You can actually run out of gas in GTA V

From flip flops, to back sweat, Grand Theft Auto V is just incredibly detailed, especially for an open world title. But did you know that you can actually run out of gas driving? YouTuber WackyWhiteys shows us how you can actually pop the gas tank and make the car leak fuel leading the car to eventually stop completely. It's stunning to say the least.

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cyclindk1093d ago

I wish you could buy any vehicle from the actual owners if you offered them enough money.

Grand Legally Purchased Auto: V

sashimi1093d ago (Edited 1093d ago )

I took the therapist's car as payment for being such a waste of money and crashed it until it had no engine and it still ran lol :P

The cars can also get wonky at time haha though i never drove the same car long enough to actually run out of gas.

wsoutlaw871093d ago

the car doesnt just run out of gas. If some one shoots your gas tank you start to leak a line of gas and you will eventually stop, and usually blow up. Ive had this happen a few times with 5 stars so I thought everyone knew this. Im pretty sure in one of the missions you shoot the gas thats leaking from some ones tank.

SyphonELITE1092d ago

my bad bout the disagree, it was for the other nutcase above u

adventureghost1241092d ago

Umm did you mean "gives?". As in "this GIVES me ideas"

1nsomniac1093d ago (Edited 1093d ago )

Never seen so much bad grammar!

..Plus Rockstar spoke about this before they even released the game, nothing new.


Perjoss1093d ago

cheer up man, tomorrow things might get better for you.

1nsomniac1093d ago

Aww thanks for that, really needed it, I would of been completely oblivious otherwise.

InMyOpinion1093d ago

"would of"

Never seen so much bad grammar :)

ShAkKa1093d ago

*would've. *would have.

♪ Irony ♫

1nsomniac1093d ago

The irony being in the context of sarcasm you're actually meant to pronounce each word individually...

Irony :-)

Heisenburger1093d ago


Just go look up the definition of irony please.

Good Lord....

spaceg0st1093d ago

The commentator sounds like a moron. Seems like the type who swears to make himself sound tougher.

Neixus1093d ago

While the game is great, and a certainly 10 in my book. Running out of gas is nothing new, and that's just over-praising the game.

KonsoruMasuta1093d ago

He wasn't praising the game for it. Nobody is.

It's a cool little feature, that's all.

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The story is too old to be commented.