +   543d ago
"So in other words, Remote Play Is always on?

Because, currently, If I want to use remote play on my PSP, I have to scroll remote play on PS3."



SO YOU CAN DO 4 PLAYER CO-OP WITH TWO ON THE PS4 AND TWO ALSO ON PSVITA'S BE THAT PSVITA Tv, or a standard PSVita. local or online it seems. be that is this always active , always on ? asking yoshida would gives us the A:
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JimmyLmao  +   543d ago
this is honestly an amazing feature.

playing co-op with a mate? gotta go to the toilet?

no need to pause your games anymore!!! the future of gaming!!
xxPillsxx  +   543d ago
Let's hope the Vita doesn't secretly stream the front camera or the rear camera to your mate anyhow.
shahab91  +   543d ago
Wow. That's amazing :)
Deathdeliverer  +   543d ago
Well this made Knack a day one addition for me. Sony is killing me financially right now. With my Xbox One I'm going for KI boxed edition just for classic arcade edition ki. Considering dead Rising but really waiting for Titan fall. On PS4 though.... omg. Killzone, Drive Club, Resogun, battlefield 4, and now Knack. Was already on the fence for Knack but good Ol Sony knows how to push you over the edge. Luckily the systems are paid off and I can focus on games.
TomShoe  +   543d ago
Save $500 and just get all those titles on PC XD
Bathyj  +   543d ago
Tom if that's trolling your doing it wrong.

Death, no watchdogs?
Deathdeliverer  +   543d ago
Fuck yeah. That's on the list too.... I'm so sad. Watch Dogs is my squeeze in game. I can wait on it if I have to. Unless I see more of the multiplayer and it reaches must have levels. Bottom line, knack and watch dogs are doing battle for the last spot and this announcement put knack in the lead.
Hicken  +   543d ago
Behold, the power of versatility.
fpshooter2  +   543d ago
I was already planning on getting a vita before Nov. Now its a must that I have on before launch.
RadioActiveTwinky  +   543d ago
So the wiiu incorporated similar features gets flack for it.

Ps4 incorporates it, but you have to buy separate devices to utilize it and gets praised for it.

Im just glad I have a vita and a wiiu. My ps4 is paid off so I will see if its as good as the wiiu. Black ops 2 on wiiu was awesome.
Finally I was able to be in bed with my wife play a few rounds before going to sleep. I hope they do the same for ghosts or vita with BF4. Since EA are stupid about it.
Mrgolden79  +   543d ago
You cant compare ps remote play to the wii u, its not even in the same ball park. With remote play you can play it outside your house, anywhere with a wifi connection. Kablow...Mind...blown
RadioActiveTwinky  +   543d ago
It wont be the same. The latency will be huge trying to play remotely. Im speaking about in house remote play. Trying to play an online shooter running through 2 lines will not be as good as directly.
Gamingcapacity  +   543d ago
Don't underestimate Gaikai!
Mrgolden79  +   543d ago
I dont know man, from what I've seen Sony finally has the tech down to neutralize the lag with its Gaikai implementation. But I guess it also depends on what country you're in and how shitty your connection is. We shall see, but I am optimistic.
DEEBO  +   543d ago
the wiiu can go 24 feet before it loses connection.and you can only use one wiiu gamepad.i like the wiiu but i like sony vision better.
Mr_Writer85  +   542d ago
How many games us this feature on the WiiU?



How many can be done between PS4 and Vita?

All excluding games that require motion or camera control.

THAT is why the WiiU gets flak for its half arsed shameless rip off that was used to try and sucker people. Until the advertising rights put them in their place.
SuckMyRichard  +   543d ago
I love this man!
buynit  +   543d ago
Im really looking forward to remote play i already have my vita just need my ps4 and vita tv. Imo Sony went beyond trying to only take over the living room they are about to take over my free time out the house with vita and in my bed room since i won't need to buy another console or lug it over to my room when i tired but want to game thanks to vita tv..
e-p-ayeaH  +   543d ago
PS4 is a really capable machine great job sony.
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DigitalRaptor  +   543d ago
This is amazing. Vita and PS4 born from the same end goal.
DivineAssault  +   543d ago
awesome news comes in for PS4 on a daily basis.. It going to rule nx gen with an iron fist
Pillsbury1  +   543d ago
Playstation cannot be stopped.
iDadio  +   543d ago
I purchased the Vita at launch and have never felt an ounce of regret, my only gripe was the initial game shortage but lately I have been inundated with games to play.

Now with all this integration with the ps4 and vita tv, never been a better time to grab yourself one (the recent price drop as an added bonus).
kingPoS  +   543d ago
I suspected this might be possible when I saw gameplay mirrored on both the Vita 'and' PS4 at the same time.

Talk about taking Remote Play to the next level. It's like remote desktop and the mirror display function of most laptops blended into one. I guess the PS4 can do the same, only with extra inputs & outputs.

I'm excited to think about what this means. Perahps a new type of game may emerge from Japan in the future. Who knows?
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jujubee88  +   543d ago
This adds way more value proposition to getting a PS4.

If I have a PS4 and my friend (who has been thinking about getting a VITA) can co-op with me via remote-play something like God of War WITH NEXT GEN GFX ON A HANDHELD than HOLY CRAP!

Talk about dedicated servers! Your PS4 is not only a dedicated server but it turns your VITA into "beastmode".

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