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Crytek Details Ryse Graphics: Full Real Time Lighting, Advanced Level of Details, Praises Xbox One

Interesting new details for Ryse Son of Rome. (Ryse: Son of Rome, Xbox One)

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TrevorPhillips  +   788d ago
It's the next generation we're talking about, we expect 1080p, no excuses.
360ICE  +   788d ago
You're in for years of disappointment, buddy.
iamnsuperman  +   788d ago
Exactly. It is just the nature of the beast. A lot of developers think 720 is fine and up scale their games. Same with 30fps. We are going to have another generation of this but it does mean other aspects can be pushed like physics, texture and lighting effects
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CrossingEden  +   788d ago
You're gonna be pretty disappointed over the next few years. Hope you aren't expecting 60fps for every game.
MiHX2  +   788d ago
Something Sensible...
jeffgoldwin  +   788d ago
PC gaming is already at 2500x1600. Sad that next-gen consoles will struggle to reach 1080p for a few years (if even then).

At least we will finally be using dx11, pc cpu, and a lot of ram, so there's that.
Sweep14  +   788d ago
PC Gaming is not at 2500x1600 on a 399$ machine...
jeffgoldwin  +   788d ago
"PC Gaming is not at 2500x1600 on a 399$ machine..."

Ya I agree with that. If your on a budget, consoles are a very good value + depending and what your friends are playing on, can have a lot of social value too. However your still paying more for games & that $50-60 annual fee to play online.

I just didn't feel like making an all inclusive list of all the pros and cons.
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deecee33  +   788d ago
"PC Gaming is not at 2500x1600 on a 399$ machine..."

I have both a PS3 and a gaming PC that runs BF3 at 1080p60 with almost everything maxed, and that's with the framerate capped at 60 to prevent tearing- without the cap it runs at ~100fps. It cost $600, which is about what most people will be spending at launch for their PS4/XB1 including games and accessories.

People need to stop implying that PC gaming is some unreachably expensive plateau for a decent experience. You can build a machine that will easily match and exceed next gen consoles in terms of smooth graphical performance for only a little more. And I'm no PC fanboy- I'm also getting a console like most of you are. Let's just be realistic here.
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The_Infected  +   788d ago
Micro$oft and Crytek....perfect for each other.
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Ohlmay  +   788d ago
My only guess for why Ryse is 900p is the Xbox One graphics drivers are out-dated and terrible and any PC gamer knows drivers can make a big difference, but this is just an assumption, could easily just be weak hardware. *Greatness Awaits*
BG11579  +   788d ago
I kind of tired earring "The One Graphics are outdated". Didn't MS made a DirectX 11.1.2 exclusively to handle the console? So, is the Direct 11.1.2 already outdated or it is just that Microsoft is incompetent when making software?
Ohlmay  +   788d ago
Direct X 11.2 is looking great, but I've been hearing reports developers are having issues with the Xbox One drivers, my best guess is that's the issue.
BallsEye  +   787d ago

You have been reading too many false rumors on n4g. None of these driver issues are confirmed. 90% of articles here are submitted by sony fanboys and all the sourcer are the same - a friend of a friend who got connections to someone that has a friend who is a developer told me bla bla bla. If XO have driver issues and ps4 is so easy to develop and 50% more powerful why games keep on getting downgraded on ps4 and recent builds just look awful in comparison? Deep down, killzone, driveclub (don't make me post screens from newest builds of direct feed...)That 50% and super drivers must be really well hidden inside of that small box. All we can do is wait till november and see some real comparisons.
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OrangePowerz  +   788d ago
So they still use LODs. So what was that BS about no LODs than?
cyhm3112  +   788d ago
lol, what do you expect them to say?
Ryse only runs at 900p and xbone is weak for a next gen conolse?
infamous-butcher  +   788d ago
the truth would be nice for once
MonkeyOne  +   788d ago
I'd rather have better effects and textures at lower resolutions and lower FPS than 1080p just for the sake of 1080p.

