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Reviving Survivial Horror | New Details on The Evil Within Emerge

Bethesda Softworks has finally released a roughly 12 minute-long gameplay trailer highlighting just a few of the terrifying experiences avid horror aficionados can expect from Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami’s and Tango Gameworks’ upcoming survival horror game, The Evil Within. After viewing the video multiple times, we deliver the highlights of the recently released gameplay trailer for The Evil Within while also incorporating some of our own personal opinions into the mix as well. (PC, PS3, PS4, The Evil Within, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

BeathuberCH  +   283d ago
i'm sooo glad shinji mikami doesn't work for crapcom anymore.
Jhandville1992  +   283d ago
I have to agree with you, especially when it clearly looks like Tango Gameworks is utilizing Shinji's unique, creative vision as much as possible to develop The Evil Within. I'm honestly excited that consoles are finally receiving the sort of horror experience they deserve (I say consoles because PCs have far more options when it comes to horror-based titles than console systems). While The Evil Within seems like a great start to possibly incite more developers to create more true-to-form horror experiences, I really wouldn't mind seeing sequels to terrifying games like Fatal Frame and even The Suffering (regardless if Midway Games is essentially gone) appearing sometime in the future.
corvusmd  +   283d ago
That game looks great so far. Is it actually running on XB1 or is it a computer using an XB1 controller?

All the running while hobbling looks like it would be frustrating...in a kinda good way for a horror game
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wheresmymonkey  +   283d ago
It was running off a PC using an xbox pad.
TheEvilWithin  +   283d ago
If anyone wants to get an Idea of what the game is going to be like pick up a copy of Resident Evil the Remake. His Tango Team was the team behind this amazing game.
CEOSteveBallmer  +   283d ago
A horror game from shinji with "supernatural" elements!! WOW that is the definitive horror game!. And of course theres still undead in it, better than ever!! :D I hope more developers will also take steps and follow

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