Kombo: Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Review

Kombo writes: "This is semi-complete Gran Turismo in HD and the driving is a reliable as a Swiss watch. During the time spent with the game, there was not a second on the tracks that went by that was out of place. Prologue adds some new features that give a glimpse to what the full game is like the GT-TV, which opens a portal for a whole new way for car manufacturers to interact with car enthusiasts. Overall, the game is as polished as the 70 cars that you can take for a spin. Above all, Prologue maintains a "classy" nature.

The graphics look amazing. The cars are meticulously modeled and painstakingly detailed. The cars shine with a realistic glow that makes it look so good it is hard to believe at first. For those that can handle it, 1080p at 60fps sounds mind-blowing. 720p is resolution I played Prologue in and it is hard to imagine the game looking any better. The dashboard view lets you see the working speedometer and the hands of your driver, while totally useless, is a "bragging rights" feature that adds to the ultra-realism."

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