Siren: New Translation Japanese Debut Trailer

Sony's grim tale of horror is re-animated for the PS3.

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LightningPS33840d ago

It sorta looks like a Fatal Frame type. Could be scary. PS3 needs more horror games.

Did it say release 7/24/08 maybe? Hope it's planned for US.

solidt123840d ago

Dam thats gonna give me nightmares. if it comes out in the US I will buy it.

Skerj3840d ago

That scene with the woman running towards the little girl in the hallway is freaky. ..especially on my TV.

sonarus3840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )

@lightning sony needs more everything. More rpg's more horror more fighters more everything. The game flow is still relatively inconsistent and WKC is still nowhere in sight. Hopefully we shall hear more at sony media day but thats unlikely.

Game looks good hopefully it can take ps3 out of its current slump. Valkyire of the battlefield might be able to do that too but it looks like its nothing until MGS4

Storm233840d ago

This looks really good. As said, hope it makes its way to the US and in July. Good timing for the game

Skerj3840d ago

For starters, that looks good as hell. Secondly, I'm creeped the f*ck out, so now I have to get it. ..and never finish it.

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The story is too old to be commented.