Crytek Details Ryse Graphics: Full Real Time Lighting, Advanced Level of Details, Praises Xbox One

Interesting new details for Ryse Son of Rome.

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TrevorPhillips1695d ago

It's the next generation we're talking about, we expect 1080p, no excuses.

360ICE1695d ago

You're in for years of disappointment, buddy.

iamnsuperman1695d ago

Exactly. It is just the nature of the beast. A lot of developers think 720 is fine and up scale their games. Same with 30fps. We are going to have another generation of this but it does mean other aspects can be pushed like physics, texture and lighting effects

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CrossingEden1695d ago

You're gonna be pretty disappointed over the next few years. Hope you aren't expecting 60fps for every game.

MiHX21695d ago

Something Sensible...

jeffgoldwin1695d ago

PC gaming is already at 2500x1600. Sad that next-gen consoles will struggle to reach 1080p for a few years (if even then).

At least we will finally be using dx11, pc cpu, and a lot of ram, so there's that.

Sweep141694d ago

PC Gaming is not at 2500x1600 on a 399$ machine...

jeffgoldwin1694d ago (Edited 1694d ago )

"PC Gaming is not at 2500x1600 on a 399$ machine..."

Ya I agree with that. If your on a budget, consoles are a very good value + depending and what your friends are playing on, can have a lot of social value too. However your still paying more for games & that $50-60 annual fee to play online.

I just didn't feel like making an all inclusive list of all the pros and cons.

deecee331694d ago (Edited 1694d ago )

"PC Gaming is not at 2500x1600 on a 399$ machine..."

I have both a PS3 and a gaming PC that runs BF3 at 1080p60 with almost everything maxed, and that's with the framerate capped at 60 to prevent tearing- without the cap it runs at ~100fps. It cost $600, which is about what most people will be spending at launch for their PS4/XB1 including games and accessories.

People need to stop implying that PC gaming is some unreachably expensive plateau for a decent experience. You can build a machine that will easily match and exceed next gen consoles in terms of smooth graphical performance for only a little more. And I'm no PC fanboy- I'm also getting a console like most of you are. Let's just be realistic here.

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Ohlmay1695d ago

My only guess for why Ryse is 900p is the Xbox One graphics drivers are out-dated and terrible and any PC gamer knows drivers can make a big difference, but this is just an assumption, could easily just be weak hardware. *Greatness Awaits*

BG115791695d ago

I kind of tired earring "The One Graphics are outdated". Didn't MS made a DirectX 11.1.2 exclusively to handle the console? So, is the Direct 11.1.2 already outdated or it is just that Microsoft is incompetent when making software?

Ohlmay1695d ago

Direct X 11.2 is looking great, but I've been hearing reports developers are having issues with the Xbox One drivers, my best guess is that's the issue.

BallsEye1694d ago


You have been reading too many false rumors on n4g. None of these driver issues are confirmed. 90% of articles here are submitted by sony fanboys and all the sourcer are the same - a friend of a friend who got connections to someone that has a friend who is a developer told me bla bla bla. If XO have driver issues and ps4 is so easy to develop and 50% more powerful why games keep on getting downgraded on ps4 and recent builds just look awful in comparison? Deep down, killzone, driveclub (don't make me post screens from newest builds of direct feed...)That 50% and super drivers must be really well hidden inside of that small box. All we can do is wait till november and see some real comparisons.

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