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The year is almost coming to a close and people are anxiously waiting for the new line of next-generation consoles. It’s also that time of the year when the next iteration of Call of Duty is going to hit the market and after months of pure fanboyist hatred from the outreaches of space – I’m here to tell you why Call of Duty Ghosts has taken the biggest step in the series...

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logan_izer101698d ago

I have zero hype for this game

HugoDrax1698d ago

Hahahaha! Same here, although I'm curious to see what they consider next gen advancements. Also I'm intrigued by the use of the dog during campaign missions :-)

RickHiggity1698d ago

probably no different than franklins dog in GTA5.

qzp1698d ago

Whats funny is they said the didn't want to make MW4 because they wanted to to something different. This shit is basically modern warfare 4..

HmongAmerican1698d ago

COD doesn't need preview. It always look the same anyway.