COD4 sells over 9 mil copies worldwide

According to Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling, the latest NPD figures show that Call of Duty 4 has sold over 9 million copies worldwide since the game's release.

Bowling also announced that the Variety Map Pack that was recently released on Xbox Live has broken Xbox Live Marketplace records, logging over 1 million downloads within its first nine days. The Variety Map Pack will soon be available for the PS3 as well.

Infinity Ward picked apart those figures to reveal that over 30 million sessions have been played by Xbox Live members, recording more than 30 million hours of game play. That boils down to 1.9 billion minutes logged in the first nine days.

The Variety Map Pack is currently available on Xbox Live Marketplace for 800 Microsoft Points. It will arrive on the PlayStation Store on the 24th of April for the US and the 1st of May for Europe and will cost $9.99. It includes new four multiplayer maps: Creek, Broadcast, Chinatown and Killhouse.

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Magnust3895d ago

way too late for EU, will be playing gta4 by then, if it is as good as i think then i might not be playing cod4 for a long time... :)

pp3895d ago (Edited 3895d ago )

only with the help of xbox360 it has managed to sell so many copy's worldwide

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The story is too old to be commented.