I'm more disappointed that there's no ability to load an SSD disk into these consoles.
OrangePowerz  +   788d ago
You mean singular console :) PS4 has a changeable HDD so you can pop in an SSD if you want just likr on the PS3.
jeffgoldwin  +   788d ago
Unfortunitely consoles OS (same with how it is now), will not optimized for an ssd, so you wouldn't see any difference at all.
OrangePowerz  +   788d ago
Nothing to do with OS, it's about HDD read speed. Digital Foundry compared game load and texture load times on PS3 using a stock console and one with an SSD and showed that it does make a difference.
mcgrottys  +   788d ago

If the XB1 os is based of W8 then it should have some really good SSD support. Also the XB1 has 8GB of flash memory for the OS i believe which is pretty much an SSD. So there is a good chance the PS4 should have improved SSD performance as well.
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Tooly  +   788d ago
Of course they re goin to praise Ms there makinq An exclusive for there console Question is where is the third-party praise like the ps4 gets.
PimpDaddy  +   788d ago
There has been plenty of 3rd party praise for both the XB1 & PS4. Google it...
Tooly  +   788d ago
or you can link it
wiz7191  +   788d ago
Since when did people really care about frames per second?? 30fps or 60fps, 1080 or 900 so what it shouldn't matter gameplay should be important.
cabbitwithscissors  +   788d ago
C'mon if it were powerful enough, they wouldn't have needed to announce to the whole world that their game was running with 150k whatever in the first place and then having to retract it and talk about a balancing act. Should have not mentioned it and just come out with this announcement.

Now that the horses have fled the barn, what do you think people are going to say about this ?
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lifeisgamesok  +   788d ago
1080p doesn't automatically mean the greatest graphics

At 900p it's still one of the best looking games ever

The Order is beautiful too and right now the build is 800p if it can't make the jump to 1080p are we going to read these same comments or is there some exclusive excuse already in place
abusador  +   788d ago
Best looking games ever? Says who? Crytek and Microsoft? Again the high poly count is only for the main character but the NPCs and backgrounds are suffering, that is not impressive. With games you not onlynwant want the main character to shine but the overall package but ryse isn't doing this. All the NPCs look like missing cousins with no variation and the backdrops look like blurry messed. I'm not impressed.

The order hasn't even shown gameplay so no one can judge, if the gameplay is like this mediocrity I will pass.

Life is a game OK....

Sorry dude Ryse is lacking in so many departments, it is not one of the best looking games ever. %hit kz with its lush backdrops, detailed NPCs, less linear gameplay is doing it better. This game is very linear and as I mentioned NPCs are nothing to brag about.

By the way no one is even saying its the best looking game on any console, stop it!!!! Infamous is open worked and has this beat by a mile but well let the pros handle this like digital foundry. In the end Sony always sets the graphical benchmarks on consoles it wont be any diff. Now.
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lifeisgamesok  +   788d ago
Many people can contest that Ryse is the best looking game consoles have seen

You must have selective vision or just basing enemy variety off of the E3 build because if you watch other gameplay videos you'll see enemies have different faces, some long hair, some older warriors, bulky, tall, different armor, and even saw an obese enemy

And Ryse npc's and enemies have 50,000 polygons confirmed by Crytek and that's still more than most games boasts
Reem  +   788d ago
50k? Are you kidding? And Crytek didn't confirm anything, they are too scared to say the truth which is 10k or even 5k
jmc8888  +   788d ago
Main character is 50k, not the NPC's.

It's obvious they downgraded both the res and triangles because they still needed to add in the rest of the environment details.

So it was a massive downgrade in some areas, and a noticeable upgrade in others. But to achieve it, they still needed to downgrade.

If the developer is stating they are going to continue tweaking some things upwards (my guess is the background environment)then it might affect framerate. We'll see though. But with such a massive change they just did, it's FPS might have changed as well.
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BallsEye  +   787d ago
You really gonna compare newest build of KZ to ryse? There is no competition. Kz just looks bad in newest buiid. Full HD screens from direct feed. Click again to see full res.


(WTF!Look at the trees! Is this reeally a title showing ps4 power?!)



You call this next gen and full HD? more jaggies and blurry textures than I can count and zero new next-gen effects. It has been dowgraded a lot.sorry but even METRO looks better on my medium spec PC.
#15.1.4 (Edited 787d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report
Reem  +   788d ago
Ryse is so advanced that the rain level does not feature any realtime water shaders, neither on face nor armour. Here's a PS3 game that does it better: http://abload.de/img/facene...


I have a feeling they packed all these polys on the main character only to have something to brag about lol
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Foxgod  +   788d ago
LOU uses special models for cutscenes that look a lot better then the ingame models.

Ryse however is 100% real time, no special tricks with high res cutscene models, so your argument is very poor.
OrangePowerz  +   788d ago
Ryse will still use offline renders for in engine cutscenes because Crytek always wants to show the best graphics they can and despite what they say I would bet that for in engine cutscenes they change to a higher LOD. All they say is they don't use a special model but that they have various LODs for close the camera is and in cutscenes the camera will be closer than during gameplay. There is no point to use the same level of detail for a model during gameplay and for cutscenes because there are many things you wouldnt see on a model during gameplay.

I think the picture is from Beyond Two Souls and not The Last of Us
#16.1.1 (Edited 788d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(3) | Report
Foxgod  +   788d ago
Thats not what they claim in the article, so why not read it, instead of boring me with your assumptions.

And it doesnt matter if its beyond two souls, that game uses the same tricks.
#16.1.2 (Edited 788d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(10) | Report
OrangePowerz  +   788d ago
I was reading the article before already and it states that the recorded the cutscene in the studio with motion capture so they are not in real time even tough running in engine.

As for what game the screen is makes a difference as far as character models go because Quantic Dreams uses higher detailed character models during gameplay than Naughty Dog does.
ziggurcat  +   788d ago
@ foxgod

link supporting your outlandish claim? you have a tendency to present a lot of unsubstantiated claims (still waiting on proof of the framerate/anti-aliasing claims you made about all PS4 titles, too...) without backing it up with actual proof.
#16.1.4 (Edited 788d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report
CEOSteveBallmer  +   787d ago
Oh foxgod, I really want to know if your a MS employee, a MS stockholder, a 1st party developer under MS or just an abdsurd MS diehard fan. I dont get it why you still have many bubbles. whatever you say about PS3 games, they still look better than 360 games. thats a fact. want links from IGN? gamespot? the videogame awards?? Dont get me wrong. for me Ryse is the best showcase of xbox one, quantum break is second. But let me ask you this question. just answer it directly not in cirles. just a yes or no. do you believe PS4 hardware is better than xbox one? depending on your answer i will know if you really have sense. I am a sony fan. but i give due to those deserving. just like how i admit orig xbox has better hardware than PS2 and 360 has slightly better GPU. now answer my question
christocolus  +   788d ago
nice....great job guys..900p is ok...ea just confirmed bf4 is 720p for xbx1 and that of ps4 is higher but not yet final...so i guess its normal for launch games to be between 720 and 900 atleast till they get more acustomed to the hardware....that aside i can only imagine what the sequel of ryse will look like....
#17 (Edited 788d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
Goku781  +   788d ago
It's been what, over 150 days of straight spin and bad news around Xbox One? Now it's really getting old.
jmc8888  +   788d ago
Praises Xbox One?

Okay they really need to stop force feeding the bs.

Crytek, the developer of games 5 years ago that would struggle running on the Xbox One praises the Xbox One?

I wonder how Xbox One would fare with Crysis 2 or 3 on PC settings.

Is that like Ricky Bobby endorses a Kia?
#19 (Edited 788d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Beastforlifenoob  +   788d ago
You just said "PC SETTINGS" PC settings also include low you idiot theres no such things as "Pc settings". BUt a PS4 cant run Crysis 3 at MAX PC and neither can a XBOX1 and neither can a GTX TITAN beast pc (im not kidding.) atleast without 16X anti aliasing
#19.1 (Edited 788d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Trekster_Gamer  +   788d ago
I don,t care how much the Sony circle jerk trolls gripe and complain about this game it is a day one purchase for me.

Why the frack do they care? If they are not buying an Xbox one then why come here? Jealous much Sony trolls?
WorldGamer  +   787d ago
By stating that you "don't care how much Sony circle jerk trolls gripe and complain about this game...", it shows you actually do care, because you had to come here to say you don't care.

If you truly didn't care, you wouldn't have made it a point to point it out at all.

You should enjoy the game brotha, at the end of the day it is your money after all.
Hakoom  +   788d ago
seems they got a big check from MS lately..
as soon as the downgrade news hit in.
the next day they keep praising the game
prettyboy12  +   788d ago
have we all forgotten the fact of the matter the game plays like crap,like all crytek games seems to,so who care how average the graphics are when the game it self underperforms on a game play level...HONESTLY I THINK WERE ALL COMPLAINING ABOUT THE WRONG THING!!!but thats just me i guess
Izzy408  +   788d ago
If there's one thing PS fanboys can't stand is REAL game developers praising something other than the PS4, especially the Xbox1.
cactusjack  +   788d ago
Achievement RECEIVED, Damage control 10points.
Vip3r  +   788d ago
I wonder how much Microsoft have pressured them into saying this?
clarkdef  +   787d ago
After talking to numerous people in the real world I am convinced that graphic resolutions and frames don't matter, they don't know what it is or they don't care, they just want a beer after work and to get away from the misses.

Honestly most of you guys are missing the point of gaming, if you have to play a low res version on xbox who cares, you will adapt and it will be normal after a few hours.

Lol the only thing that needs to be said about this article is "oh, ok good to know"

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